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Cesaral Melting Point Reloaded DVD
Cesaral Melting Point Reloaded
DVD by Mariano Goni Fernandez - $35.00

This DVD is fully packed with clear explanations on how to boost your magic using the CMP gimmick. Improve your work and make your effects more magical. Fool layman and magicians alike with already existing tricks, just by applying these superb secrets. Included are:Coin Through Handkerchief Coin...

Chain Reaction DVD
Chain Reaction
DVD by Andrew Mayne - $15.00

EffectRip the centers out of some spare cards, give them a flick and in a flash they've all linked together in a chain of cards nearly as tall as you! Chain Reaction is a huge effect with visual impact. You can perform it up close or on stage anytime in your show. You can even use Chain Reaction to...

Chardshark DVD
DVD by Daniel Chard - $30.00

Welcome to 'Chardshark' by Daniel Chard, a new name in card magic that we know you'll be hearing a lot about in the near future. This DVD features 10 stunning routines that are hard hitting, punchy and sure to thrill any audience. Just look at the reactions on the trailer that this magic gets and...

Charming Cheat -Martin Nash DVD
Charming Cheat -Martin Nash
DVD by Martin Nash - $34.95

Martin A. Nash who performs as "The Charming Cheat" has long presented outstanding gambling themed shows that are both elegant and entertaining. This video was shot live at one of his lectures where he performed his entire show and then explained the routines. You will learn an entire card act that...

Cheating At Poker DVD
Cheating At Poker
DVD by George Joseph - $19.95

George Joseph is an authority on gaming protection and cheating. He has served as director of surveillance for Bally, Paris, Aladdin and Dunes casinos in Las Vegas. He is currently the president of Worldwide Casino Consulting, Inc. which oversees the training of casino and gambling security around...

Cheek to Cheek DVD
Cheek to Cheek
DVD by Oz Pearlman - $20.00

One of the best trick decks ever invented. Perform the world's cleanest TRIUMPH with no sleight of hand! The Cheek to Cheek Deck allows you to perform one of the cleanest and most powerful routines in card magic--with absolutely no sleight of hand! If you can have someone pick a card, put it back...

Chef Anton Live at Soapy Smith Night DVD
Chef Anton Live at Soapy Smith Night
DVD by Chef Anton - $35.00

Meet Chef Anton, the 2 time U.S. Open Time Trick Shot Champion in POOL and twice nominated Bar Magician of the the Magic Castle in Hollywood where this mindbending performance was captured. Combining his unique blend of Comedy, magic, and Pool Ball Wizardry, Anton is much more than slick...

Childsplay DVD
DVD by Gary Jones and Chris Congreave - $40.00

Welcome to the brilliant new trick from Chris Congreave "Childsplay". This really is a workers dream that has an emotional hook that most other magic lacks. Childsplay comes with a full instructional DVD, Bicycle Cards an all photographs supplied on a PDF for you to print out. This is magic that...

Chinese Coin Set dollar DVD
Chinese Coin Set dollar
DVD by Shenzhen Jieli - $59.95

Contains: 5 Chinese Gold coins 2 Matching expanded shells 1 DVD instruction

Chinese Coin Set Half DVD
Chinese Coin Set Half
DVD by Shenzhen Jieli - $59.95

Contains: 5 Chinese Gold coins 2 Matching expanded shells1 DVD instruction

Chinese Sticks Greater Magic Teach In DVD
Chinese Sticks Greater Magic Teach In
DVD by Howard Hale - $29.95

The seventh volume of the greater Magic Video Library "Teach-In" series is another classic of magic called the "Chinese Sticks." Get your set out of the closet or drawer and learn from the "Pros" how entertaining they can be!Six different routines by five performers who will demonstrate their...

Chip Tricks DVD
Chip Tricks
DVD by Rich Ferguson - $19.95

UPDATED DVD RELEASE!For All Ages and Skill Levels!Including 20 Tricks Never Taught Before!Poker Columnist and Entertainment Award Winner, Rich Ferguson is known around the world for his originality and unique approach to cards, poker chips and more.This DVD is packed with 70 of the hottest...

Chuck Fayne Live DVD
Chuck Fayne Live
DVD by Chuck Fayne - $9.95

There are people who can do good magic. There are people who can make you laugh. But there are very few performers who can make you laugh out loud while doing good magic. Chuck Fayne is one such performer. Contained on this exclusive 78-minute video tape are the routines that Chuck has used to earn...

