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Monster Mentalism (4 DVD Set) DVD
Monster Mentalism (4 DVD Set)
DVD by Docc Hilford - $22.76 - normally $29.95 each

Contemporary mentalism can be as fun and exciting as a hot night at a drive-in movie. The giant screen portrays regular people, leading mundane lives...

Simply Psychic DVD
Simply Psychic
DVD by Ross Johnson - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

Simply Psychic is an introduction to mental magic on DVD, from the art's finest practitioner - Ross Johnson. Imagine reaching inside...

Mental XL DVD
Mental XL
DVD by Pascal de Clermont - $10.00 $7.60 (SAVE $2.40)

Pascal de Clermont is known worldwide as one of the top performing mentalists. This DVD is designed to get you introduced to some basic...

101108 Lecture Notes Book
101108 Lecture Notes
Book by Marc Spelmann - $25.00

Written exclusively for his 2 hour lecture in Las Vegas, Marc Spelmann has held nothing back in this limited edition booklet. With...

Mind Warp Book
Mind Warp
Book by Richard Mark - $45.00 $34.20 (SAVE $10.80)

If you are one of those who hasn't yet discovered the ingenious, almost diabolic, manner in which Richard Mark approaches his craft, then you are...

Mental Epic Compendium Book
Mental Epic Compendium
Book by Paul Romhany - $50.00

Mental Epic is one the most powerful effects in the mentalist's repertoire. Compiled and edited by Paul Romhany, Mental Epic Compendium, is...

Blindfold Tips DVD
Blindfold Tips
DVD by John Archer - $39.00

What can I say about John that you don't already know? John is one of the funniest entertainers I have ever seen! His comedy is funny and his...

Voyeur DVD
DVD by Unknown - $35.00 $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

In the fairest way, while your back is turned, the spectator selects a card. The card is returned to the deck and the deck is placed inside the card...

Autobend Silverware Trick
Autobend Silverware
Trick by Devin Knight and Al Mann - $29.00 $22.04 (SAVE $6.96)

Al Mann & Devin Knight were some of the early originators of self bending spoon techniques. This is the REAL work on self-bending spoons...

Six-Shooter Book
Book by Richard Osterlind - $40.00

Six-Shooter is book of SIX brand-new killer effects from Richard Osterlind. Each routine is guaranteed to hit your audience with a blast! Trust...

Add-A-Number-Pad Trick
Trick by Basil Horwitz - $75.00 $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

An amazing utility prop which enables the performer to force any number. Perfect for forcing a phone number or special date. This new...

Practical Mental Effects Book
Practical Mental Effects
Book by Theo Anneman - $12.00

It's the greatest book for the mentalist-magician to see print in over half a century. Between the covers of this book are to be found the finest of...

Predict Perfect Trick
Predict Perfect
Trick by Meir Yedid - $30.00

An outstanding prediction effect where you have 100% control over 198 possible outcomes. More than ten years in the making. This routine is a...

Tommy Pad DVD
Tommy Pad
DVD by Inner Mind Productions - $40.00

The Tommy Pad is without question one of the most innocent looking impression pads available for the close up and cabaret performer. By innocent...

Leading Reading Book
Leading Reading
Book by Luke Jermay - $13.00 $9.88 (SAVE $3.12)

The perfect companion to Emotional Intelligence. Further study on cold reading. Learn Luke's "Marked Personality" routine and 7 stock readings!...

Peek Performances Book
Peek Performances
Book by Richard Busch - $30.00 $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

The ultimate treatise on securing secret information: center tears, book tests, card peeks, billets and psychological forces; even an impromptu...

Ghost Writer DVD
Ghost Writer
DVD by Spider - $30.00

Ghost writer is a powerful tool that allows to you make the most incredible revelations. You can use any powder such as sugar, salt,...

Refraction DVD
DVD by David Penn - $50.00 $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

For the first time ever David Penn reveals his signature effect REFRACTION. Effect Whilst holding a borrowed wine glass in both hands...

Mental Miracles Bob Cassidy DVD
Mental Miracles Bob Cassidy
DVD by Bob Cassidy - $34.95

Bob Cassidy, one of America's foremost mentalists, has been a professional entertainer for more than 25 years. Author of The Art of Mentalism,...

120% Chestosteron Book
120% Chestosteron
Book by Chester Sass - $49.95

Germany's premier up-and-coming Mentalist Chester Sass has done it at last.  Critically acclaimed TV-Street Mentalist Chester Sass has put...

Mind Mysteries DVD
Mind Mysteries
DVD by Richard Osterlind - $22.76 - normally $29.95 each

Richard Osterlind has long been considered one of mentalism and magic's most creative minds. In this exciting new video series, he...

Psychic Pad Folio Trick
Psychic Pad Folio
Trick by Banachek - $159.99

This is the most diabolical product ever produced by Banachek. This is indeed one of the most powerful devices available to mentalists and...

Mystique Book
Book by Richard Osterlind - $50.00 $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

This exciting new book features 17 chapters full of new material, classics, and profound ideas including: You'll find six brand new,...

Blindfold Trick
Trick by Dave Powell - $30.00 $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

The Deluxe Metal Blindfold is the perfect addition to any magic or mental act. The blindfold appears to be perfectly normal when closely examined,...

Poor Boy Billet Knife Trick
Poor Boy Billet Knife
Trick by Street Jack - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

The Poor Boy Billet Knife isn't a fancy magic prop. It's a simple utility device invented by a magician, used by same, and placed on the market...

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