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Money magic concerns anything with bills OR coins. Coin magic is wildly popular, and with good reason. We believe completely in the Tango Magic Line of coin gimmicks because it's the perfect balance of very solid quality at a VERY reasonable price. Their coin gaffs open up possibilities that would not otherwise occur.

NEW British Pound Coin - Coin Unique Gimmicked coin
NEW British Pound Coin - Coin Unique
Gimmicked coin by Vanishing Inc. Magic - $40.00

Coin Unique is one of the great coin tricks. A one pound coin and a penny are placed into your hand, or under a glass, and with a shake, the penny visibly disappears. No sleight-of-hand, no funny moves. The coin does all of the work for you and IT CAN BE EXAMINED. If you already own a Coin Unique,...

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NEW British Pound Coin - Expanded Shell (Shimmed) Gimmicked coin
NEW British Pound Coin - Expanded Shell (Shimmed)
Gimmicked coin by Vanishing Inc. Magic - From $30.00

We LOVE gimmicked coins. The detail, the possibilities - everything about them is amazing. We are thrilled to be the first retailer to offer a full line of coin gaff for the NEW British pound coin! For the last year, we have been working very closely with an expert precision engineer...

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Coin Table Trick
Coin Table
Trick by The Essel Magic - $11.95

A finely crafted, offbeat close-up coin effect that is simple to master. Introduce a small table and miraculously have three coins penetrate visibly through the little table. This is a reinvented gimmicked table from its original appearance in the book, Expert Coin Magic, created by David Roth....

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Longitudinal Axis Penetration Trick
Longitudinal Axis Penetration
Trick by Astor Magic Bt - $34.95

Two banknotes in a transparent plastic holder are penetrated by a credit card - looks impossible! Everything can be examined by the spectators before and after the performance. The plastic holder is available in 20€ and any denomination of US currency. No gimmicked banknotes or...

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Sprout Ideas for Coin Magic Trick
Sprout Ideas for Coin Magic
Trick by Ltd. French Drop - $34.95

Tomoya Horiki's cutting-edge coin slide and coin routine! It is a collection of moves that do not use gimmicks or extra coins. The effect looks impossible, yet is simple to follow. Techniques are used to eliminate noise and complexity in order to increase the purity of the effect. The...

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Invisibill Trick
Trick by Josh Janousky - $24.95

Our friend, Josh Janousky has channeled his creativity into COMPLETELY reforming the "Omni" plot so that it is now the perfect trick for you to carry with you EVERWHERE. Invisibill takes will give any routine you do with a banknote a truly unexpected kicker ending. A simple, familiar object - a...

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Gentle DVD
DVD by Danny Ho - $29.95

Gentle is an extreme coin magic tutorial by Danny Ho. You are going to learn seven stunning coin routines and two beautiful coin vanishes in this DVD. Gentle A one coin routine with no moves and it finishes with a complete vanish! The Trick that Fooled Myself A three fly...

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Standard Magnetic Dollar w/Zone Zero Bill Routine Trick
Standard Magnetic Dollar w/Zone Zero Bill Routine
Trick by Chazpro Magic - From $19.95

The Magnetic Dollar, from the makers of the Magnetic Card! The Magnetic Dollar is a utility item for coin tricks like vanishes, changes, penetrations, matrix routines and mentalism. Included in this standard version is a magnetic dollar bill made from real U.S. currency,...

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Sucker Punch (Mark Southworth) Trick
Sucker Punch (Mark Southworth)
Trick by Mark Southworth - $39.95

As many magicians know, coin gaffs can take traditional coin magic to extreme levels, yet they traditionally come with a hefty price tag. Mark Southworth took the best of the best in coin gaffs and infused them into a custom set of poker chips for a fraction of the cost. Sucker Punch is more than...

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BioBender Trick
Trick by Eric Jones - $39.95

What if you had the ability to distort metal at the palm of your spectator's hands or at the very tips of your own fingers? Introducing Eric Jones' BioBender. BioBender is a set of tools that allow you to create the illusion that you can bend a coin, warp a key, or misshape any small metallic...

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Kiwi Coin Trick
Kiwi Coin
Trick by Steve Wilbury - $39.95

Simple visual coin magic! A coin breaks in half right in a spectator's hand, a burst of flames sends the animal of a coin straight to a selected card. These are just two of the effects possible with Kiwi Coin. Hand made in Nelson, New Zealand, Kiwi Coin is an extraordinary show...

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Aqua-Coin Flight Trick
Aqua-Coin Flight
Trick by Devin Knight - $11.95

A new and novel platform coin trick that is a real fooler! Not just for close-up, but an actual coin effect that plays big and fills the stage as they say. There are no gimmicks or difficult sleights. A totally impossible appearing coin flight under test conditions. All it takes is a bit of...

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Shy Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - $24.95

Make a signed coin disappear and then have it reappear INSIDE of a card. When it says inside, it literally means inside the card. The spectator has to tear the card apart in order to get their signed coin back.  This is Shy, a visual effect that could not be more convincible. With...

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Kainoa on Coins - Inferential DVD
Kainoa on Coins - Inferential
DVD by Kainoa Harbottle - $40.00

The Kainoa on Coins series brings you the best sleight-of-hand instruction from the Big Kahuna of Coins, Kainoa Harbottle. Inferential teaches three easy-to-perform copper/silver effects from the modern masters of coin magic: Kainoa, Curtis Kam, and Miguel Angel Gea. Inferential takes...

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The Famous Llaser Matrix Trick
The Famous Llaser Matrix
Trick by Manuel Llaser - $59.00

Manuel Llaser is a great Argentinean magician who is introducing to the magic market his famous matrix.  For the first time, after many years performing around the world and collecting standing ovations from all kinds of audiences he reveals one of his most appreciated secrets. You will get...

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Seol-Ha’s Time is Money DVD & props
Seol-Ha’s Time is Money
DVD & props by Seol-Ha Park - $45.00

It’s part of our mission at Vanishing Inc. Magic to bring you effects you will NOT see elsewhere, or are floating somewhere on the underground and haven’t yet burst onto the scene. Well, pay close attention to Seol-Ha Park. This young man has won practically every award a close-up magician can...

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Cool Cash DVD
Cool Cash
DVD by John Sheets - $30.00

John T. Sheets presents a collection of impromptu bill switches that are perfect for any magician. Included is everything you need, except the bills. On this DVD, John teaches: Cool Cash: Two bills, of different denominations, visibly change places between the magician's hand and the...

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SION Trick
Trick by John Bukowski - $34.99

If you're a coin magician, you're going to love SION - the gimmick that allows a US quarter to visually appear in your hand under impossible conditions! SION allows you to perform impossible vanishes, transpositions and appearances that look like trick photography. And the best part,...

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Invisible Coin Trick
Invisible Coin
Trick by SMagic Productions - $24.95

Invisible Coin is the unbelievable transition effect from the creative minds at SMagic Productions, and we're thrilled to be able to offer it to you. Invisible Coin is a simple plot that packs a big punch and leaves your audience in utter disbelief. The effect is as follows. You show...

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Johnny Wong's Genesis 4 Gimmicked coin
Johnny Wong's Genesis 4
Gimmicked coin by Johnny Wong - $124.95

Johnny Wong's Genesis 4 is the latest in coin magic of 2016 and also includes an enhanced version of Perfect Power 3. It has many flexible applications and is the most up-to-date, delicate version of 4 in 1 coin magic. You can use Johnny Wong's Genesis 4 to perform many...

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