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Short Change Plus Trick
Short Change Plus
Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $39.95

Short Change Plus is an ideal close-up magic routine in which you take the audience on a journey through a variety of magical moments using money....

Legacy System Trick
Legacy System
Trick by Joao Miranda - $1750.00

A new era in the world of magic and mentalism. "Legacy" by Joao Miranda is a state of the art system that allows you to predict numbers,...

Parson Switch Box Trick
Parson Switch Box
Trick by Ellusionist - $28.95

An organic and versatile switching device invisibly built into a normal-looking card box that can be taken with you anywhere. The "Parson...

ProKito Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive ProKito
Trick by Brian Watson - $75.00

The first batch of ProKito sold out within three hours of launch. A new batch is coming soon. An elegant, contemporary Okito Box built exclusively...

Swarm Trick
Trick by Abstract Effects - $40.00

From the team at Abstract Effects comes the color changing card that can be signed, produce objects, and allows you to end clean. One card. Endless...

Queen's Nose Trick
Queen's Nose
Trick by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd - From $19.95

The legend of the Queens Nose has been around ever since Queen Elizabeth II first sat on the Great British throne 70 years ago. Legend says that if...

P-lotto Trick
Trick by Michael Murray - $45.00

The wickedly clever Michael Murray is at it again with a close-up lottery prediction that packs small and plays huge. For mentalists and magicians...

Mystery Formula Trick
Mystery Formula
Trick by ZIHU and Phuc LD - $30.00

Four killer Rubik's Cube effects from Rubik's Cube Magic master Phuc LD. This underground sensation from Vietnam is excited to share some of his...

Darkwave and Lightwave ESP Set Trick
Darkwave and Lightwave ESP Set
Trick by Big Blind Media and Adam Cooper - $39.99

Divine a color, symbol, image AND word with just a simple glance using "The Darkwave and Lightwave ESP Set" from Adam Cooper and...

Blank Face Playing Cards Cards (Bicycle) Deck of cards
Blank Face Playing Cards Cards (Bicycle)
Deck of cards by US Playing Card Company - $7.50

Blank Face Bicycle Cards. These are premium quality Bicycle Playing Cards with a totally blank face. These blank playing cards are perfect for...

Awe-Sum Trick
Trick by Joel Harbers - $39.95

Not just your ordinary cube trick. "Awe-Sum" by Joel Harbers and Magic From Holland is a powerful tool that enables you to perform a...

Melt Card Trick
Melt Card
Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic - $34.99

A diabolical gimmick from the endlessly creative Mickael Chatelain that allows you to make a playing card impossibly penetrate through another card,...

Flame Take Trick
Flame Take
Trick by Lukas Hilken - $39.00

Grab a burst of flame out of mid-air and transform it into any object. It's all the fun of flash paper without the paper. "Flame Take"...

Bar Magic Trick
Bar Magic
Trick by Sorcier Magic - $140.00

We are pleased to present a transition effect, innovative, simple and with a sure impact on the public. A black tray is shown on which three...

Funnel Vision  Trick
Funnel Vision
Trick by Tenyo Magic and TRICKSUPPLY - $42.50

A rare chance to get your hands on a discontinued Tenyo Magic classic trick. With "Funnel Vision" by Tenyo, coins shrink, grow and...

Talisman Trick
Trick by Laurent Villiger - $35.00

Simple and powerful magic that takes place in your spectator's hands. "Talisman" is a creative gimmick that hides in plain sight. It's a...

Ball Vase & Silk Trick
Ball Vase & Silk
Trick by The Essel Magic - $39.95

The Ball Vase is a classic of magic. The magician displays a red wooden vase and inside is a ball. The ball magically vanishes and ends up in the...

Doughnut Trick
Trick by Bacon Magic and Erlich Zhang - $5.95

"Doughnut" by Erlich Zhang is a quick and easy rubber band magic trick that is super visual and entertaining. You start by displaying two...

Shifting Hole Paddle Trick
Shifting Hole Paddle
Trick by Dar Magia - $15.00

Only a great wizard can make it through solid to solid without breaking anything. At a very short distance from the audience you will make a rope...

Problema Trick
Trick by TRICKSUPPLY and Magische Schatztruhe - $24.95

New versions of a forgotten gem have been found. Long out of stock, you can now own an original version of "Problema" by Magische...

Cubio Trick
Trick by Tenyo Magic and TRICKSUPPLY - $19.95

Previously discontinued, this delightful Tenyo Magic trick and collectible is finally available again. "Cubio" is a true fooler that you'll...

Quiver / Quiver+ Trick
Quiver / Quiver+
Trick by Kelvin Chow - From $38.95

"Quiver" is the ultimate switching device for magicians and mentalists. Disguised as an ordinary-looking coin pouch, "Quiver" by...

Happy Bird Paddle Trick
Happy Bird Paddle
Trick by Dar Magia - $25.00

You find a nest in a tree and a little bird lays an egg, since the parents do not return, you decide to become the father of that pigeon, and you...

Magic Board Paddles Trick
Magic Board Paddles
Trick by Dar Magia - $15.00

With these paddles you will be able to do many things that will surprise your viewers, such as control drawings, make elements appear, such as coins,...

Magic Wine Paddle Trick
Magic Wine Paddle
Trick by Dar Magia - $20.00

Surprise your spectators with a beautiful act of close-up magic by achieving the impossible, turning two printed popsicles into a delicious drink of...

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