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PokéMonte Trick
Trick by Michael O'Brien and Deuce Gala - 24.95

PokéMonte is the unmistakable, pop culture catchy, smile inducing magic trick that's sure to make you stand out! Within seconds, this charming,...

The Vault - Elasticube Magic download (video)
The Vault - Elasticube
Magic download (video) by Patricio Antonio Teran Mora - 8.00

Prepare to witness the most innovative and captivating cube routine you've ever seen. Brace yourself for a mind-bending experience that defies logic...

CubeBuster Trick
Trick by Henry Harrius - 169.95

Henry Harrius’ top-secret tool is now available worldwide! “Henry Harrius is a creative genius and has taken the art of cube magic into the future....

WOW Pass Case Trick
WOW Pass Case
Trick by Katsuya Masuda, Ltd. ATTO Co. and Tejinaya - 79.95

The beloved "WOW" gimmick by Katsuya Masuda now offers a fresh new approach for close up magic and mentalism performers. With the...

Bowtox Trick
Trick by Luke Oseland - 24.95

A piece of ribbon slowly and magically morphs into a carefully tied bow in this visual masterpiece from the creative mind of Luke Oseland. When Luke...

Organic Spirit Slates Trick
Organic Spirit Slates
Trick by Julio Montoro and Juan Capilla - 39.95

The smash-hit Blackpool sellout is now available worldwide. You'll want to carry "Organic Spirit Slates" with you everywhere. This is...

Creative Weekly - Volume 3 Trick
Creative Weekly - Volume 3
Trick by Julio Montoro - 19.95

Volume three of Julio Montoro's super-creative monthly project. Only 400 of this limited release set were created. What is "Creative...

Refilled by Henry Harrius Trick
Refilled by Henry Harrius
Trick by Henry Harrius - 75.00

Henry Harrius is finally sharing one of his oldest, best kept secrets. “Refilled” is a signature routine in his working commercial set and we’re...

Fox's Handcuffs Trick
Fox's Handcuffs
Trick by Wayne Fox - 29.95

A CGI-level enhancement to an all-time classic. The "Crazy Man's Handcuffs" is undeniably one of the most popular close-up magic tricks...

Visual-Struck Trick
Trick by Axel Vergnaud - 34.95

A powerful tool for easily creating amazing visual magic. "Visual-Struck" by Axel Vergnaud is a cleverly-designed notepad that allows you...

Jumping Invisible Corner Magic download (video)
Jumping Invisible Corner
Magic download (video) by Dingding - 7.95

A ripped corner travels around a playing card with this bizarre, one-of-a-kind visual unlike anything we've ever seen. You rip a corner off a...

The Jedi Book Test Trick
The Jedi Book Test
Trick by Josh Zandman - 99.95

A Book Test, Pegasus Page, Tossed Out Book routine and multiple bonuses all in one incredible book. The "Jedi Book Test" by Josh Zandman is...

The Long and Short of It Trick
The Long and Short of It
Trick by David Regal - 39.95

Now available in multiple languages! An amazing and entertaining complete performance piece that isn’t your ordinary card trick, coin trick, or...

Harri's Little Helper Trick
Harri's Little Helper
Trick by Lord Harri and Pocket Miracles - 29.95

A fresh and modern twist on the classic "Little Hand" effect that will instantly hook and entertain any audience. "Harri's...

Eliminator Trick
Trick by Astor - 49.95

"Eliminator" is a unique blend of mentalism and card magic that gives your participant the opportunity to win big and offers a surprising...

Wonder Wallet Trick
Wonder Wallet
Trick by Astor - 49.95

Make money appear out of thin air. The "Wonder Wallet" by Astor Magic allows you to make real money visually appear in the blink of an...

Super Sucker Trick
Super Sucker
Trick by Rizki Nanda - 29.95

An exciting and visual icebreaker for close-up magic performers. You instantly transform a coin into a real lollipop that can be handed out. “Super...

The Chinese Flagon Trick
The Chinese Flagon
Trick by Bacon Magic - From $45.00

Make wine appear out of thin air inside an empty jug. Bacon Magic pays tribute to the longstanding connection between Chinese Magic and wine with...

Pr3miere Trick
Trick by David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis - 44.95

A stunning, multi-phased, blockbuster routine inspired by a love for cinema and featuring an ingenious method. "Pr3miere" is an...

The Token of Life Trick
The Token of Life
Trick by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Wong Alan - 55.00

The performer introduces a folded paper package, saying that its contents represent the three levels of consciousness. Each folded layer is opened,...

Pi Max Book Test Trick
Pi Max Book Test
Trick by Vincent Hedan - 55.00

An upgraded, improved version of an impossible memory effect. "Pi Max Book Test" is Vincent Hedan's follow-up on the super popular "Pi...

Office Trick
Trick by Leo Smetsers - 99.95

A classic stand-up effect scaled down and modernized for the close-up magic performer. The "Pom Pom Stick" has been a favorite among stage...

The Immortal Sowing Beans Trick
The Immortal Sowing Beans
Trick by Bacon Magic - 199.95

The magic of clay balls spread from the Song Dynasty to the present, after thousands of years of polishing by many craftsmen, it has become today's...

What Tha II Trick
What Tha II
Trick by Rodger Lovins - 19.95

As seen on The Carbonaro Effect, "What Tha II" is a fun and unique piece of close-up magic. You reach out into thin air with your bare...

Equalizer Trick
Trick by Joao Miranda - $199.95 $170.00 (SAVE $29.95)

Alter their sense of hearing and make them question their own reality. João Miranda and his team, creators of some of the most innovative magic...

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