Children's Magic - page 8

Miracle Linking Ropes Trick
Miracle Linking Ropes
Trick by Amazo Magic - 49.95

If you need a multi-phase eye-popping routine for your next show, look no further than Miracle Linking Ropes! The performer knots three pieces...

Blendo Plus Trick
Blendo Plus
Trick by The Essel Magic - 28.69

Blendo is a classic of magic, and this is a fine version: high quality, and well-made. In effect, three silks are shown: one green, one red and one...

Silk Cabby Trick
Silk Cabby
Trick by Tony Karpinski - 210.00

Imagine placing a silk in a beautiful box, and it comes out another color. Doors are opened, and nothing is inside! Karpinski's Silk Cabby is...

String of Silks Trick
String of Silks
Trick by The Essel Magic - 17.19

Generations have seen the endless string of silks being pulled from a pocket or other prop -- it is always a delight to audiences young and old....

Professional Rising Wand Trick
Professional Rising Wand
Trick by Big Guys Magic - 12.95

A 14", professional quality wand held in the performer's hand seemingly rises under it's own power, or jumps into the air. If offered to a...

Build A Better Library Program Free Sample Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Build A Better Library Program Free Sample
Magic download (ebook) by Tom Hughes - Free

Learn how to get booked and re-booked at libraries in your area! The secret? Customizing and marketing your show around the Summer 2017...

Silly Wand Trick
Silly Wand
Trick by David Kaye - 25.00

Silly Billy’s “Silly Wand” will get you laughs. Guaranteed! The 8" wand stretches up to 28" long, and bends into a variety of shapes. However, it’s...

Birthday Surprise Trick
Birthday Surprise
Trick by Ltd. ATTO Co. - 17.95

Ever buy one of those Pop-Up birthday cards? When you open it, a 3D paper object forms right before your very eyes. “Birthday Surprise” builds...

Christmas Devil's Handkerchief (Double Pocket) Trick
Christmas Devil's Handkerchief (Double Pocket)
Trick by Ickle Pickle Products Inc. - 20.00

A handkerchief is shown on both sides and the corners are gathered to form a bag. A silk or other object is dropped inside. When the corners are...

Tricks 'N' Treats Book
Tricks 'N' Treats
Book by John Bundy - 44.95

This book will help you make the most of the marketing phenomena that is not only Halloween, but the entire Halloween season. Over two...

Mel Mellers: The Travelling Trickster ebook Magic download (ebook)
Mel Mellers: The Travelling Trickster ebook
Magic download (ebook) by Magicseen Publishing and Mel Mellers - 30.00

Featuring routines, comedy lines and advice from the UK's top comedy performers, Mel Mellers book 'The Travelling Trickster' is a staple for not only...

Production Spring Ball Accessory
Production Spring Ball
Accessory by Mr. Magic - 6.84

Magicians use this ball for production purposes. You can produce this from a lantern ball, mirror box, triangular box, genii tube, etc. ...

Aqua Change Vase (Aluminium) Trick
Aqua Change Vase (Aluminium)
Trick by Mr. Magic - 28.69

Here is an excellent apparatus to change liquid into a solid object. The performer shows a metal vase. This is shown to be empty. A glass of...

Wrong Way Trick
Wrong Way
Trick by Vernet - 39.99

We've all seen and surely performed the classic Crazy Compass (the arrow on the sign trick), but for the kids magician here is a great new...

Refill for Confetti Wand Trick
Refill for Confetti Wand
Trick by Uday - 11.00

Contains 5 refill packets of each of the following colors of confetti: Purple, Pink, Orange, Green and Blue

Transforming Cube Trick
Transforming Cube
Trick by Joker Magic - 120.00

The Transforming Cube from Joker Magic is a wonderfully made giant die production device. One cube with endless possibilities. The giant...

A Trip to The Circus Trick
A Trip to The Circus
Trick by George Iglesias - 85.00

A Trip to The Circus is an effect inspired by David Copperfield and Frederic Culpit's classic Abbotts's Bathing Beauty effect. In this,...

Mutilated Parasol Trick
Mutilated Parasol
Trick by Amazo Magic - 450.00

The magician shows a large umbrella and wraps it inside a folded beach mat or a double sheet of newspaper. The magician then displays...

Rubber Chicken Accessory
Rubber Chicken
Accessory by Loftus - 12.00

Stretch your  laughs with the Original Rubber Chicken Realistic. 19" long by 3.5" wide

Comedy Salt Shaker Trick
Comedy Salt Shaker
Trick by Premium Magic - 19.95

This comedy salt shaker squeaks when shaken and is sure to add some laughs to your performance. Each shaker is hand painted and...

Snake Eyes Trick
Snake Eyes
Trick by Tom Burgoon - 12.00

Looking to add a little scream to your Halloween? Here’s a walk-around trick for older kids and teens from AmazeKids Magic Star Tom Burgoon -- the...

Kids Show Masterplan Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kids Show Masterplan
Book or download by Danny Orleans - Book $50.00 or download for $37.50

Danny Orleans' new book is destined to become the modern-day guide to performing magic for children. Combining his classroom experience as a...

Kids Show Masterplan - Schmooze Time Magic download (ebook)
Kids Show Masterplan - Schmooze Time
Magic download (ebook) by Danny Orleans - Free

Here's a free sneak peak at a few pages from Danny Orleans' book, Kids Show Masterplan. Read about his no-cost marketing technique that you can use...

Sneaker Juice Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Sneaker Juice
Magic download (video) by David Kaye - 12.00

Multiple Choice: What is Sneaker Juice? a) What you get when you pour water into a kid’s sneaker b) A disgusting drink that makes...

Alpha-Bits Letter Pack Trick
Alpha-Bits Letter Pack
Trick by Magic by Gosh - 10.50

Be the Punny magician at your next show. Alpha-Bits sponge letters add a fun (pun) addition to close up or stage routines. The letters are 2-inches...