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Big Magic for Little Hands Book
Big Magic for Little Hands
Book by Joshua Jay - 19.95

Kids love magic. They love to see it and they love to do it. Vanishing Inc. co-founder Joshua Jay started doing magic when he was 7 and...

The Magic Way Book
The Magic Way
Book by Juan Tamariz - 49.95

In this updated and expanded edition of The Magic Way, Juan Tamariz teaches you not just great tricks, but a way to make every trick you do better...

The Complete Al Leech Book
The Complete Al Leech
Book by Al Leech - 49.95

This long-anticipated, brand new volume of Classic Leech Card, Thimble, Billard Balls (and more) tricks and slights is newly edited by...

Beyond Imagination Book
Beyond Imagination
Book by Norman Gilbreath - 55.00

With a preface by Max Maven, 2 Essays and 33 effects, this book is full of great magic. You know him for the Gilbreath principle. Now you can see...

Collected Almanac Book
Collected Almanac
Book by Richard Kaufman - 95.00

Richard's Almanac was acclaimed as one of the finest newsletters ever devoted to close-up magic. Its publication from 1982 to 1987 was a highlight...

Encyclopedia of Card Tricks Book
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Book by Jean Hugard - 24.95

In the first decades of the twentieth century magicians filled the magic journals with articles on card tricks, giving improvements on classic...

Self Working Rope Magic Book
Self Working Rope Magic
Book by Karl Fulves - 8.95

70 Foolproof Tricks For centuries, rope tricks have been staples of the magician's repertoire. Surprisingly, many of the best ones are...

Lunch Is Served Book
Lunch Is Served
Book by Various - 24.95

Sixty different routines compiled by Paul Romhany and TC Tahoe, with additional routines by eighteen other magicians from around the world,...

Magic and Showmanship Book
Magic and Showmanship
Book by Henning Nelms - 16.99

A Handbook for Conjurers Like theatrical presentations, conjuring is an art of illusion. A magician skilled in the craft is able to convince...

Bamboozlers - Volume 2 Book
Bamboozlers - Volume 2
Book by Diamond Jim Tyler - 25.00

The Book of Bankable Bar Betchas, Brain Bogglers, Belly Busters & Bewitchery- Volume Two: Expect the same classy pocket-sized book...

Card Control Book
Card Control
Book by Arthur Buckley - 12.95

This profusely illustrated book demonstrates, step-by-step, the astonishing card magic cultivated by one of the premier sleight-of-hand artists...

Calculated Chaos Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Calculated Chaos
Book or download by Chris Westfall - $20.00 $14.00 (SAVE $6.00)

When working professionals pour their hearts into their magic, we take notice. Chris Westfall is one of the best and busiest magicians in the...

Mystique Book
Book by Richard Osterlind - 50.00

This exciting new book features 17 chapters full of new material, classics, and profound ideas including: You'll find six brand new,...

The Nail Writer Anthology Book
The Nail Writer Anthology
Book by Thomas Baxter - 50.00

The Nail Writer is, ounce-for-ounce, the most powerful tool in the mentalist's arsenal. The Nail Writer Anthology, compiled and edited by Thomas...

New Modern Coin Magic Book
New Modern Coin Magic
Book by Bobo - 50.00

The World's Most Complete Text Book of Coin Conjuring in its 14th printing! Bobo's Modern Coin Magic brings a new form of...

My Best Self-Working Card Tricks Book
My Best Self-Working Card Tricks
Book by Karl Fulves - 9.95

In this outstanding new collection, an expert presents step-by-step, foolproof instructions for 65 of his most impressive card tricks, guaranteed...

Self Working Mental Magic Book
Self Working Mental Magic
Book by Karl Fulves - 10.95

Karl Fulves, one of the most renowned modern writers in the field of magic, presents here 67 new and foolproof tricks-spectacular mental feats...

Practical Mental Magic Book
Practical Mental Magic
Book by Theodore Annemann - 19.95

Mind reading, thought transmission, prophecy, miracle slate routines and other "psychic" effects are among the most impressive tricks in any...

Self Working Card Tricks Book
Self Working Card Tricks
Book by Karl Fulves - 8.95

72 Foolproof Card Miracles for the Amateur Magician What is a self-working card trick? A trick that does not depend upon legerdermain...

The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual Book
The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual
Book by Richard Osterlind - 35.00

The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual is Richard's no-nonsense guide to the world of professional mentalism. This book is unlike...

The Topit Book 2.0 Book
The Topit Book 2.0
Book by Michael Ammar - 50.00

Being able to make almost anything disappear, probably more than anything else, makes me feel like a magician. With the Topit I can amaze a person...

Springboard Book
Book by Michael Murray - 34.95

Springboard is a revolutionary new system for allowing your spectator to read minds Imagine for a moment that you are thinking of a card. The...

MO: Modus Operandi Book
MO: Modus Operandi
Book by Jon Racherbaumer - 55.00

50 PLUS ITEMS, 20 PLUS CONTRIBUTORS, 240 PLUS PAGES, and 180 PLUS PHOTOGRAPHS! If you ever heard the expression magic underground and...

Mayhew (What Women Want) Book
Mayhew (What Women Want)
Book by Steve Mayhew - 40.00

What do you get when you mix unrestrained astonishment, remorseless deception, and a whacked-out sense of humor? A. Richard Nixon B. Steve...

The Magic of Celebrating Illusion Book
The Magic of Celebrating Illusion
Book by Bob Neale - 29.95

In this first installment of his long-awaited Trilogy of Magic, Robert E. Neale uncovers the profound extent to which human experience is...

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