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Showmanship and Presentation Book
Showmanship and Presentation
Book by Edward Maurice - 10.00

Edward Maurice brings you a showman's tips and tricks for presenting your show. From curtain rise to fall, everything is covered, including...

Escapes Book
Book by Percy Abbott - 30.00

Percy Abbott brings you a nice compilation of escape routines for the aspiring performer. Not only are the basics covered, but topics such as...

The Hofner Quintet Book
The Hofner Quintet
Book by John Hofner - 20.00

This booklet teaches mentalism effects for the stage, and is hard to come by. Effects are explained with the necessary detail and blueprints to...

The Magic Kettle Book
The Magic Kettle
Book by Jeffery Atkins - 25.00

Whether you perform The Magic Kettle or just want to finally know how it's done, The Magic Kettle should be in your library. In this volume, you'll...

The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo Book
The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo
Book by Will Dexter - 14.95

If you've never read about the enigmatic Chung Ling Soo (William Ellsworth Robinson), then you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of The Riddle...

Spoiler Alert Book
Spoiler Alert
Book by Ryan Matey - 45.00

Spoiler Alert: You are about to enter the mind of Ryan Matney. That means a few things. For one, it means card effects that have won praise from...

Patrick Page's Cards to Pocket Book
Patrick Page's Cards to Pocket
Book by Lewis Ganson - 20.00

This book contains the late Patrick Page's handling and routine for the classic Cards to Pocket. Patrick's take on the effect is extremely direct...

Jack Yates' Card Caprice Book
Jack Yates' Card Caprice
Book by Ken de Courcy - 25.00

Ken de Courcy brings you two superlative effects from Jack Yates in Card Caprice. And not just any two effects, but two of his most sought-after...

Playing with Fire Book
Playing with Fire
Book by Kazan - 25.00

Nothing captures audience attention quite like fire, and Playing with Fire will teach you everything you need to know about...well, playing with...

A Magic Variety Show Book
A Magic Variety Show
Book by Eric Hawkesworth - 9.95

If you need a source for some different types of magic not covered in other texts, try Eric Hawkesworth's A Magic Variety Show!Eric shows you how...

Give a Magician Enough Rope... and He'll do a Trick! Book
Give a Magician Enough Rope... and He'll do a Trick!
Book by Lewis Ganson - 19.95

If you are looking for superlative rope magic from some of the finest minds in magic, then check out Give a Magician Enough Rope. You'll...

Magic as Entertainment Book
Magic as Entertainment
Book by Harold Taylor - 39.95

When was the last time you had a magic consultant to tell you what you needed to do to make your show better? Now, with Magic as Entertainment,...

A Pocketful of Miracles Book
A Pocketful of Miracles
Book by Hugh Miller - 29.95

A Pocketful of Miracles is an incredible collection of magic specifically for impromptu performer. Be ready anytime you need, be it at a table,...

Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic  edited Book
Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic edited
Book by Hugh Miller - 19.95

Horace Bennett's Prize Winning Magic is difficult to find, but it's packed with classic routines, clever handling, and amazingly routined...

Secrets of Gambling Book
Secrets of Gambling
Book by Hugh Miller - 14.95

This old Supreme Magic book is a fun read. Is it Steve Forte level gambling secrets? Not at all. But it is a fun read of how cheaters cheated in the...

Breaking Our Magic Wands Book
Breaking Our Magic Wands
Book by Robert Neale - 19.95

When magicians die, it is customary to break a wand to symbolize the end of their magic. But as Shakespeare's Prospero shows, there might be other...

Your Mind is Still My Playground Book
Your Mind is Still My Playground
Book by Vincent Hedan - 44.95

If you love mentalism that blows spectators' minds, then look no further than Your Mind is Still My Playground. This French national champion...

Conjuring Book
Book by Eric Hawkesworth - 14.95

This is a great collection of magic for any stand-up performer. You'll learn productions, cards, mentalism and so much more!With so many different...

Mainly Manipulative Magic Book
Mainly Manipulative Magic
Book by John Alborough - 24.95

A classic manipulation text that should be in your collection. Included are The Color-Changing Penknives, Red and Green Paddles, Bold Goldfish,...

Television Puppet Magic Book
Television Puppet Magic
Book by Ian Adair - 14.95

If you do hand puppetry, then this book should be in your collection. It includes timeless advice on puppetry as well as comedy bits for adults and...

Introducing Bill's Magic Book
Introducing Bill's Magic
Book by W. G. Stickland - 35.00

If you are looking for a book packed with parlor and stage magic for a family audience, then you'll love Introducing Bill's Magic.  This...

Billy Benbow's Best Book
Billy Benbow's Best
Book by Bill Lainsbury - 5.00

Not many books contain material that is for family-friendly audiences, but Billy Benbow's Best does just that! This volume is full of comedy,...

Rovi Reveals Book
Rovi Reveals
Book by Lewis Ganson - 9.95

Looking for accessible plots paired with inexplicable magical effects? The check out Rovi Reveals by Lewis Ganson!Rovi excelled in developing just...

Polished Presentations Book
Polished Presentations
Book by Johnny Cooper - 5.00

If you are looking for a text with a collection of classics for stand-up and close-up, then look no further than Polished Presentations by Johnny...

Magic of Frederica  Edited Book
Magic of Frederica Edited
Book by Lewis Ganson - 29.95

This impressive collection is a compilation of the huge amount of material Tommy Frederick (Frederica) submitted to The Gen. It contains a wide...

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