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Calabrese on Cards Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Calabrese on Cards
Magic download (video) by Mark Calabrese - 29.95

An exclusive 2.5-hour download from one of New York City’s most prolific magicians. Over the last few years, Mark Calabrese has established a name...

Marvelous Nesting Envelopes Trick
Marvelous Nesting Envelopes
Trick by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd - 19.95

An easy, sleight-free, no palm way to reveal a signed card or prediction inside a nest of envelopes. Matthew Wright has spent years developing the...

Australian Aces Trick
Australian Aces
Trick by Nick Trost and Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - 9.95

Quite possibly the best monte routine you'll ever see. Nick Trost's "Australian Aces" is a true card magic stunner. You openly display...

Selector Trick
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - 150.00

A unique-looking, precise device that the spectators can examine (no electronics involved). The spectator can select a card by rotating the gears in...

The World's Greatest Card Trick Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The World's Greatest Card Trick
Magic download (video) by Héctor Mancha - 499.95

One of the most unique and exclusive effects we’ve ever offered. Learn the trick that absolutely dumbfounded Penn & Teller with this custom...

Power Poker Magic download (video)
Power Poker
Magic download (video) by Alex Elmsley - 9.95

A snappy and direct poker demonstration that will baffle your audiences and make you look like a true expert! There have been many variations of...

Invisible Shooter Trick
Invisible Shooter
Trick by Quique Marduk and Adrian Guerra - 39.95

A clever and practical tool from a FISM-winner Adrian Guerra that allows you perform a variety of unique card magic effects. The solid, versatile...

Magic Mind Trick
Magic Mind
Trick by Bacon Magic - 259.95

"Magic Mind 2.0" is a remarkable piece of cutting-edge magic technology. This convenient, compact, and highly practical magical accessory...

Mis-Indexed Court Cards (Set of 12) Accessory
Mis-Indexed Court Cards (Set of 12)
Accessory by Steve Dela - 17.95

These "Mis-Indexed" court cards can be used for an amazing effect where a named card ends up matching the prediction of a single card in...

Soul Trick
Trick by Bond Lee - 279.95

A powerful, high-tech piece of magic technology that allows you to instantly know seemingly impossible information. With "Soul" by Bond...

Black Door Trick
Black Door
Trick by Riccardo Berdini - 39.95

Pros are calling it a game-changer. This hands-free switching device unleashes power never-before-seen in mentalism or magic. "One of the best...

Rising Card from Pocket Trick
Rising Card from Pocket
Trick by Sorcier Magic - 125.00

Make a playing card rise from your jacket or shirt pocket without any difficult work. "Rising Card from Pocket" is an innovative device...

Mystery Solved 2.0 Trick
Mystery Solved 2.0
Trick by David Penn and TCC Presents - 54.95

"Mystery Solved 2.0" is a new version of the incredible transparent Card to Box effect created by David Penn. Compared to the original...

Any Card at Your Number Trick
Any Card at Your Number
Trick by Leo Smetsers - 59.95

"Any Card At Your Number" by Leo Smetsers uses a beautiful combination of methods that merge seamlessly to create what appears to be a...

Burn by Daniel Madison Trick
Burn by Daniel Madison
Trick by Daniel Madison - 34.95

A truly impossible revelation burned into a playing card. “Burn” by Daniel Madison is a special tool that enables you to easily create stunning...

Royal Couple Trick
Royal Couple
Trick by Gee Magic - 29.95

A romantic and unique take on the classic Anniversary Waltz plot. Like Anniversary Waltz, "Royal Couple" is a great effect to have for...

Magic Wallet Universe Trick
Magic Wallet Universe
Trick by TCC Presents - From $19.95

A concept series containing three elegant, minimalist wallets and one all-around combo wallet designed to suit your specific needs. The wallets...

Tiny Dancer Trick
Tiny Dancer
Trick by Kyle Purnell - 24.95

Two signed cards fuse together and shrink in a visual moment that ends with a one-of-a-kind impossible object they’ll keep and cherish forever. “Tiny...

One More Box Trick
One More Box
Trick by Gustavo Raley and Jorge Luques - 43.00

An fun, intriguing, and unique take on the nest of boxes plot. "One More Box" is an incredible routine from Jorge Luques that is presented...

Letters From Juan - Vol. 5 Book
Letters From Juan - Vol. 5
Book by Juan Tamariz - 24.95

The penultimate release in the limited edition "Letters From Juan" series by Juan Tamariz has arrived and contains an incredible selection...

Edge Trick
Trick by Rizki Nanda - 39.95

A signed card melts right through the card box with "Edge" by Rizki Nanda (creator of the bestselling effect "Super Sucker")...

Complete Works Of Derek Dingle Book
Complete Works Of Derek Dingle
Book by Richard Kaufman and Derek Dingle - 79.95

Finally back in print! You can now enjoy over 120 pieces from one of the greatest close-up magicians to ever live with The Complete Works of Derek...

Ultimate Oil and Water Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Ultimate Oil and Water
Trick by Anthony Owen - 29.95

Praised by Derren Brown and David Berglas, this is quite possibly the best Oil and Water sequence ever constructed. Anthony Owen had a natural gift...

Deck Shell 2.0 Set Trick
Deck Shell 2.0 Set
Trick by Chazpro and Santa Magic - 49.95

The "Deck Shell" does for card magic what the coin shell did for coin magic. "Deck Shell 2.0" is a new and improved version of...

Moonwave Trick
Trick by Victor Sanz and Agus Tjiu - 39.95

A card impossibly vanishes in mid-air. "Moonwave" is one of Victor Sanz's most guarded secrets of the last decade. Finally, with support...

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