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Wicked World Of Liam Montier Vol 1 DVD
Wicked World Of Liam Montier Vol 1
DVD by Liam Montier - $35.00

Enter the twisted but brilliant mind of the UK's Liam Montier. Famed for his inventive and ingenious solutions to every magical plot he tackles, this respected practitioner has a magical effect for every situation. Like some mad inventor, Liam has the ability to take ANY object to hand and...

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Welcome To The Firm DVD
Welcome To The Firm
DVD by The Underground Collective - $35.00

A DVD from Jamie Badman and Colin Miller - the people who brought you the smash hit Heirloom, (plus Panagram, Sensory Perception and The Underground Collection Books 1&2) This 2 hour extravaganza has it all - self workers, mentalism, brand new sleights, some eye popping card...

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Weekend at the 4F w/ Obie O'Brien VOL. 1 DVD
Weekend at the 4F w/ Obie O'Brien VOL. 1
DVD by Magic City - $30.00

Probably the best DVD this year (we are a bit modest about this one). There are several explanations, performances and even an extra bit of business. There is some of the strongest magic available including routines from Richard Kaufman(an INCREDIBLE TRIUMPH), Jim Klayder, Scott Robinson( A...

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Weapons Of The Card Shark Volume 2 DVD
Weapons Of The Card Shark Volume 2
DVD by Jeff Wessmiller - $26.25

Learn underground secrets never before published.Disclaimer On DVD:This video is for entertainment purposes only. Neither Jeff Wessmiller nor Expert Magic can be held liable for any actions viewers may attempt with the information provided. Jeff Wessmiller and Expert magic do not...

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Weapons of the Card Shark Volume 1 DVD
Weapons of the Card Shark Volume 1
DVD by Jeff Wesmiller - $30.00

Effect Learn how to take a clean fully shuffled deck, and deal yourself the winning hand. No marks, No trick decks. Deck is handed to you completely random. No joke! Ever wonder how cheats really do their thing? Think it's about marked cards or gimmicks? Think again. This video is the first of it's...

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Watch Magic DVD
Watch Magic
DVD by Oz Pearlman - $30.00

Effect The material taught on this DVD is straight out of the professional repertoire of Oz Pearlman, and includes some of his most treasured routines. Each routine has been thoroughly audience tested over hundreds of live performances and proven to be incredibly powerful and commercial magic. Oz...

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Watch Bandit - Kevin King DVD
Watch Bandit - Kevin King
DVD by Kevin King - $19.95

The Ultimate Watch Steal!Magic's greatest performers, from Blackstone to Carlyle, cemented their considerable reputations by making the watch steal an integral part of their performance. For the first time, Kevin King reveals the watch steal that has been the cornerstone of his performances for...

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Wanted! Outlaw Magic - Volume 1 DVD
Wanted! Outlaw Magic - Volume 1
DVD by Lonnie Chevrie - $35.00

When Magic is Outlawed...Only Outlaws will do magic. Although Lonnie Chevrie may not be known to many he has developed a reputation amongst magic's elite underground as a top thinker and creator of usable, practical, and amazing magic. Lonnie's work has been praised by many of magic's top creators...

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Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling #2 DVD
Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling #2
DVD by Matt Olsen - $30.00

Contact Juggling is the art of continuously manipulating an object or objects so that they are put into motion without being tossed into the air as in normal juggling. Without a doubt Contact Juggling is the most graceful form of the art. The fluid motions of the body cause the objects to take on a...

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DVD by Dee Christopher - $16.00

In VEX you will learn how to appear to bend borrowed coins with you mind. Since Geller popularized coin bending demonstrations in the 70's, magicians and mentalists have strived to create the most believable coin bending effects possible. Inside the 30 minutes of one of one tuition with metal...

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Very Best of Gary Ouellet Volume 1 DVD
Very Best of Gary Ouellet Volume 1
DVD by Gary Ouellet - $34.95

He was a trusted advisor to some of magic's biggest stars. Now, see the man behind the legend and his own incredible close-up illusions. Gary Ouellet has written several excellent books and he was also the producer of the "World's Greatest Magic" television specials. He was most knowledgeable in...

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Vernon Revelations DVD
Vernon Revelations
DVD by Dai & Larsen Vernon - $34.95

History was made September 2-6, 1982 in a filming studio in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, as the life and magic of Dai Vernon was permanently recorded for future generations. Inspired by Bill Larsen, the project was undertaken by Videonics, owned and operated by Hans Zahn. The co-hosts of the...