Cigarette Through Quarter DVD
Cigarette Through Quarter
DVD by Paul Bélanger - $30.00

Considered by many to be THE finest version of one of close-up magic's most memorable effects, The Paul Bélanger Cigarette Through Quarter (which can also be performed with a rolled bill) is finally available with a companion DVD featuring performances and explanations by David Acer!Imagine this:A...

Classic Ackerman DVD
Classic Ackerman
DVD by Allan Ackerman - $35.00

Allan Ackerman is one of the world's foremost experts at sleight-of-hand magic and gambling moves with playing cards. On this fascinating new DVD you will be treated to some of card magic's most venerable effects, all given the Allan's Ackerman "Las Vegas Card Expert" treatment! These are some of...

Classic Force DVD
Classic Force
DVD by Phil Jay - $30.00

A classic sleight taught by a master in this incredible step by step DVD! Phil teaches his inner thoughts...everything covered from: Classic force - preparation/execution and what you must do after the card is taken... Classic force behind the back Touch force An amazing technique for speed gauging...

Classic Palming With Coins DVD
Classic Palming With Coins
DVD by Reed McClintock - $35.00

CONQUER THE CLASSIC PALM!Mastery is finally within your grasp! The Magic Bakery is proud to announce the first progressive training system ever designed to teach you the classic palm with coins. Previous books, videos, and even personal lessons have done little more than show you where the coins...

Classic Renditions Volume 1 DVD
Classic Renditions Volume 1
DVD by Michael Ammar - $34.95

Michael Ammar takes you through all his routines using the latest findings in brain research and sports training techniques that will make learning the fundamentals easier than ever.Float a borrowed bill at the right time and people will talk about you for the rest of their lives. Michael walks you...

Classic Renditions Volume 3 DVD
Classic Renditions Volume 3
DVD by Michael Ammar - $34.95

 true Magician / Intellectual, Michael Ammar takes you through all his routines using the latest findings in brain research and sports training techniques that will make learning the fundamentals easier than ever.The Invisible Bill Switch is one of the most demanding techniques available to...

Clever Sponge Ball Magic DVD
Clever Sponge Ball Magic
DVD by Duane Laflin - $25.00

Begins with a complete sponge ball stage act. Following the routine you learn basic sleights such as the thumb palm, mash move, and retention vanish. After that is a series of individual routines including perpetual balls, balls to pocket in color, big ball ending, sponge balls close up and in...

Clone Coin - Euro Coin DVD
Clone Coin - Euro Coin
DVD by Merlins of Wakefield - $75.00

Mark Lee presents three amazing illusions, with his super clean 'Clone Coin', easily explaining the techniques and methods behind his amazing routines. "Once you see the ingenuity of the coin, the possibities are endless."Clone Across, is a simple coins across in your hands effect. You start off by...

Close Up Sketches DVD
Close Up Sketches
DVD by Alain Nu - $29.95

Alain Nu is a full-time creative performing magician who is equally adept at close-up, stage, mental and television magic. He has earned his chops by performing in restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, bars and even on the street. This DVD features the routines he uses in formal and informal close-up...

Close Up Table Magic DVD
Close Up Table Magic
DVD by Karl Norman - $34.95

Routines performed and explained: The Coin Collection: A copper, silver, brass coin box routine using three coins from different countries that jump from hand to hand, appear in the box, change places with the box and for a finale the box becomes a solid slug of brass. Whole Hole: A double backed...

Cody Fisher On Magic DVD
Cody Fisher On Magic
DVD by Cody Fisher - $35.00

First, in a live performance for lay people, close up and personal, you will see a full time pro Cody Fisher perform the powerful magic, that has won him awards worldwide. Including the very prestigious Texas Association of Magicians award for best close-up magic. Each of these effects have...

Coin Bomber Eisenhower DVD
Coin Bomber Eisenhower
DVD by Johnny Wong - $499.00

One of the finest gimmicked coins ever created! It is also the best item Johnny Wong has invented in the last ten years ten years. With the Coin Bomber (Eisenhower Dollar Version) you can perform all kinds of penetrations, transpositions, appearances, disappearances, changes and more! There are...