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Card Artistry 2 Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Card Artistry 2
Trick by Justin Flom - From $25.00

Justin Flom’s “Card Artistry” took the magic world by storm: millions of Youtube views, a performance on Ellen, and thousands of magicians...

Allegro DVD
DVD by Mago Migue - 150.00

Miguel Puga, also known as Mago Migue, reveals some of his most cherished secrets. More than two dozen professional and award-winning routines...

The Grid DVD
The Grid
DVD by Richard Wiseman - 35.00

One of the hits of the 2012 EMC convention: a magic square routine by Richard Wiseman using a deck of cards. In effect, a spectator...

The Mirage Trick
The Mirage
Trick by Dani DaOrtiz - 35.00

The Mirage is one of Dani DaOrtiz's favourite routines. It is a special deck of cards that combines elements of Hofzinser's Transformation Pack...

Completing the Cut DVD
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Completing the Cut
DVD by Ryan Schlutz - 35.00

Ryan Schlutz is turning heads with his creative, thoughtful brand of card magic. We are pleased Ryan has worked with us on his first DVD collection,...

The Trick That Cannot Be Explained Trick
The Trick That Cannot Be Explained
Trick by Roberto Giobbi - 25.00

The performer shows an envelope he says contains a prediction. This envelope is left on the table the ENTIRE time. The spectator shuffles and...

FOB Trick
Trick by David Penn - 55.00

A folded card is isolated inside a clear key FOB that never leaves the spectator's sight. At the conclusion of your favourite card routine the...

PRISM refill (deck only) Refill
Vanishing Inc. exclusive PRISM refill (deck only)
Refill by Joshua Jay - 20.00

This is a refill for PRISM and comes with the deck only (no instructions). Note: purchase of PRISM required before (or at the same time) as...

The Quest for Mastery DVD
The Quest for Mastery
DVD by Michael Vincent - 80.25

On this new 4-Disc DVD Michael Vincent brings his passion for magic and his expert showmanship to a brand new level. This project explores how...

Risky Bet Trick
Risky Bet
Trick by Henry Evans - 35.00

We are completely impressed by this effect! It's the kind of trick that gathers a crowd at a walkaround show. And at Vanishing Inc. Magic, we look...

Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen
Book or download by Jon Allen and John Lovick - Book $34.99 or download for $26.24

“Stunning effects and jaw-dropping magic!” Jeff McBride, Creator of the Magic & Mystery School “Jon Allen’s magic is so strong and yet so...

Modern Intricacies DVD
Modern Intricacies
DVD by Magical Sleight - 30.00

Yoann Fontyn's new DVD featuring 15 tricks and routines that he devised over the years. A unique take on modern card-magic: some could call these...

Magic Of Ascanio - Studies Of Card Magic Book
Magic Of Ascanio - Studies Of Card Magic
Book by Arturo de Ascanio - 65.00

The Magic of Ascanio offers you, in four volumes, the complete work of the Maestro who changed the direction of magic in Spain and influenced...

Magic of Ascanio - More Studies of Card Magic Book
Magic of Ascanio - More Studies of Card Magic
Book by Arturo de Ascanio - 75.00

Arturo de Ascanio y Navaz (1926-1997), is regarded as the father of Spanish card magic. A lawyer by trade and an amateur magician, he devoted a...

Woodyland DVD
DVD by Woody Aragon - 150.00

Woody Aragón has a remarkable mind. He creates self-working miracles with cards. Routines that are baffling, entertaining and award-winning. For...

In the Frame Trick
In the Frame
Trick by Mark Elsdon - 59.95

The frame you can see on the front cover is an ordinary, examinable picture frame. And the card inside - the prediction - IS the spectator's...

Fan2c DVD
DVD by Paul Wilson - 20.00

Imagine you're holding a lousy poker hand. The cards are spread at your fingertips. Now, in a subtle action of riffling the edges of the cards,...

The Bumblebees  DVD
The Bumblebees
DVD by Woody Aragon - 35.00

An Award Winning Routine! This is the comedy card routine that helped Woody Aragón win first prize at the International Day of Magic in London,...

The Stolen Cards DVD
The Stolen Cards
DVD by Lennart Green - 50.00

This is one of Lennart Green's favorite effects. You show the audience a special deck of cards. Every card has a different back. You tell the...

The Perfect World DVD
The Perfect World
DVD by Mago Migue - 35.00

MagoMigue's rendition of the Paul Curry classic takes it into new territory. Four spectators shuffle a deck of cards and without looking at the...

Sankey-tized Volumes 1 & 2 DVD
Sankey-tized Volumes 1 & 2
DVD by Jay Sankey - 29.95 each

Jay Sankey has created some of the world's most inventive close-up magic. This DVD features many routines using ordinary objects like cards,...

Essence DVD
DVD by Miguel Angel Gea - 150.00

Miguel Angel Gea is one of Spain's finest close-up magicians, the winner of many awards including the Ascanio Prize and the National Grand Prix of...

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks DVD or download
Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks
DVD or download by Big Blind Media - DVD $30.00 or download for $29.95

Now if you're anything like us, you have some DVDs or books on this topic already. And you took them home and excitedly delved into the material only...

Cardwarp Tour Book
Cardwarp Tour
Book by Jeff Pierce - 45.00

Jeff Pierce's Cardwarp Tour is the book on Card Warp. It includes: The original Cardwarp routine created by Roy Walton. An...

Disposable Deck 2.0 Trick
Disposable Deck 2.0
Trick by David Regal - From $30.00

Perform a trick. Crush your deck into a ball and then throw it away! Disposable Deck is a versatile utility gimmick used by magicians...

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