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Stratis Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Stratis
Trick by Michal Kociolek and Roman Slomka - 39.95

A signed bill appears inside a playing card. Yes, you read that correctly. A bill is borrowed, signed and vanished before re-appearing inside a...

Ultimate Forcing Deck Deck of cards
Ultimate Forcing Deck
Deck of cards by Jia Tianshi - 34.95

All of the disadvantages of traditional forcing decks are removed with this powerful utility that enables you to cleanly and fairly force a card...

Artful Deceptions Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Artful Deceptions
Book or download by Allan Zola Kronzek - Book $34.95 or download for $26.21

Finally back in print: a remarkable collection of stunning card magic miracles! "One of the best magic books in many years. Highly...

Misdeal Trick or download
Trick or download by Michal Kociolek - Download + Gimmicks $24.95 or download for $14.95

An incredible new packet trick from Vanishing Inc.'s own, super-talented, in-house graphic designer (and magician), Michal Kociolek. “Misdeal is a...

Digital Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and Arman Abir - 30.00

A unique transforming prediction that must be seen to be believed. "Digital" by Arman Abir, in collaboration with Mark Mason, is a...

Money-Money Trick
Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic - 29.95

A lightning fast transformation of a playing card into a bank note that happens in full view. "Money-Money" is another incredible gimmick...

Trapped (Tumi Magic) Trick
Trapped (Tumi Magic)
Trick by Tumi Magic and Erick White - 34.95

Catch a signed card with a Tic Tac case. "Trapped" is an amazing and visual effect from Erick White and Tumi Magic. This clever gimmick is...

Inside Trick
Trick by Vernet Magic and Michel - 34.95

An impossible and amazing nested prediction. "Inside" is a card-at-number effect with a mentalism twist that will stun every audience. You...

Showcase 2.0 Trick
Showcase 2.0
Trick by Mark Traversoni, Saturn Magic and Thomas Sealey - 59.96

Blur the line between physical and digital magic with this new take on a modern classic. "Showcase 2.0" takes the beloved "Card to...

Invisible Date Trick
Invisible Date
Trick by Card-Shark - 49.95

A freely-named date is perfectly predicted within a deck that it's in plain view the entire time. "Invisible Date" by Matthew Knight and...

LS Diary Trick
LS Diary
Trick by Leo Smetsers - 54.95

An easy-to-use version of the diary effect that doesn't require any memory work. The "LS Diary" by Leo Smetsers is a high quality version...

Vector Prediction Magic download (video)
Vector Prediction
Magic download (video) by Doosung Hwang - 9.95

Predict a chosen card and it's location with this fun and surprising routine. They freely select any card and hold it face down. Neither you nor...

Light Box Trick
Light Box
Trick by Magic Dream, Sebastian Calbry and Dylan Sausset - 44.95

Reveal a chosen card by projecting the light of your smartphone onto the card box. That card then appears inside the box. A card is chosen and lost...

Unboxed Trick
Trick by Mark Traversoni - 39.95

The smash-hit of Blackpool is now available worldwide. Peek AND steal a signed playing card from inside a card box with lightning speed....

Boris Wild's Very Wild Trick
Boris Wild's Very Wild
Trick by Card-Shark and Boris Wild - 29.95

Four indifferent cards become four Aces in the most magical way with this easy-to-do card magic miracle from Boris Wild. "It fooled me badly....

Perro Verde Trick
Perro Verde
Trick by Card-Shark and Mario Lopez - 29.95

The endlessly creative FISM-winner Mario Lopez has transformed the classic Card Warp effect into one of the most mind-boggling visual impossibilities...

Crazy Hole 2.0 Trick
Crazy Hole 2.0
Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic - 29.95

Mickael Chatelain's bestselling, mind-bending effect is now available in an even crazier version! Get ready to absolutely floor every audience with...

The Deck Spinner Accessory
The Deck Spinner
Accessory by Mathieu Bich - 19.95

Instantly transform a deck of cards into a mesmerizing fidget spinner. "Mathieu's Deck Spinner is so much fun that l've stopped doing actual...

The Psychomatic Deck Trick
The Psychomatic Deck
Trick by Liam Montier and Kaymar Magic - 24.95

Deceptive, powerful, hands-off effects that are easy to do. "The Psychomatic Deck" by Liam Montier can be spread, mixed, and then cracked...

Rings Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Ben Williams - 19.95

An impossible signed linking card routine where your participants are left with a one-of-a-kind souvenir they'll cherish forever. "Rings"...

Dr. Schwartz's Rising Floating Card Trick
Dr. Schwartz's Rising Floating Card
Trick by Martin Schwartz - 124.95

A card rises out of the deck and then keeps on rising right into mid-air with this innovative new idea from Dr. Martin Schwartz. "Dr....

Tarot Monte Trick
Tarot Monte
Trick by Chris Congreave - 32.95

A fantastic in-the-hands packet trick with customizable final message. Using beautiful aged tarot cards, "Tarot Monte" is a captivating...

Insta Wallet 2.0 Trick
Insta Wallet 2.0
Trick by Andrew - 49.95

An easy-to-do, no palm signed card to wallet. "Insta Wallet 2.0" is a high-quality, elegant, modern wallet that hides a devious secret....

Kids Kards (25th Anniversary Edition) Trick
Kids Kards (25th Anniversary Edition)
Trick by Richard Pinner - 29.95

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the amazing routine that was a signature part of the act Richard Pinner used to win "The Magic Circle Close Up...

Celebrity Deck (Hall of Fame Edition) Trick
Celebrity Deck (Hall of Fame Edition)
Trick by Saturn Magic and Mark iNFiNiTi - 19.95

This spectacular card magic and mentalism hybrid is the debut release in the "iNFiNiTi Marked Deck Series". "Celebrity Deck" is...

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