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CVF Deck Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive CVF Deck
Trick by Bennie Chickering - $34.95 $29.95 (SAVE $5.00)

The effect is simple and strong: a truly random card is selected, signed, and lost in the center of the pack. You introduce a coin (which can also be...

CandyMorph Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive CandyMorph
Trick by Rian Lehman - $25.00 $19.95 (SAVE $5.05)

This is our new favorite opener and we’re sure it will be yours too. Instantly establish credibility and win over audiences before you even start...

Portal by TCC Trick
Portal by TCC
Trick by Eric Chien and TCC Presents - $585.00 $497.25 (SAVE $87.75)

FISM Grand Prix Champion Eric Chien and TCC have joined forces to present the ultimate solution for a signed coin through glass. Penetrating a coin...

The Pen Thing Trick
The Pen Thing
Trick by Mark Mason and Alan Rorrison - $29.95 $25.50 (SAVE $4.45)

A regular Sharpie visually melts right through a bill. Pencil thru bill and pen thru bill effects are as old as time. They're truly magical moments...

Kung Fu Foot Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kung Fu Foot
Trick by Héctor Mancha - $30.00 $21.00 (SAVE $9.00)

How do you reveal a card onstage? It has to be something dynamic, physical, and memorable. Cue "Kung Fu Foot"! Created and honed to perfection by...

Equalizer Trick
Trick by Joao Miranda - $199.95 $170.00 (SAVE $29.95)

Alter their sense of hearing and make them question their own reality. João Miranda and his team, creators of some of the most innovative magic...

SenseTag Trick
Trick by Julio Montoro and Joao Miranda - $99.95 $85.00 (SAVE $14.95)

A signed coin or borrowed ring appears inside a GPS tracking tag hanging from your keys. Julio Montoro and João Miranda have teamed up to create a...

Deep X Trick
Deep X
Trick by Paul Harris, Paul Harris Presents and Knight - $44.95 $38.25 (SAVE $6.70)

A thought-of word or name inside your examinable wallet. This is an easy and powerful miracle you'll love performing. Brought to you by Paul Harris...

Statue Vanish Trick
Statue Vanish
Trick by Roy Kueppers - $74.95 $63.75 (SAVE $11.20)

The most iconic illusion of all time is now available in an amazing close-up version. David Copperfield made history when he vanished the Statue of...

DEViOS Trick
Trick by Mark Lemon - $59.95 $51.00 (SAVE $8.95)

A comprehensive and powerful mentalism system that lives on your iPhone. For over two years, Mark Lemon has been diving deep into all the amazing...

Flytrap Trick
Trick by Bennie Chickering - $24.95 $21.25 (SAVE $3.70)

A mind-bending visual that your audiences will love. "Flytrap" is brought to you by the wildly creative Bennie Chickering. This one clever...

Vanishing Sunglasses Trick
Vanishing Sunglasses
Trick by Wonder Makers - $64.95 $55.25 (SAVE $9.70)

A stunningly visual and wildly impossible vanish that happens right in front of them. "Vanishing Sunglasses" packs a real punch with...

Movie Quiz Trick
Movie Quiz
Trick by Jamie Williams and MB Magic - $29.95 $25.50 (SAVE $4.45)

A fun, unique, and memorable addition to any repertoire. Take your audience on a cinematic journey they'll never forget. "Movie Quiz" by...

Taste It Trick
Taste It
Trick by Andre Previato and Andrew - $39.95 $34.00 (SAVE $5.95)

A sensory mental experience designed for everyday performances. You pour some different colored Tic-Tac candies into the hand of your helper and...

Endless Cup Trick
Endless Cup
Trick by TCC Presents - $99.95 $85.00 (SAVE $14.95)

An exciting new take on a legendary piece of magic for modern performers. The Lota Bowl is one of the oldest magic tricks in the world. It was often...

