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Quantum Coins and Cards Trick
Quantum Coins and Cards
Trick by Greg Gleason and RPR Magic Innovations - 250.00

"It looks like real magic."Lance Burton "One of the fastest matrix routines I have ever seen."Shin Lim Wow. This just might...

World's Beyond Book
World's Beyond
Book by Paul Curry - 60.00

We have GREAT news for all serious students of magic: Paul Curry's World's Beyond is finally, finally, finally back in print. For years this...

Leather Chop Cup Balls (Green Baseballs) Accessory
Leather Chop Cup Balls (Green Baseballs)
Accessory by Leo Smetsers - 33.00

Set of two chop cup baseballs that have been handmade with green leather and green stitching. One ball is normal. One ball has a magnet. These are a...

Micro Cups and Shells Trick
Micro Cups and Shells
Trick by Leo Smetsers - 168.00

Leo Smetsers has done it again with these exceptional Micro Cups and Shells! Finished and assembled by hand in their own custom protective casing,...

Bullet 3 Shell Game Trick
Bullet 3 Shell Game
Trick by Leo Smetsers - 105.00

The 3 shell game is one of the most iconic and recognizable effects and gambling scams in the world. Now, you can learn this legendary effect from...

Flash Pack Trick
Flash Pack
Trick by Gustavo Raley - 39.95

Like a camera trick brought to life! Flash Pack is an insanely visual transformation of a candy bar into a Rubik's Cube. This is the perfect gimmick...

Smoke Watch Pro Trick
Smoke Watch Pro
Trick by Joao Miranda - 350.00

João Miranda's innovative Smoke Watch is back and better than ever! When the Smoke Watch was first introduced in 2016, magicians around the world...

Inverse Trick
Trick by Gee Magic - 35.00

One of the cleanest and smoothest ways to peek information. This is the ultimate tool for the arsenal of any mentalist. . Inverse is remarkably easy...

Roller Coaster (Refills) Refill
Roller Coaster (Refills)
Refill by Hanson Chien Production Co. - 34.95

Refills for the revolutionary coin thru glass Roller Coaster routine. Refills available: Pattern Coke (Coca-Cola) Heineken Beer Budweiser Beer Each...

iDrop Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive iDrop
Trick by Tim Ellis - From $49.99

"Tim has taken a classic plot - the apparent destruction of a borrowed item - and made the moment of truth both harrowing and hysterical. It...

Wallet (by Nicholas Lawrence) Trick
Wallet (by Nicholas Lawrence)
Trick by Nicholas Lawrence and Abstract Effects - 40.00

This innovative and deceptive utility device from the wildly creative mind of Nicholas Lawrence is like the Swiss Army Knife of magic wallets....

Drop Out Trick
Drop Out
Trick by Sadik & Co. - 9.95

Like real magic, a brass ball impossibly passes through a solid object. Drop Out is the ultimate close-up magic trick. It's super easy to perform and...

Mini Production Pan (w/ Sponge Cake) Trick
Mini Production Pan (w/ Sponge Cake)
Trick by Sadik & Co. - 25.00

A classic magic prop now in a more portable mini version for close-up magic or parlor magic. An empty pan is shown. The magician then drops in some...

Close Up Square Circle Trick
Close Up Square Circle
Trick by Sadik & Co. - 29.95

A square circle production for close-up magicians or parlor magicians. After showing a box and tube to be completely empty, the magician makes a...

Psy-Key-Nesis Trick
Trick by Jimmy Strange Magic - 49.95

A new take on the key bend that you can bring with you wherever you go. Be ready to showcase the impossible at a moment's notice! Psy-Key-Nesis is a...

Hot Lite Ignition Sharpie Accessory
Hot Lite Ignition Sharpie
Accessory by Lee Jah Bond - 59.95

Infuse an unforgettable visual moment into any close-up magic effect with Hot Lite. From prediction reveals to signed card transformations, object...

No Choice Wallet Trick
No Choice Wallet
Trick by Mark Mason and Tony Miller - 60.00

"Best trick I saw at Blackpool by a mile!” Steve Parnell No Choice is a powerful multi-phase routine you can carry in your pocket. You’re...

Fusion Coins Trick
Fusion Coins
Trick by Michael Rubinstein and Meir Yedid Magic - From $25.00

A Penny fuses inside another coin to create an impossible object that can be examined by your audience in this amazing effect from the creative mind...

Fishing Card Trick
Fishing Card
Trick by AboutMagic and Young Ho Park - 59.95

A complete sell-out after FISM 2018, this original trick from Young Ho Park is one of the most creative ways to find a selected card ever! Fishing...

Hypercube Trick
Trick by Zamm Wong - 45.00

Elevate your Rubik's Cube magic into new dimensions with the incredible Hypercube! This specially made gimmick fits in your pocket and allows you to...

Scuttle Trick
Trick by Vinny Sagoo - 19.95

Scuttle is a great way to add a bit of shock and laughter to any magic show! You start by fanning out 4 playing cards and turning one over to show a...

Jeff Stone's 2020 Lecture Notes Book
Jeff Stone's 2020 Lecture Notes
Book by Jeff Stone - 25.00

A variety of different effects and "rapid fire" concepts designed to help you reinvigorate and modernize your old props and ideas. Effects...

Fresh Snack Trick
Fresh Snack
Trick by Julio Montoro - 35.00

4 visual changes in 1 incredible gimmick! This amazing magic trick from the creative mind of Julio Montoro allows you visually transform a yellow...

GKaps LIVE Presents: Luis Piedrahita DVD or download
GKaps LIVE Presents: Luis Piedrahita
DVD or download by Grupokaps Proucciones S.L. and Luis Piedrahita - $29.95

NOW AVAILABLE AS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD Grupokaps is proud to present an incredible live lecture from Luis Piedrahita, the star of "El...

Sweet Cash Trick
Sweet Cash
Trick by Marcos Cruz - 29.95

Organic and visual magic at it's finest! Surprise your audiences by transforming a candy packet into cash right in front of their eyes. You can...

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