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Malini Egg Bag Pro DVD
Malini Egg Bag Pro
DVD by Iñaki Zaballeta - $25.00

Finally! Bazar de Magia makes the absolute best supplies for classic routines, and now they are providing us with quality Malini Egg Bags. There are...

Tango Ultimate Reel Trick
Tango Ultimate Reel
Trick by Tango Magic - $125.00

Throughout the years top quality reels have been expensive and difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. Marcelo Insua a.k.a Mr. Tango has worked...

Palming Coin - Morgan Dollar (Replica) Gimmicked coin
Palming Coin - Morgan Dollar (Replica)
Gimmicked coin by Katto Koga - $25.00

If you perform coin magic, you will be thrilled with these Palming Morgan Dollar coins. Compared to a real Dollar coin, the Palming Morgan Dollar...

Steel Replica Silver Morgan Dollar (Single Coin) Accessory
Steel Replica Silver Morgan Dollar (Single Coin)
Accessory by Katto Koga - $6.00

Includes one steel Morgan Dollar replica. Note: Instructions are not included. Ungimmicked coin for coin magic routines.

Light in Wine Glass Trick
Light in Wine Glass
Trick by Amazo Magic - $34.95

If you do any light manipulation, such as D-Light, this is a great accessory.  A light is captured in the magician's hand through the...

Wonder Block 2.0 Trick
Wonder Block 2.0
Trick by Katto Koga - $39.95

Consider this a hybrid of magic trick and puzzle. It's a beautiful Japanese box that is a puzzle, but also does something wonderfully impossible....

The Swami Pad - The Ultimate Mind Reading Device Trick
The Swami Pad - The Ultimate Mind Reading Device
Trick by Sorcery Shop - $23.00

This is a way of secretly writing information on a pad. You can ask someone to think of a number, and show that you predicted it. You can ask someone...

Collapsible Top Hat Trick
Collapsible Top Hat
Trick by The Essel Magic - $39.95 $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

The top hat is the iconic symbol of the magician, and this one is of decent quality at an outstanding price. Many of you will use this more as a prop...

Storm Trick
Trick by Tek Magic - $19.95

Yu Hojin is a FISM winner and this is his first release! His act is a gorgeous, poetic act filled with visual magic. And in that act, there is a...

Big Shot Trick
Big Shot
Trick by Alexander Illusions LLC - $85.00

Producing liquid in a live show is, in a way, the holy grail of parlor magic. EVERYONE tries to produce a glass to toast the audience with, but most...

Ultimate Egg Bag Trick
Ultimate Egg Bag
Trick by The Essel Magic - $9.95 $7.56 (SAVE $2.39)

The Egg Bag is a classic effect that everyone should study, even if you don't end up using the trick for a long period of time. The lessons of...

Card Castle Junior Trick
Card Castle Junior
Trick by The Essel Magic - $9.95 $7.56 (SAVE $2.39)

This is a classic card castle production perfect for photo shoots or a production at the end of a routine.Easy to perform! The magician drops cards...

Nomen Omen Trick
Nomen Omen
Trick by Camirand Academy of Magic - $15.00

The Camirand Academy considers this brainchild of Montreal's hot new magic star to be very, very, very clever. It's an easy, professional, inspired...

The Gypsy Thread (Gary Ouellet) DVD
The Gypsy Thread (Gary Ouellet)
DVD by Gary Ouellet - $30.00

Learn the real work behind one of the most popular tricks of all time - and one of the few close-up effects that is often used by grand illusionists...

Enclavor and Liberator DVD
Enclavor and Liberator
DVD by Duraty - $35.00

Two fully-examinable, 24-inch cords pass through each other like smoke, linking and unlinking in increasingly impossible ways, without the benefit...

Hot Dog! Trick
Hot Dog!
Trick by Nick Trost and Patrick Reymond - $15.00

Patrick Reymond took Nick Trost's delightful packet trick and added a wonderful new climax that makes it perfect for restaurants! 3 cards are shown,...

Hyper Transpo Trick
Hyper Transpo
Trick by Stephane Lemelin - $25.00

The Bad-Voodoo, Cool Dude, Sweet-As-Honey Card Miracle! A card is freely chosen from a red-backed deck, then changes places instantly...

Money Shuffle Trick
Money Shuffle
Trick by Hank Moorehouse - $25.00

Since its inception in the early 1970's, Martin Lewis' delightful "Sidewalk Shuffle" has been added to the regular performing repertoires of many of...

Reveal Clipboard Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Reveal Clipboard
Accessory by Vanishing Inc. Magic - $10.00

Extra clipboard for REVEAL by Christopher Rawlins. This does not contain any gimmicks or packaging; just a matching clipboard.

ImPRESSion iPhone Trick
ImPRESSion iPhone
Trick by Viking Mfg - $55.00

A most recent and spectacular method where the performer can cause a blister to appear on any finger or fingers revealing a selected card, pip, or...

Magic Milk Trick
Magic Milk
Trick by Big Guys Magic - $6.99

Magic Milk is the perfect milk substitute for use in all of your milk effects. It mixes easily on location, requires no refrigeration and is...

World Tour Set Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive World Tour Set
Accessory by Joshua Jay - $100.00

The World Tour Deck Set is a presentation "trunk" of five bespoke packs of playing cards, each highlighting a different country and culture from the...

Everlast Trick
Trick by Rafael D’Angelo - $24.95

Mentalism writers such as boon, swami and other types have always been plagued with the problem of refilling the gimmicks. Everlast is the...

Himber Ring - Symbols Wedding Band Trick
Himber Ring - Symbols Wedding Band
Trick by You Want It We Got It - $40.00

While not suitable for every taste, this is a different approach to the style of a Himber Ring.The classic Himber Ring gaff born again with the...

Final Load Ball Leather (Baseball) Accessory
Final Load Ball Leather (Baseball)
Accessory by Leo Smetsters - $18.50 $14.06 (SAVE $4.44)

Unique leather final load ball. Consists of one 5.7cm baseball and bag. White leather with red stitching.

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