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Sinful Book
Book by Wayne Houchin - 29.95

We started Vanishing Inc. because we LOVE quality magic items, and talking about them, and this is a BEAUTIFUL production. You’ll use the...

Prism The Color Series of Mentalism Book
Prism The Color Series of Mentalism
Book by Max Maven - 60.00

Writing under the name of Phil Goldstein, Max Maven has created one of the largest, cleverest and most influential bodies of work in the field,...

Psychological Subtleties 1 Book
Psychological Subtleties 1
Book by Banachek - 45.00

Banachek, first came to national prominence as one of two teen-age "psychics" validated by the Parapsychology Department at Washington...

21st Century Card Magic Book
21st Century Card Magic
Book by James Swain - 49.95

This, James Swain's last book for magicians, has some phenomenal magic inside. Work by Bill Malone (a great and easy pass), as well as loads of...

Miracles With Cards Book
Miracles With Cards
Book by James Swain - 49.95

This is Swain's second (and, we think, BEST) book. It is full of the kind of practical yet sophisticated card magic you'll use and ENJOY...

Card College Lightest Book
Card College Lightest
Book by Roberto Giobbi - 35.00

The last of the Card College Light trilogy (which is lucky because I think they've run out of catchy "light" titles), Card College...

Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Book
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks
Book by Steve Beam - Various prices

  Calling on his 15 years editing the underground sleight of hand journal The Trapdoor, Steve Beam seamlessly blends diabolical...

Route 52 Book
Route 52
Book by Steve Reynolds - 29.95

Steve Reynolds is a card technician of the finest caliber, and in this anticipated collection, you will learn his finest original material, sought...

Reality Twister Book
Reality Twister
Book by Paul Harris - 15.00

A new accompaniment book to a Murphy's Magic Supplies best seller- Reality Twister! Learn to astonish spectators in their own hands with ideas like:...

Psychological Subtleties 3 Book
Psychological Subtleties 3
Book by Banachek - 65.00

Mentalists all over the world have enjoyed the previous two volumes of Banachek's Psychological Subtleties. That series of books has just got...

D lecture notes Book
D lecture notes
Book by Howard Hamburg - 25.00

Several of our friends visited the Magic Castle in Hollywood and came back raving about the fact that they met Howard Hamburg. Howard was close...

The Fitzkee Trilogy Book
The Fitzkee Trilogy
Book by Dariel Fitzkee - Various prices

Three of magic’s most sought-after classics are finally available again. Each one of these books, considered separately, would be highly...

Designing Miracles Book
Designing Miracles
Book by Darwin Ortiz - 49.95

Darwin Ortiz is one of the most important close-up figures of our time. With Strong Magic he wrote himself into the annals of conjuring; that...

I Dream of Mind Reading Book
I Dream of Mind Reading
Book by John Lovick - 18.95

Not many card tricks cause a stir like John Lovick's "I Dream of Mindreading." But then again, this is the only routine wherein you reveal a...

Constant Fooling 1 & 2 Book
Constant Fooling 1 & 2
Book by David Regal - 40.00 each

Apart from being a magician, David Regal makes his living as a writer for TV series. He is an expert in his field, and this really shows through...

Steranko On Cards Book
Steranko On Cards
Book by Jim Steranko - 45.00

I often hear Steranko's name mentioned in magic literature, and up until a few years ago, I thought it was some old legend from the 14th century....

Newspaper Magic Book
Newspaper Magic
Book by Gene Anderson - 25.00

The definition of today's magic shop is that we bring you the latest, coolest new magic. But Vanishing Inc. is more than that. We want to help you...

The Books of Wonder 1 & 2 Book
The Books of Wonder 1 & 2
Book by Tommy Wonder - 90.00

Never has there been a more articulate manifesto declaring magic a true art. And never has one man offered a more detailed and coherent plan for...

Bound to Please Book
Bound to Please
Book by Simon Aronson - 55.00

If you decide to buy Simon Aronson's books separately, start with Bound to Please. This book is actually four books combined into one (“bound” to...

The Aronson Approach Book
The Aronson Approach
Book by Simon Aronson - 60.00

This, Simon’s first hardbound solo effort, is perhaps the least-discussed and most under-rated Aronson book. It has two FABULOUS memorized deck...

Try The Impossible Book
Try The Impossible
Book by Simon Aronson - 40.00

Simon’s latest book (published in 2001), this book was released to enormous critical acclaim. Aronson fans around the world were delighted with...

Approaching Magic Book
Approaching Magic
Book by David Regal - 75.00

David Regal has created more great close-up magic in the past decade than anyone else I can think of. His previous books, Star Quality, Close-Up...

Session & Five Forty Seven Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Session & Five Forty Seven
Book by Joshua Jay - Various prices

Joel Givens is not a household name in magic, but his creations have been touted in magic’s underground for years. In 2007 I wrote the first and...

The Magician's Ltd Cookbook Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Magician's Ltd Cookbook
Book by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker - 40.00

What's cooking? How about some great magic created by a collection of the world's best known card magicians? Jack Parker has called upon some of his...

Card College Light Book
Card College Light
Book by Roberto Giobbi - 35.00

This is the first of two books in the "Light" series. It's a collection of card tricks that require absolutely no sleight of hand....

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Magic Mail
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Singapore's Harapan Ong has caused an online sensation with his technical abilities....
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