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Super Showdown Trick
Super Showdown
Trick by L&L Publishing - $15.00

"Super Showdown" is a strong, entertaining and interactive routine based on Nick Trost's "Showdown"—a self-working version of the...

Identity Deck Trick
Identity Deck
Trick by Phill Smith - $28.00

Introducing the incredible Identity Deck from Phill Smith. Each playing card in the deck has on its face a different personality archetype, a...

OTW Trick
Trick by Mark Elsdon and - $29.95

Mark Elsdon introduces a unique take on "Out of this World" that takes the classic effect to new heights. A casino deck of cards is passed...

Lucky Strike Trick
Lucky Strike
Trick by Wayne Dobson - $29.99

An amazing card-to-impossible location thats perfect for walk-around performers! A card secured by a paperclip is shown and left on the table. The...

The Birthday Deck Trick
The Birthday Deck
Trick by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media - $25.00

A self-working miracle that allows you to predict a spectator's birthday! "The Birthday Deck" is a special gimmicked deck of Bicycle...

Trick by Kaymar Magic Company UK - $20.00

WWCD is the brand new, self-working piece of mental magic from Liam Montier. A packet of gorgeous cards are shown, with 'WINNER' on the back, and a...

Zodiac Revelation Trick
Zodiac Revelation
Trick by Liam Montier and Kaymar Magic Company UK - $25.00

The first Zodiac Prediction was a gaffed deck trick that Liam released several years ago - it was a great seller, and the clever idea of updating...

Doozie Deck Trick
Doozie Deck
Trick by Steve Lancaster and Clint Smith - $35.00

This classic card trick is a real doozy! (get it?) A deck of cards is shown to be fairly mixed before a card is selected. The card is then lost in...

Lucky by John Bannon Book
Lucky by John Bannon
Book by John Bannon - $25.00

Legendary magician John Bannon, known for his remarkably creative and deceptive card magic, compiles a wide variety of some of his favorite card...

Reverse Card Trick
Reverse Card
Trick by JL Magic - $25.00

Reverse Card is a fun visual effect where you can magically transform a mini deck of cards into a regular sized deck of cards instantly! Super easy...

Perfect Cut Gimmick Deck Trick
Perfect Cut Gimmick Deck
Trick by JL Magic - $30.00

Perfect cut Gimmick Deck is an incredible visual effect that spectator's will love.EFFECT:The magician takes 2 decks. One red deck, one blue...

Venture Trick
Trick by Danny Weiser and Vortex Magic - $39.95

Quite possibly one of the easiest card to impossible locations ever made! Building on the success of his smash-hit effect "Manifest",...

Super Magnetic Himber Wallet Trick
Super Magnetic Himber Wallet
Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong - $75.00

The iconic Himber Wallet has stood the test of time for good reason. It's truly one of the most versatile magic props you can own. Now, thanks to...

Universal Switch Device (USD) Deck of cards
Universal Switch Device (USD)
Deck of cards by Alan Wong - $24.95

New Universal Switch Device 3.0 (USD3) Now Available! This beloved minimalist Himber Wallet is now available in a stunning brown leather version. It...

Four Stack Trick
Four Stack
Trick by ZIHU - $29.95

A beloved classic reaches new heights with this innovative gimmick! "Four Stack" allows you to add an extra punch to the ending of your...

Skymember Presents Isolated (Red) Trick
Skymember Presents Isolated (Red)
Trick by Skymember Presents - $39.95

Inspired by "The Berglas Effect", better known as the "Holy Grail of Card Magic", "Isolated" is an extremely powerful...

The Houdini Deck Trick
The Houdini Deck
Trick by Vincenzo Di Fatta (V) - $21.50

A deck of cards is introduced and a member of the audience is invited to look at once. The deck is then secured with a padlock and offered to a...

Up Trick
Trick by Steve Marchello and Bandung Magic Production - $29.95

Give your spectator the power to levitate a signed card! "Up" is one of the craziest playing card levitations we've ever seen. Everyone...

Another World Trick
Another World
Trick by Magic Apple and Rob Zabrecky - $24.95

The first major commercial release from the incomporable Rob Zabrecky is finally here! "A wonderful piece of theatrical magic." Derek...

X-Ray Vision Trick
X-Ray Vision
Trick by Magic Apple and Jeff Ezell - $15.00

This classic effect is now better than ever! The Magic Apple is thrilled to breathe new life into the beloved "X-Ray Eye" effect from Jeff...

Sleightly Out Of Order Book
Sleightly Out Of Order
Book by Patrick Redford - $70.00

Following the massive success of "Temporarily Out of Order", Patrick Redford is thrilled to introduce the second book in the "Out of...

Summit Trick
Trick by Patrick Kun, The Other Brothers and Abstract Effects - $55.00

A remarkably creative and powerful thought-of card to sharpie routine unlike anything we've ever seen! "It's the trick of the year for...

Misprint 2.0 Trick
Misprint 2.0
Trick by Luke Dancy - $29.95

Turn mistakes into miracles! "Luke has created an instant classic with this effect, you'll love everything about it." Nicholas...

Boxing Match 2.0 Trick
Boxing Match 2.0
Trick by Ltd. ATTO Co. - $35.00

A visually stunning full-deck AND tuck box transformation that must be seen to be believed! This upgraded version of the "Boxing Match"...

By Forces Unseen Book
By Forces Unseen
Book by Stephen Minch - $49.95

Rarely does card magic come along as strikingly original as that found in this book. When it first appeared in 1993, Ernest Earick's name was...

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