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The Quick and the Dead Book
The Quick and the Dead
Book by Mark Strivings - 125.00

As close to a complete encyclopedia of "living and dead tests" as you'll ever find. The Quick and the Dead by Mark Strivings features...

Product Development Masterclass Trick
Product Development Masterclass
Trick by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Creations - 95.00

Adam Wilber presents more than 4.5 hours detailed instruction, exercises and case studies designed specifically to help you develop your own...

Masters of Magic Bookmarks Accessory
Masters of Magic Bookmarks
Accessory by David Fox - From $11.95

High-quality magnetic bookmarks honoring some of the most famous magicians in the world. "Masters of Magic Bookmarks" by David Fox come in...

Magic Square 2.0 Book
Magic Square 2.0
Book by Daniel Arnold - 24.95

An innovative new presentation angle for the classic Magic Square plot. "Magic Square 2.0" by Daniel Arnold is a special booklet examining...

52 Explorations Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive 52 Explorations
Book or download by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker - Book $60.00 or download for $45.00

A secret we’ve kept for years is finally revealed. Longtime members of the Vanishing Inc. Family likely know that Jack Parker was one of our...

Jean Hugard's Mental Magic Book
Jean Hugard's Mental Magic
Book by Jean Hugard - 9.99

Discover the secret to reading minds with playing cards. Written by Jean Hugard, the legendary magician behind the Royal Road to Card Magic, Jean...

The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero Book
The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero
Book by William Kalush and Larry Sloman - 21.99

Magician. Handcuff King. Escape Artist. International Superstar. Harry Houdini was truly a legend in every aspect of the word. A real-life superhero...

Parimental Book
Book by Jheff - 59.95

Parimental explores the idea of controlling participants' thoughts and predicting their actions using the underrated and underutilized Parity...

Scam School Academy Book
Scam School Academy
Book by Brian Brushwood - 14.99

Every graduate of Scam School Academy immediately becomes the most interesting person in the room. So, it's time to enroll today and discover how to...

Scam School Book
Scam School
Book by Brian Brushwood - 12.99

Discover how to learn magic and be the life of the party. Brought to you by Brian Brushwood's wildly popular YouTube Channel Scam Nation, the Scam...

The MC's Guidebook Book
The MC's Guidebook
Book by Scott Alexander - 99.95

Building on decades of experience, Scott Alexander offers an in-depth look at the tools and tricks of the trade you need to be an effective and...

Jeff Stone's 2022 Lecture Notes Book
Jeff Stone's 2022 Lecture Notes
Book by Jeff Stone - 35.00

Jeff Stone's 2022 Lecture Notes feature nearly 25 brand-new routines and ideas accompanied by live footage and access to a secret website with bonus...

Find the Ace Book
Find the Ace
Book by Leo Behnke and TRICKSUPPLY - 4.99

Everything you've ever wanted to know about performing the famous Three Card Monte. Most card magicians know what it is, but few perform it well....

The Confidence Men Book
The Confidence Men
Book by Margalit Fox - 19.95

Our very own Joshua Jay could not put this book down once he started reading it. The Confidence Men is the captivating true story of how two World...

Performing Deception: Learning, Skill and the Art of Conjuring Magic download (ebook)
Performing Deception: Learning, Skill and the Art of Conjuring
Magic download (ebook) by Brian Rappert - Free

A fascinating look at how magic is elevated from simple trickery to a true work of art. Discover how perception, deception and secrecy come together...

Oreality Book
Book by Michael Murray - 28.75

"Oreality" is a limited release booklet from Michael Murray containing a brand new playing card divination system that will work in ANY...

The Comedy Helpline Book
The Comedy Helpline
Book by Magicseen Publishing - 35.00

Priceless insight, routines, gags and more from some of the world's best comedy magic pros. If you want to create a comedy act, or are a comedy...

Azlan Redux Book
Azlan Redux
Book by Fraser Parker - 37.00

Fraser Parker brings you a wonderful new take on the popular 'Azlan' Card at Any Number. "Azlan Redux" is an awesome updated approach that...

The Connection Book
The Connection
Book by Luca Volpe - 75.00

A limited release book that includes "The Connection Act" as performed by renowned mentalist Luca Volpe on stages all around the world. The...

Non Plus Ultra: Hofzinser's Salon Magic (Vol. 3 & 4) Book
Non Plus Ultra: Hofzinser's Salon Magic (Vol. 3 & 4)
Book by Magic Christian and Conjuring Arts Research Center - $299.95 $255.00 (SAVE $44.95)

The highly-anticipated final installments in Magic Christian's magnum opus for one of the greatest magicians in history Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser....

Pi Revelations (Pocket Size) Book
Pi Revelations (Pocket Size)
Book by World Magic Shop - 47.00

This is the eagerly awaited Pi Revelations - Pocket Sized. This is the A6 version of David Penn's best selling product Pi Revelations. The perfect...

Seventh Heaven (2nd Edition Hardcover) Book
Seventh Heaven (2nd Edition Hardcover)
Book by Lewis Jones - 55.00

"Do not buy these books. They give away too many secrets." Penn and Teller An updated and edited compilation of seven of Lewis Jones'...

Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost Volume 1 Book
Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost Volume 1
Book by Nick Trost - 55.00

Nick Trost is well known for his simple, easy-to-do card magic. He uses subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand to produce...

Magic With The Rubik's Cube Book
Magic With The Rubik's Cube
Book by Zazza the Magician - 30.00

It's time to level up your cube magic. After the success of Impossible Techniques, Tips and Tricks, Zazza continues his exploration of Rubik's Cube...

3CSC Book
Book by Fraser Parker - 39.00

"3CSC" is a propless and organic method for divining a three digit security code made up by the spectator, similar to the CVC number found...

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A comprehensive exploration of one of...
Talk About Tricks: The Complete File
12 years. 144 columns. 868 tricks. For...
The Boy Who Cried Magic
"The Boy Who Cried Magic is a perfect magic book,...
Distilled (Ryan Plunkett)
Ryan Plunkett's Distilled is a handsome, 200-page volume of...
The Darkest Corners
A complete sellout at Magifest, The Session and Blackpool,...
Parlour Tricks
“Morgan and West are that rare thing, utterly unique, enormously entertaining and...
Magic Mail
Magic Mail is the perfect gift for a young person in your life, whether or not they have...
Singapore's Harapan Ong has caused an online sensation with his technical abilities....
Pure Imagination (Book)
Scott Robinson creates some of the most interesting visual...
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