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Venerable Die Box Greater Magic Teach In DVD
Venerable Die Box Greater Magic Teach In
DVD by Bill & Stevens McComb - $30.00

The newest release from the Greater Magic Video Library is also the first ever instructional material of this classic effect. Learn and enjoy Gene Anderson's well thought out routine. Learn from master, Billy McComb and his great routine with a simple Die Box. See many rare collectible Die Boxes...

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DVD by John Van Der Put - $35.00

EffectVery occasionally, someone develops a brand-new methodology which allows for effects which were previously considered impossible. Imagine a signed playing card transforming quarter-by-quarter into a completely different card with the signature still intact! Ah, but is it the spectator's...

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Variance DVD
DVD by Kevin Schaller - $29.99

'Variance' consists of 6 easy to perform, hard-hitting effects straight out of Kevin Schaller's working repertoire that YOU and your spectators will never forget. BREAK: Visually move a real kink on the spectator's signed card and hand it out as an unforgettable souvenir. BUST A CAP: A unique two...

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Vanishink DVD
DVD by Jay Sankey - $25.00

Easy to do! Visually shocking! Perfect for school, at work or in the bar! No pulls or palming and with your sleeves rolled up! Includes "Mike Skutt's Killer Handling!" Also recommended: DOUGH, ZERO GRAVITY, SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION! Imagine being able to make your Sharpie marker COMPLETELY VANISH at...

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V2F 2.0 DVD
V2F 2.0
DVD by G and SM Productionz - $29.95

The original Visual Vanish Fantasy has returned with more crazy stuff on DVD! ?? The most visual card vanish to anywhere! Even the most impossible location you can think of, from your wallet to spectator's shoe, and even inside of a frozen ice or anywhere your imagination can take you! ? Absolutely...

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V: Five Effects DVD
V: Five Effects
DVD by David Forrest - $30.00 NOW $13.50 (SAVE $16.50)

"All five of these new effects are wonderful. In fact, I honestly think they are among Dave's best work to date - really clever thinking! Not only are you getting five great effects but some really ingenious utility devices that can be used in many different effects." - Iain Moran In September 2009...

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Urban Underground DVD
Urban Underground
DVD by JC Sum - $40.00

Performed by J C Sum, "Urban Underground", is a formal close-up magic show that weaves masterfully structured routines that showcase a diverse range of plots, effects and props into a seamless modern close-up performance. In this two-volume DVD set, J C shares his show structure, original...

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Urban Legend DVD
Urban Legend
DVD by Brian Rodgers - $29.95

Introducing Urban Legend... straight from the working repetoire of Michael Paul. You know the classic razor blade trick: The magician swallows a number of ultra-sharp razor blades, and regurgitates them tied together on a length of string. Now, check out Urban Legend... do the classic razor blade...

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UnRipped DVD
DVD by Gared Crawford - $30.00

EffectA spectator selects and signs his name across the back of a card. The magician then proceeds to fold the card into quarters and tear it right down the middle with the signature in plain view; that's right, no switches or substitution of pieces! The halves are put together and torn once more....

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Unmemorized Deck DVD
Unmemorized Deck
DVD by Marcelo Insua and Tango - $30.00

Marcelo Insua - Tango, awarded at the FISM 2012 with the Invention prize, introduces his first card magic DVD. Marcelo Insúa of Tango Magic has been developing and professionally performing his UNmemorized Deck for the past ten years, delighting and fooling both laymen and experienced magicians...

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Unexpected Visitor Volume 2 DVD
Unexpected Visitor Volume 2
DVD by Doug Brewer - $34.95

Another Visit From The UnexpectedDeveloped, tested and refined for maximum audience impact in Every Situation!11 tricks fully explainedCoin magic for every situationVisual Copper Silver Brass: Unbelievable final phase where the coins transpose even with your hands open! Fidget: Two coins become...

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Undivided DVD
DVD by Martin Lewis - $19.95

Now on DVD!Martin Lewis brings the classic Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper into the 21st century with a new and exciting handling that relies on subtlety rather than dexterity. A handling that makes the effect clearly visible for two or two hundred! (Or even 9 million, if you have your own TV...

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UltraViolet DVD
DVD by Liam Montier - $30.00

ul-tra-vi-o-let (adj. Abbr. UV) -Of or relating to the range of invisible radiation, on the border of the x-ray region, just beyond the violet in the visible spectrum.Liam Montier takes you into the amazing world of UltraViolet.With your special UV light 'hidden' in plain sight on your keyring, and...

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