Vanishing Inc. Magic Exclusive Tricks & More

At Vanishing Inc. Magic we are proud to produce a whole range of magic used by magicians throughout the world.

Sweetch Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Sweetch
Trick by Gabriel Torres - 20.00

We jumped at the chance to produce and manufacture "Sweetch" because it's such a simple, organic prop to incorporate into your magic. You cause a...

Mystery Cubed Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Mystery Cubed
Accessory by David Stryker - From $74.95

The Perfect Item for your Mantle, or the Perfect Gift for Someone Special At Vanishing Inc., we devote 99% of our time to providing you with the...

Blistering Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Blistering
Trick by Alex Latorre - 20.00

Cause a piece of gum to magically jump to four different portions of the hermetically sealed packet. If you are looking for visual magic to perform...

Smooth Prediction Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Smooth Prediction
Trick by Darryl Davis - 25.00

In this intriguing routine, you predict two cards, one thought-of and a one freely cut to! This is clean, direct magic at its best. ...

iFlight Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive iFlight
Trick by Bill Perkins - 25.00

A borrowed ring appears LINKED ONTO YOUR HEADPHONES that are wrapped around your your back pocket! Sleek, modern, powerful, and...

Shuffled Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Shuffled
Trick by Jos Denys - 35.00

"Shuffled" is a breath of fresh air in a world of impractical and overcomplicated Card At Any Number solutions. Jos Denys offers a clever routine...

New York Coin Magic Seminar DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive New York Coin Magic Seminar
DVD or download by David Roth, Michael Rubenstein, Geoff Latta and Mike Gallo - DVD $250.00 or download for $100.00

In 2005, David Roth, Michael Rubinstein, Mike Gallo and Geoff Latta embarked on a gargantuan project. Over a number of years, they produced a DVD...

New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 8 (More) DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 8 (More)
DVD or download by David Roth, Al Schneider, Michael Rubinstein, Geoff Latta, Mike Gallo and Vic Trabucco - DVD $35.00 or download for $15.00

If you are looking for a diverse collection of coin magic, Volume 8 could be for you. From the classic ‘Nest of Boxes’ to Michael Rubinstein’s...

Bill to Marker - Extra Pen Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Bill to Marker - Extra Pen
Accessory by Nicholas Einhorn and Vanishing Inc. Magic - 8.50

If you have purchased 'Bill to Marker' you might want to consider picking up a couple of extra markers. These are the exact markers that the...

Gimmicked Cards for 'Aces/Wild' and 'More Wild' Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Gimmicked Cards for 'Aces/Wild' and 'More Wild'
Accessory by Vanishing Inc. Magic - 12.00

Since we released 'Aces/Wild ' and 'More Wild', a number of people have got in touch to ask if we stock the gimmicked cards that are necessary for...

Out of Sight Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Out of Sight
Trick by Joshua Jay - 74.99

For months--ever since Joshua Jay fooled Penn & Teller with "Out of Sight," customers have been emailing us every day, asking when it will...

Himber Wallet (Brown) Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Himber Wallet (Brown)
Accessory by Vanishing Inc. Magic - 35.00

Himber Wallets are incredibly useful and their simplicity is part of their appeal. There are many Himber Wallets on the market but we could...

The Dapper Deck Deluxe Set Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Dapper Deck Deluxe Set
Accessory by Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay - 150.00

When Vanishing Inc. Magic set out to design its first deck of signature brand playing cards, we had one specific goal in mind: to create the most...

SWAP DVD & props
Vanishing Inc. exclusive SWAP
DVD & props by Nicholas Lawrence - 25.00

"Swap" in three words: PRACTICAL, ORIGINAL, STUNNING. Nicholas Lawrence releases his "pet" pocket effect, which he does every day to...

Awe Struck Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Awe Struck
Trick by Adam Elbaum - 49.95

"Practical, powerful and straight forward. A cleverly layered piece of mentalism ideal for a close-up performer. Highly recommended."...

Colossal Coloring Book of Magic Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Colossal Coloring Book of Magic
Trick by Danny Orleans - 44.95

This is big! It’s really big! – and when you’re doing kids shows, bigger is better. That’s why Danny Orleans has performed his Colossal Coloring...

RIP DVD & props
Vanishing Inc. exclusive RIP
DVD & props by Christopher Wiehl - 25.00

There are many torn and restored card effects on the market. Most are difficult, multi-phased, and angle-sensitive. Pros and cons for each one....

400 Lux DVD
Vanishing Inc. exclusive 400 Lux
DVD by Kyle Littleton - 25.00

Causing your money to multiply is, perhaps, the most iconic trick in magic. In the past you needed a gimmick, glue, and lots of preparation to make...

I.D.D. DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive I.D.D.
DVD or download by Christopher Rawlins - $10.00

Chris Rawlins is one of our favorite creators, and he's back with an offbeat and amazing solution to the classic drawing duplication. As in the...

Triad Coins Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Triad Coins
Trick by Joshua Jay - 59.95

Imagine what it would look like if you could REALLY vanish coins into thin air. Then watch this trailer. Triad Coins is how this should, and does,...

GAME DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive GAME
DVD or download by Luke Jermay - $29.99

Roberto Giobbi, Michael Weber, R Paul Wilson, Daniel Madison, John Archer, Asi Wind have all played Jermay's "GAME" and now it's your turn ......

Marvellous Multiplying Boxes Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Marvellous Multiplying Boxes
Trick by Matthew Wright - 45.00

The UK's Matthew Wright has won virtually every award possible in magic, and we're proud of our first collaboration with him, The Marvelous...

Reshuffled Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Reshuffled
Trick by Pedro Morillo - 25.00

"Killer Ending! I can't wait to try Reshuffled on my clients" Paul Gertner "Pedro's effect is the best handling of Paul Gertner's classic and so...

Magic Squared Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Magic Squared
Trick by Andi Gladwin - 49.95

Andi Gladwin's highly acclaimed close-up and parlor masterpiece takes the classic Magic Square to new heights. Many performers close their show with...

Roadrunner Cull - Volume 1 DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Roadrunner Cull - Volume 1
DVD or download by Kostya Kimlat - $45.00

In less than a quarter of a minute, no matter what the condition of the cards, and under the guise of what appears to be a casual stroll through the...