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Trilogy Streamline Conversion Book
Trilogy Streamline Conversion
Book by Brian Caswells - 8.75

All the information you need to convert your original Trilogy to the NEW hard-hitting Streamline version.

Populate Book
Book by Mark Parker - 29.95

Populate - An illusionary appearance of a small crowd.Introduction by Eric Olsen of EDF Magic This is the first in a series of single illusion...

NLP & Magic, other secrets Book
NLP & Magic, other secrets
Book by Benoit Campana - 35.00

This book presents the subtle alliance of Neuro-Linguistique Programmingand magic. Here you discover all the techniques of persuasive communication...

CD Card College #1 E-Book Book
CD Card College #1 E-Book
Book by Roberto Giobbi - 45.00

This e-book is to my knowledge the first of its kind not just for magic literature but in general. The inclusion of several dozens of video clips...

Banquet Magician's Handbook Book
Banquet Magician's Handbook
Book by David Charvet - 19.95

Banquet or "after dinner" shows offer one of the most lucrative fields to the working magician In every town or city, every day, banquets are held...

Acting for Magicians Book
Acting for Magicians
Book by Richard Tenace - 19.95

Effect One of the main reasons magicians neglect the "acting" part of magic is because magic is such a demanding discipline to learn....

The Madras Paper Repeat Climax Book
The Madras Paper Repeat Climax
Book by PK Ilango - 5.00

The Madras Paper Repeat Climax is proof that some effects are more than the sum of their parts. A great combination of Six Card Repeat and Torn...

The Floating and Dancing Cane Book
The Floating and Dancing Cane
Book by Lewis Ganson - 9.95

The Dancing Cane is a timeless classic of magic; in the right hands, this routine defines grace and elegance. Now you can learn how to perform this...

Special Edition NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T DVD & props
Special Edition NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T
DVD & props by Meir Yedid Magic - 45.00

"If I had to do just one thing to prove I am a magician, it would be NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T."Meir Yedid Prove your magic mettle once and...

The Bank Note in Lemon Trick Book
The Bank Note in Lemon Trick
Book by Unknown - 9.95

A vintage Supreme Magic publication, this booklet give you the details for an astounding and devious handling of the classic The Bank Note in...

Best of Belcher Book
Best of Belcher
Book by Len Belcher - 29.95

If you are looking for strong stand-up effects perfect for family audiences, you are in luck! Best of Belcher is packed with material for...

Fingertip Fantasies Book
Fingertip Fantasies
Book by Bob Ostin - 24.95

If you've been looking for incredible close-up material and interesting plots, look no further than Bob Ostin's Fingertip Fantasies! This is real...

Varied Deceptions Book
Varied Deceptions
Book by Milbourne Christopher - 19.95

Get ready for more magic than you can handle with this comprehensive text. Varied Deceptions is bursting at the seams with all kinds of magic, so...

At the Drop of a Match Book
At the Drop of a Match
Book by Ken de Courcy - 5.00

If you enjoy doing magic with matches, pick up a copy of At the Drop of a Match. You will learn match-related magic as well a number of puzzles...

Excellence in Family Magic Book
Excellence in Family Magic
Book by Scott Green - 40.00

Struggling to come up with engaging magic for all ages? Worried that your family show bores adults? Tired of seeing grownups in the crowd more...

The Blood Feast of the Sun Book
The Blood Feast of the Sun
Book by Ken de Courcy - 9.95

Looking for a unique show of your mental powers? How about lighting an unprepared piece of paper on fire?  The Blood Feast of the Sun...

Mnemodexterity Book
Book by L. De Bevere - 9.95

We know you need some more mem deck effects, so we bring you Mnemodexterity by L. De Bevere. This manuscript is hard to find, but...

V2 Book
Book by Manos Kartsakis - 36.00

Haven't heard of Manos Kartsakis? That's OK, because you soon will as he's one of the top underground creators in Europe. Here he gets ready to...

Sharp Sorcery Book
Sharp Sorcery
Book by Les Sharps - 19.95

Looking for some incredible stand-up material? Maybe a large variety so you can pick your favorite types? You are in luck with Sharp Sorcery. Les...

The Death Camp Magicians Book
The Death Camp Magicians
Book by William V. Rauscher and Werner Reich - 34.95

This book is a FASCINATING, HARROWING account of Werner Reich's true story of survival. Werner Reich is a friend to Vanishing Inc, and his book has...

Weston's Ways with Cards Book
Weston's Ways with Cards
Book by Mark Weston - 29.95

Do yourself a favor and pick up Weston's Ways with Cards. Not only will you get 37 worker routines, but you'll also find a dozen moves, controls...

Secrets (Anthony Owen) Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Secrets (Anthony Owen)
Book by Anthony Owen - 50.00

Anthony Owen was known as one of the most influential creators in the field of mentalism, and many of his original plots and effects are featured in...

An Invitation to Mystery Book
An Invitation to Mystery
Book by Ed Meredith - 19.95

Tony Griffith is truly gifted when it comes to routines and presentations. In An Invitation to Mystery, Tony shares some of his greatest effects...

Baker's Brainwaves Book
Baker's Brainwaves
Book by Roy Baker - 19.95

Roy Baker was one of the most versatile performers to ever grace a stage. Baker performed everything from Mentalism, close-up, Stage and parlor...

Scalbert's Selected Secrets Book
Scalbert's Selected Secrets
Book by Geoffrey Scalbert - 29.95

In the sphere of Mental Magic Scalbert's name is legendary. Included in this book are a great number of baffling card mysteries, Thought/Mind...

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