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Talisman Trick
Trick by Laurent Villiger - 35.00

Simple and powerful magic that takes place in your spectator's hands. "Talisman" is a creative gimmick that hides in plain sight. It's a...

Wormhole Trick
Trick by Avi Yap and Mario Tarasini - 29.95

In June 2020, Avi Yap shared an Instagram video of his take on Mario Tarasini's vanishing card. It quickly left a strong impression on thousands of...

Forecast Trick
Trick by Craig Petty and The 1914 - 30.00

Harness the same power that only a small fraction of magicians and mentalists possess. "Forecast" by Craig Petty and The 1914 is an...

Double Vanishing Decks Trick
Double Vanishing Decks
Trick by Quique Marduk and Juan Pablo - 85.00

"Double Vanishing Decks" by Juan Pablo and Quique Marduk allows you to perform two incredible vanishes of decks of playing cards. It's a...

Hover Card Plus Trick
Hover Card Plus
Trick by Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence - 39.95

One of the most visual and fooling card levitations ever created. Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence turned the volume up to 11 on the classic “Hover...

Holy Sh%t Trick
Holy Sh%t
Trick by Paul Gordon - 25.00

Paul Gordon has updated his beloved classic "Holy Cow" to end clean and the result is a super fooing, killer routine that was appropriately...

Jon Armstrong Card Magic Download Bundle Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Jon Armstrong Card Magic Download Bundle
Magic download (video) by Jon Armstrong - 49.95

Three practical and commercial routines from one the most popular performers at the Magic Castle and on Disney Cruise Lines. We get it, most of you...

Out of This Blah Blah Blah Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Out of This Blah Blah Blah
Magic download (video) by Jon Armstrong - 14.95

Your new favorite take on Paul Curry's most famous card trick "Out of this World" has finally arrived. It's a ton of powerful card magic...

Orbs of Power Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Orbs of Power
Magic download (video) by Jon Armstrong - 14.95

Fun, practical and powerful. Jon Armstrong's "Orbs of Power" is an excellent take on the classic Follow the Leader plot that is nearly...

Three Blank Monte Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Three Blank Monte
Magic download (video) by Jon Armstrong - $14.95 $11.96 (SAVE $2.99)

A true gem directly from Jon Armstrong's working close-up magic set. "Three Blank Monte" offers an intriguing and entertaining new approach...

Cannibal King Trick
Cannibal King
Trick by Alan Rorrison - 40.00

A powerful and memorable new take on "The Cannibal Cards" by Roy Walton. "The Cannibal Cards" is one of the most famous plots in...

Cyclops Trick
Trick by Eric Stevens - 38.99

A classic idea receives a 21st century makeover for the modern magician and mentalist. Any book. Any page. Any line. This special...

Trick Tac Trick
Trick Tac
Trick by Ezequiel Ferra - 35.00

Visual transformations or secret changes. The power is in your hands with "Trick Tac". "Trick Tac" is a creative close up magic...

JPV Servant Trick
JPV Servant
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino - 99.95

A specially-designed playing card feeder and coin loader. "JPV Servant" is a devastating tool for any tabled close up magic or parlor magic...

Transpo Cards Trick
Transpo Cards
Trick by Vincenzo Di Fatta (V) - 9.95

A fantastic effect, now supplied with special original Bicycle poker size cards! The magician shows a small wallet that has two cards clearly visible...

Ultra Lucky Coin Trick
Ultra Lucky Coin
Trick by Erik Tait - 39.95

One of the most powerful close up magic tricks you can carry in your pocket. You’ll never want to leave home without “Ultra Lucky Coin” from Erik...

TNT Trick
Trick by Roddy McGhie - 39.95

A powerful moment of magic that leaves them with an impossible souvenir. This is “TNT” from the wildly creative mind of Roddy McGhie. The “TNT”...

Universal Sudden Deck Trick
Universal Sudden Deck
Trick by David Regal - 29.95

The best just got better. You can now visually produce ANY deck of cards with “Universal Sudden Deck” by David Regal. “Universal Sudden Deck” is...

Badge Holder Trick
Badge Holder
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 49.95

Multiple powerful moments jam-packed into one incredible routine that they'll never forget. A playing card is selected and remembered before being...

Startling Twist Trick
Startling Twist
Trick by Paul Gordon - 20.00

Paul Gordon's Startling Twist is a true fooler; especially to fellow magicians who think you're going to do BackFlip. Startling Twist is very...

Endless Trick
Trick by Inaki Zabaletta - 40.00

A wildly unique and excitingly visual card magic opener AND closer packed into one amazing effect. Want to make a splash? Command attention before...

Lightbox Trick
Trick by Sebastien Calbry and Dylan Sausset - 44.95

An impossible reveal appears in a beam of light. “Lightbox” is a wonderfully unique concept from Sebastien Calbry and Dylan Sausset that allows you...

Moses Card Trick
Moses Card
Trick by Wong Chun Yip and Magic's Express - 35.00

A special gimmick for visual card magic miracles. Elevate your favorite card tricks. "Moses Card" allows you to change cards from red to...

Thin Air (Ignacio López) Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Thin Air (Ignacio López)
Trick by Ignacio López - 24.95

After completely selling out at Magifest and Blackpool, “Thin Air” from Ignacio Lopez is finally available worldwide. “Thin Air” is one of the most...

Lynx Wallet 2.0 Trick
Lynx Wallet 2.0
Trick by Gee Magic and Gonçalo Gil - 99.95

After the huge success of the "Lynx Wallet', Gee Magic is proud to finally bring you the "Lynx Wallet 2.0". Based on the effect...

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