Virtual Magic Tricks for Zoom Magic Shows - page 7

Twisted Card Magic download (video)
Twisted Card
Magic download (video) by Alex Soza - $14.99

A spectator chooses a playing card which is shown on both sides. Then, with the back facing the audience, you wave your hand over the card. Slowly...

Inscribed Trick
Trick by Tjiu Agus Haryanto - $500.00

A revolutionary Master Prediction System! Produce an EXACT prediction of ANYTHING (numbers, words, doodles, etc.) from a envelope sealed inside a...

Candy Pop Trick
Candy Pop
Trick by Tumi Magic and Jhony Zam - $35.00

Tumi Magic, the insanely creative mind behind Twister Flavor and Delicious Change, proudly presents the breathtakingly visual Candy Pop! Before you...

Acro Index Dry Erase Trick
Acro Index Dry Erase
Trick by Blake Vogt - $49.95

Blake Vogt's innovative Acro Index is now available in an amazing re-usable dry erase version! This seemingly innocent index card allows you to...

Comet Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Akio - $15.00

Comet is a once-in-a-lifetime coin magic trick created by Akio, the 2019 winner of the Japan Cup. One coin truly appears and disappears in thin air....

Pandora's Box Trick
Pandora's Box
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $65.00

Pandora's Box is a super simple, yet remarkably powerful, utility switching device with unlimited magic possibilities for every magician. You can use...

DICEption Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Haim Goldenberg - $36.00

The perfect solution for forcing a number in your virtual magic shows on Zoom is finally here! Using a super organic prop that everyone recognizes,...

Reincarnation Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Mario Tarasini - $14.99

A stunningly visual card to bill change that offers true "eye candy" for any social media magic video or TV show appearance. Download now...

Virtual Impuzzibilities Book
Virtual Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $24.00

Since the era of Zoom magic shows began, many magicians around the world have been using Jim Steinmeyer's beloved Impuzzibilities books to find...

Minime Trick
Trick by Steve Marchello - $29.95

Minime is an incredibly fun and visual animated card effect that every close-up and street magician is going to want to add to their set...

Karl Hein: Connected Magic download (video)
Karl Hein: Connected
Magic download (video) by Karl Hein - $30.00

This is THE DEFINITIVE guide to assembling a virtual magic show. What Karl Hein covers in this 30 minute full show and tutorial (almost three hours...

The Vault - The Evolution Project 2 (Social Distancing) Magic download (video)
The Vault - The Evolution Project 2 (Social Distancing)
Magic download (video) by Alejandro Navas - $20.00

Alejandro Navas returns with another incredible download filled with interactive and amazing card magic designed for Zoom magic show or socially...

Juice Pop Trick
Juice Pop
Trick by Scott Alexander - $250.00

A wonderfully innovative new take on the classic Spike Through Balloon from the creative mind of Scott Alexander. This super clever method is sure to...

WOW 3 Face-Down Trick
WOW 3 Face-Down
Trick by Ltd. ATTO Co. - $39.95

The world's most visual card change is now even better! WOW 3 Face-Down is the perfect magic trick for TikTok, Instagram or Zoom Magic Shows. With...

Jumbo Coin Routine (Tony Clark) Magic download (video)
Jumbo Coin Routine (Tony Clark)
Magic download (video) by Tony Clark - $14.40

Jumbo coin magic is just PRETTY. This makes an excellent addition to a MIser’s Dream routine, or it can be used as a stand-alone piece. Tony teaches...

Robert Ramirez: Connected Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Robert Ramirez: Connected
Magic download (video) by Robert Ramirez - $30.00

Our "Connected" series continues to be a massive hit, so we're VERY pleased to present our third edition, this one starring actor and...

Burmese Vanish 2.0 Magic download (video)
Burmese Vanish 2.0
Magic download (video) by Mario Tarasini and Zaw Shinn - $14.99

This is quite possibly the cleanest and most visual card magic effect you can do. Even under the scrutiny of your camera, Burmese Vanish 2.0 looks...

Accomplice Trick
Trick by David Regal and Danny Weiser - $35.00

"It's not fair. A gimmick like this shouldn't be allowed to happen. It's too good. Too easy. Too clean!" Jonathan Levit. David Regal is...

The Vault - ClipStick Switch Magic download (video)
The Vault - ClipStick Switch
Magic download (video) by Alexander May - $19.00

Predict anything with ClipStick Switch, the ultimate switch for Zoom Magic Shows! "Simple, easy to do and effective!" Lior...

Ball Magic Magic download (video)
Ball Magic
Magic download (video) by Jordan Gomez - $29.95

Jordan Gomez finally reveals his acclaimed ball act. This incredible download is packed with EVERYTHING you need to know! Just watch the demo video...

In the Visible Deck Trick
In the Visible Deck
Trick by Victory Hwan - $30.00

Like the Invisible Deck on steroids! In The Visible Deck allows you to perform the most fluid Invisible Deck routine you've ever seen. You can not...

The Vault - A Card Merely Thought Of (ACMTO) Magic download (video)
The Vault - A Card Merely Thought Of (ACMTO)
Magic download (video) by Molim El Barch - $20.00

"If you want to perform direct mind reading - you'll love this!" The Other Brothers "I will use this for the rest of my life on a...

Tic Tac Toe X (stage) Trick
Tic Tac Toe X (stage)
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - $499.95

Due to overwhelming customer demand following the launch of Tic Tac Toe Pro, Lee Jah Bond is thrilled to introduce the professional-quality Tic Tac...

Verbal Magic Book
Verbal Magic
Book by Juan Tamariz - $50.00

Our entire team just spent the last week fooling ourselves... Well, actually, the master himself Juan Tamariz has been fooling us through the pages...

Book by Christopher Rawlins - $35.00

Discover how to cleanly and fairly duplicate an image, or reveal any thought-of name, destination or drawing, under test conditions with XIDD—an...