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3 Frye Coin Trick
3 Frye Coin
Trick by Charlie Frye - 99.00

Three coins, two legends, one iconic piece of magic. "3 Frye" is Charlie Frye's wonderful take on the legendary Chris Kenner's beloved 3...

Eraser Coin Trick
Eraser Coin
Trick by David Roth and Meir Yedid Magic - From $35.00

Considered by many to be one of the best routines ever invented by coin magic legend David Roth, “Eraser Coin” blends a delightfully deceptive...

Imagination Coin Trick
Imagination Coin
Trick by Eric Chien and Bacon Magic - 240.00

"Like one of James Bond's gadgets...'Imagination Coin' helps us achieve a dream effect in magic: to make money appear between two empty...

Migrate Trick
Trick by Michael Rubinstein - From $35.00

Dr. Michael Rubinstein has evolved the classic Coins Across plot into an unforgettable showpiece that every coin magician needs in their repertoire....

N5 Coin Set Trick
N5 Coin Set
Trick by N2G - 65.00

After selling thousands of N3 and N4 units, N2G is thrilled to present the newly-upgraded N5—one of the most highly-anticipated coin magic props in...

Echo Box Trick
Echo Box
Trick by Men Zi magic - 50.00

An audible illusion that will boggle your mind. With "Echo Box", you don't just see that a coin impossibly teleports into a coin box, you...

The Moon Trick
The Moon
Trick by TCC Presents and Kiyoshi Satoh - 45.00

Pure visual madness that blurs the boundary between reality and fantasy. "The Moon" is inspired by Paul Harris and Tayari Casel's amazing...

Curiouser & Curiouser Book
Curiouser & Curiouser
Book by Chris Congreave - 63.00

Chris Congreave's Curiouser and Curiouser was written for workers by a true worker. It's filled with more than 20 practical and commercial routines...

3D Kennedy Half Dollars Collection Trick
3D Kennedy Half Dollars Collection
Trick by Rocco Silano and RPR Magic Innovations - 160.00

The ultimate unique coin magic set. Five distinct Kennedy half dollars, each with matching dates: 1 regular Kennedy half dollar 1 protruding Kennedy...

Robot Coins Trick
Robot Coins
Trick by - 90.00

Mysteries Magic presents a classic of magic. Now with new handlings and new presentations!Coins will vanish from magician hands and will appear one...

Miser's Dream Granted Trick
Miser's Dream Granted
Trick by Mikame - 75.00

This special device allows you to perform the classic Miser's Dream routine without any classic palm needed! "Miser's Dream Granted" is an...

The Finger Trick
The Finger
Trick by Leo Smetsers - 54.95

Leo Smetsers takes an amazing classic effect to a new level with The Finger! Bursting with entertaining moments and a super fun kicker, "The...

L-Box Trick
Trick by Bacon Magic and Longlong - 30.00

Developed by Chinese underground legend Longlong, the L-Box amplifies the abilities of the standard Boston Coin Box in unbelievably unique ways. The...

Coins Akira's - Evolution For 25 Years DVD
Coins Akira's - Evolution For 25 Years
DVD by Akira Fujii and G's Factory - 29.95

Coins Akira's - Evolution For 25 Years is a remastered version of a DVD released by Akira Fujii in 2006 that was produced in celebrations of the 25th...

Leo's Coin Trick
Leo's Coin
Trick by Leo Smetsers and Holland Tricks - 41.50

One of the best kept secrets in Magic... Leo Smetsers is a prolific creator and performer. His entire life revolves around magic and he has released...

Peashooter Trick
Trick by Bacon Magic and Erlich Zhang - 55.00

Secretly deposit multiple coins into your hand at a moment's notice, even when wearing short sleeves, with Peashooter, a revolutionary coin magic...

Split Focus Trick
Split Focus
Trick by Gregory Wilson - 200.00

Visual coin magic at its finest. The ultimate everyday carry! Split Focus from Gregory Wilson is a remarkably fun and visual coin gimmick that allows...

Trevor Duffy's Coin Dropper Trick
Trevor Duffy's Coin Dropper
Trick by Trevor Duffy - 40.00

Secretly deliver 5 coins into your hand at any time with Trevor Duffy's Coin Dropper, a precision-made utility device that can enhance any of your...

Symphony Coins Trick
Symphony Coins
Trick by Rocco Silano and RPR Magic Innovations - From $100.00

This is a game-changing, new coin innovation that will allow you to enhance many of the classic plots in magic, including Coins Across, ThreeFly,...

Super Chameleon Power Coin (English Penny) Trick
Super Chameleon Power Coin (English Penny)
Trick by Johnny Wong - 99.95

Johnny Wong brings you another high-powered coin miracle with Super Chameleon Power Coin! With this superlative and easy-to-use gimmicked coin set,...

Jumbo Reel Trick
Jumbo Reel
Trick by The Essel Magic - 20.00

This heavy duty brass reel is perfect for many tricks. Attach the thread to the end of a piece of rope. Tie a knot, and the rope mystically unties...

Quick Change (Deck + Coin Transformation) Trick
Quick Change (Deck + Coin Transformation)
Trick by Ronjo Magic Inc. - 25.00

A super fun and fast, multi-phase visual magic trick that is sure to get your audience buzzing with excitement! After performing a few of your...

Karpinski's Coin Penetration Trick
Karpinski's Coin Penetration
Trick by Tony Karpinski - 155.00

Karpinski's Coin Penetration is an gorgeous ornate box that enables you to cause a coin to pass straight through a solid piece of glass.

Tenyo 2021 - Magic Tweezers Trick
Tenyo 2021 - Magic Tweezers
Trick by Tenyo Magic and Kenichi Komiya - 20.00

Released with full permission from Mario Lopez, Kenichi Komiya and Tenyo Magic have partnered to create Magic Tweezers—a super fun and visually...

Lucid Coin Trick
Lucid Coin
Trick by Marc Oberon - 49.95

One of the strongest and most visual utility devices ever made for producing and vanishing a large coin. "Easy to learn, super visual, a...

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