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Gone Trick
Trick by Daniel Bryan - $22.75

With GONE You can create 2 incredible moments of magic right in front of your spectator's eyes. After displaying five random cards from a...

Hacked DVD
DVD by Brian Kennedy - $34.50

Cause a spectator's signature to transfer from one card to another whilst it is held in their own hands! One of Ireland's leading...

The Controls Project DVD or download
The Controls Project
DVD or download by Big Blind Media - $34.95

Being able to secretly control a spectator's chosen card to any position of the pack is an essential skill for every magician. Big Blind Media have...

CTM   DVD & props
DVD & props by Chris Congreave - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

From the creator of 'Light' and other best sellers comes the 'CTM' (Card To Mouth) gimmick. The CTM gimmick is a sharpie with inbuilt...

Poker Nightmare Trick
Poker Nightmare
Trick by Devin Knight - $24.00

Poker Nightmare like trick photography and takes around 30 seconds to perform. It is almost self-working and require no sleights. You can learn to do...

Out of Sight Out Of Your Mind  DVD
Out of Sight Out Of Your Mind
DVD by Gary Jones - $34.95 $26.56 (SAVE $8.39)

A Classic, simple and direct effect. The Magician takes a deck of cards and fans them in front of a spectator. They are asked to merely look at,...

Diamond Jack DVD
Diamond Jack
DVD by Diamond Jim Tyler - $30.00

An ordinary pack of cards is introduced. The cards are shuffled (wink-wink) by the magician. As the top card is shown to be the Jack of Diamonds...

Unboxing Trick
Trick by Nicholas Lawrence - $19.95

This can be a fantastic opener to your card routines. From the mind of Nicholas Lawrence, Unboxing is the ultimate visual box vanishing...

Beneath Trick
Trick by John Kennedy - $20.00

A chosen card appears beneath your cell phone like magic! "Beneath" is John Kennedy's new card under phone effect. The clever gimmick allows you to...

Multitude DVD
DVD by Vincent Hedan - $39.95

Multitude unveils the amazing principle of the Multieffect deck, a forgotten principle over 100 years old. You will learn 16 unbelievable...

Pop Haydn's Specific Resonance Trick
Pop Haydn's Specific Resonance
Trick by Pop Haydn - $19.95

This is Pop Haydn's major performance piece with cards, a powerful trick that carries the audience on a roller coaster ride of entertainment....

Solomon's Secret Subtleties DVD or download
Solomon's Secret Subtleties
DVD or download by David Solomon - $34.95

Dave Solomon is one of the worlds leading thinkers on card magic. His books and DVDs have bought him international acclaim, and on this new DVD,...

Equilibrium Trick
Trick by MagicWorld - $24.95

Just by touching your participants hand, you make it seem as if you can become exactly in tune with them. With Equilibrium, Daniel Meadows...

Ask Roberto Book
Ask Roberto
Book by Roberto Giobbi - $39.00

Ask Roberto is a magic book unlike any you have ever read before (by him, or anyone else). The concept is great: Roberto invited 52 fans (via the...

Center Stage DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Center Stage
DVD or download by John Guastaferro - DVD $39.95 or download for $39.95

John Guastaferro has emerged as one of magic’s most elegant performers, as well as one of the art’s most versatile creators. Both the elegance and...

Destination Zero Book
Destination Zero
Book by John Bannon - $50.00

We're huge John Bannon fans, and we're very excited about this "departure" from his normal format. This is a hardbound collection of 25 tricks that...

Euphoria DVD
DVD by Vernet Magic and Adrian Guerra - $30.00

In 1994, Adrian Guerra (Ramblar) the mnemonica expert won the first prize in Card Magic at FISM in Yokohama. Since that time he became...

Card Cage Trick
Card Cage
Trick by Hideki Tani - $19.95

You can perform three effects with this trick: capture a selected card, vanish the card, then make it reappear anywhere. The audience...

Oracle DVD or download
DVD or download by Titanas - $10.00

A shrouded, classic card magic concept was reborn as Titanas transformed this concept, shortcutted all of the most tedious elements and ended up...

Camouflage DVD
DVD by Jay Sankey - $29.95

Camouflage features a diabolical, secret gimmick that allows you to perform impossible penetrations, revelations, fusions, and even a levitation....

Impression DVD
DVD by Jason Yu - $34.95

This is a great effect for performing close-up magicians that leaves the audience with a photo memory of the magical moment. The effect is simple:...

Hands Free Prediction Trick
Hands Free Prediction
Trick by Lynx Magic - $24.95 $18.96 (SAVE $5.99)

Lynx Magic brings you Hands Off Prediction, a magic trick that will fool both laymen and magicians alike. The magician shows a deck of...

Sympathetic Ten Trick
Sympathetic Ten
Trick by Jörg Alexander - $49.00

The effect that professionals have cherished for over 20 years can finally be yours! A streamlined and entertaining twist on Nate Leipzig's...

Manila DVD
DVD by Julio Montoro - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Manila allows you to perform incredible card changes, transpositions, appearances, vanishes and color changes. It can even be used with signed...

Mnemorized Deck Trick
Mnemorized Deck
Trick by Astor - $39.00

Included in this beautiful deck are 50 full color picture cards, which together form an easy to master memory system. You will be able to...

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