Happy Birthday Torn and Restored (25-pack) Trick
Happy Birthday Torn and Restored (25-pack)
Trick by Uday's Magic World - From $5.50 - normally $10.95

The perfect birthday magic trick. Multiple languages available! A strip of paper with scattered words is torn into pieces. You then restore it and...

Portal Hand Trick
Portal Hand
Trick by Kelvin Chad - $39.95 $34.00 (SAVE $5.95)

A fun new version of the classic "Little Hand" effect! Produced and sold with permission of the original creator Bob Farmer, Kelvin Chad's...

That's Fishy Trick
That's Fishy
Trick by Erick Olson - $34.95 $29.75 (SAVE $5.20)

A delightfully fun new FIN-ish for your vanishing bottle routine! You start with a regular performance of the classic vanishing bottle routine. But...

PITATA Smart Scale Trick
PITATA Smart Scale
Trick by PITATA - $749.95 $637.50 (SAVE $112.45)

An advanced mind-reading device that modernizes a beloved principle and infinitely expands its possibilities into the realm of real magic. The...

Influence Trick
Trick by Alan Wong and Steve Cook - $59.95 $51.00 (SAVE $8.95)

A wildly deceptive and wonderfully unique spin on the Free Will premise. Inspired by the classic Free Will plot, "Influence" by Steve Cook...

Unseen: The Invisible Man Book Test Trick
Unseen: The Invisible Man Book Test
Trick by Josh Zandman - $99.95 $85.00 (SAVE $14.95)

Josh Zandman once again has revolutionized the world of book tests. Featuring a new method, this hands-free book test allows you to divine a...

The Final Answer Reloaded Trick
The Final Answer Reloaded
Trick by Scott Alexander - $395.00 $335.75 (SAVE $59.25)

Widely considered to be the best signed Bill In Lemon ever, this diabolically clever gimmick is finally in production again and better than ever....

Crash On Trick
Crash On
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $24.95 $21.25 (SAVE $3.70)

A colorful and fun new take on a classic close-up magic effect. "Crash On" by Gustavo Raley allows you to push a crayon right through a...

Air Dice Trick
Air Dice
Trick by Gee Magic - $79.95 $68.00 (SAVE $11.95)

"Air Dice" revolutionizes how elimination routines using dice are performed on stage or in parlor settings. "Air Dice" is a...

Apprentice Holiday Gift Bundle Trick
Apprentice Holiday Gift Bundle
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $49.95 $42.50 (SAVE $7.45)

Save $40 by buying this amazing bundle for the budding magician in your life. Here's ten incredible beginner tricks you can either learn yourself,...

Tenyo 2024 - Mentalist's Animal Photo Book Trick
Tenyo 2024 - Mentalist's Animal Photo Book
Trick by Tenyo Magic - $17.50 $15.00 (SAVE $2.50)

A book filled with different pages of animals is handed to a spectator who opens it to a random page. Across the two adjacent pages will be three...

ZigyZag Trick
Trick by Julio Montoro - $39.95 $34.00 (SAVE $5.95)

Torn and Restored meets the Mismade Card and ZigZag plot with this amazing and organic effect from Julio Montoro. Building on the success of the...

The Floating Cube Trick
The Floating Cube
Trick by Uday Jadugar and Uday's Magic World - $29.95 $25.50 (SAVE $4.45)

A cube magically defies all laws of physics without any visible explanation. "The Floating Cube" by Uday Jadugar is a vibrant and fun...

The Chinese Teapot Trick
The Chinese Teapot
Trick by TCC Presents - $179.95 $153.00 (SAVE $26.95)

A beloved classic combined with fresh, innovative surprises. "The Chinese Teapot" by TCC is an expertly-crafted, elegant prop that allows...

No Chair Chair Test Trick
No Chair Chair Test
Trick by Vortex Magic and Paul Rohmany - $199.95 $170.00 (SAVE $29.95)

After more than two decades of fine-tuning in front of real audiences, Paul Rohmany, in collaboration with Vortex Magic, is finally releasing one of...

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