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Coin Vanishing Stand Trick
Coin Vanishing Stand
Trick by The Essel Magic - $14.95 $11.36 (SAVE $3.59)

Coins disappear from the top of this stand, yet the open front "proves" they didn't just fall underneath the stand. Great for a variety of routines....

Best Sellers Book
Best Sellers
Book by Tom Sellers - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Tom Sellers produced over a dozen books in his time, but you can get the best of all of them in Best Sellers. This prolific inventor came...

Miser Dream Glass Trick
Miser Dream Glass
Trick by The Essel Magic - $7.95 $6.04 (SAVE $1.91)

Now you can perform Miser's Dream with ease! Ready to go out of the box, this version of the classic effect will let you pull an unlimited number of...

Silver Shifter - Quarter Gimmicked coin
Silver Shifter - Quarter
Gimmicked coin by Arlen Studio - $45.00

The Quarter Shift is like no other coin available. With it, you actually bend the coin right in front of your spectator. The coin bends VISUALLY, and...

A New Look at the Okito Box Book
A New Look at the Okito Box
Book by Lewis Ganson - $5.00 $3.80 (SAVE $1.20)

Looking to take your coin work in a new direction? Check out Ganson's A New Look at the Okito Box!This text will provide a solid foundation for the...

Metamorphosis XL Trick
Metamorphosis XL
Trick by Wayne Dobson - $49.99

Get ready to perform the impossible literally under their noses! This is Metamorphosis XL by Wayne Dobson!With no complicated sleight of hand,...

The Bank Note in Lemon Trick Book
The Bank Note in Lemon Trick
Book by Unknown - $9.95 $7.56 (SAVE $2.39)

A vintage Supreme Magic publication, this booklet give you the details for an astounding and devious handling of the classic The Bank Note in...

Money Printing Machine Trick
Money Printing Machine
Trick by The Essel Magic - $24.95 $18.96 (SAVE $5.99)

Everyone's dream come true: printing your own money! You insert paper into one side of the apparatus, and out comes legal tender, ready to be...

Live Lecture DVD Set - April-June 2017 DVD
Live Lecture DVD Set - April-June 2017
DVD by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $39.95

These six lectures are so packed with incredible magic, it may be more than you can handle! Fresh from England is Chris Rawlins, who has quite...

Fingertip Fantasies Book
Fingertip Fantasies
Book by Bob Ostin - $24.95 $18.96 (SAVE $5.99)

If you've been looking for incredible close-up material and interesting plots, look no further than Bob Ostin's Fingertip Fantasies! This is real...

Varied Deceptions Book
Varied Deceptions
Book by Milbourne Christopher - $19.95 $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

Get ready for more magic than you can handle with this comprehensive text. Varied Deceptions is bursting at the seams with all kinds of magic, so...

Nested Coin Box (Brass) Trick
Nested Coin Box (Brass)
Trick by Unknown - $34.95 $26.56 (SAVE $8.39)

The classic effect is back in brass. A spectator's coin is signed and magically disappears. But the magician produces a brass box, and inside that...

Skin DVD
DVD by Benjamin Earl - $59.00

You probably know Ben Earl as one of the world's best card stars. You've probably seen his Past Midnight DVDs (and if you haven't, you should)...

Autho 4 Gimmicked coin
Autho 4
Gimmicked coin by Tango Magic - From $100.00

Mr. Tango bring you a brand-new coin set that makes it easy to perform effects like Coin Across, Coin Productions, Penetrations and many more. ...

Chinese Coin - Dollar Size Accessory
Chinese Coin - Dollar Size
Accessory by Tango Magic - From $10.00

Here are the beautiful coins you need to make your magic pop! Take a look at these top-quality, imitation Chinese coins, and imagine how your...

Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass) Gimmicked coin
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass)
Gimmicked coin by Jack Carpenter - $75.00

Copper/Silver/Brass is a classic magic effect for good reason: it's a highly entertaining and deceptive coin routine where three different coins...

Hole in One DVD & props
Hole in One
DVD & props by SansMinds Productionz - $29.99

Sometimes the best tricks are those that offer the perfect opening, and Hole in One does just that; it answers the question: How do you break a bill?...

Pick a Coin Trick
Pick a Coin
Trick by Danny Archer - From $50.00

Tired of coin effects that are all about sleight of hand? Want something simple that makes the effect all about the presentation instead? Then check...

RSVP Box Trick
Trick by Matthew Wright - $59.95

Looking for a modern way to make small objects appear, transform or vanish? Then Matthew Wright has got you covered. His invention,...

Separate Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - $24.95

Ready for a fresh visual effect for your bill and paper magic? Then welcome to Separate by Smagic.Imagine a marked bill placed vertically into a...

Withdrawal Trick
Trick by Jeff Prace - $24.95

Our friends Josh Janousky and Jeff Prace have produced what we feel is their best effect yet. Just watch the trailer to see money just pop out of a...

N4 Coin Set Trick
N4 Coin Set
Trick by Unknown - $49.95

Spectators love coin magic. Imagine turning a penny into a dollar, without any cover or movement! This is exactly what you'll be able to...

How to do Coin Magic DVD
How to do Coin Magic
DVD by SansMinds Productionz - $29.99

If playing cards are the poetry of magic, then coins must be the prose. As a form of free expression, and performed with objects that...

Got Change? DVD
Got Change?
DVD by Kevin Yu - $34.95

Audiences always love when magicians use their powers to make everyday tasks easier. Consider the simple act of getting change. Imagine...

Super CSB (Copper/Silver/Brass) Gimmicked coin
Super CSB (Copper/Silver/Brass)
Gimmicked coin by Johnny Wong - $120.00

Johny Wong makes BEAUTIFUL coin gaffs. And the Copper/Silver/Brass gimick is a classic of coin magic that has endless possibilities. Super CSB is the...

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Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass)
Copper/Silver/Brass is a classic magic...
No Sense
"No Sense" is a coin effect of the finest caliber. Not only is the magic...
Triad Coins
Imagine what it would look like if you could REALLY vanish coins into thin air. Then...
Exact Change
Just like the best tricks in magic, the effect is a simple one: a soon-to-be-stunned...
Candy Cash
This insanely visual trick was one of the most talked about effects at the 2020 Blackpool...
400 Lux (Download)
Causing your money to multiply is, perhaps, the most iconic...
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