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Frog Tales Book Book
Frog Tales Book
Book by Robert Neale - $15.00

How To Fold Jumping Frogs From Poker Cards and do Five Tricks with Them... Finally, a complete treatise devoted to the charismatic card frog fold by its creator, origami master and acclaimed magician, Robert E. Neale. Dozens of dynamic illustrations by Earle Oakes make learning the fold and...

Illusion Book Book
Illusion Book
Book by Andrew Mayne - $59.95

The author of Solo-X and Shock F/X presents a brand new book of large illusions. Whether you're planning your club show or television special, there's something here for you: 220 Pages 100 New and Original Ideas 100 Illustrations and DiagramsHere are just some of the effects included: Cut an...

Illusion FX Book
Illusion FX
Book by Andrew Mayne - $35.00

Easy to build, inexpensive illusions that pack small and play big. Appearing Motorcycles Teleporting Assistants Hovering Magicians Severed Heads Super-fast escapes and many more!

Illusion Systems #1 book Paul Osborne Book
Illusion Systems #1 book Paul Osborne
Book by Magic City - $37.50

If you've ever wanted to build your own stage magic and illusions, this is the book to get you started. It's excellent for the beginning craftsman. Over eighty pages of information, building tips, what tools to buy, how to paint and even sub-contract work. We assume nothing and start you at the...

Illusion Systems #3 book Paul Osborne Book
Illusion Systems #3 book Paul Osborne
Book by Magic City - $40.00

Over one hundred pages of more illusion ideas and building tips written by Paul Osborne. Enjoy a foreword by Andre' Kole and 21 illusion ideas from David Ginn, Stan Allen, Rand Woodbury, Tom Palmer, and others.Share building secrets from Bill Smith, Scott Davis and many, many more. This volume...

Illusion Systems #4 book Paul Osborne Book
Illusion Systems #4 book Paul Osborne
Book by Magic City - $42.00

This giant publication features over 130 pages of tips, plans and illusion ideas. The book begins with a foreword by David Copperfield and includes seven out-of-print, rare Abbott's plans and eight of Paul Osborne's earliest Genii plans. Tips from Gerald Frenette, Karrell Fox, Tom Mullica, Hal...

Illusion Works Volume 2 Book
Illusion Works Volume 2
Book by Rand Woodbury - $50.00

If you're searching for brand-new illusion concepts, look no further than Rand Woodbury's Illusionworks series of books. Volume two features eleven never-before-seen illusions, including Pandora's Box, Mirror Image and Squelcher explained with the aid of understandable explanations, computerized...

Illusion Works Volume 1 Book
Illusion Works Volume 1
Book by Rand Woodbury - $49.99

Illusions, Ideas & Inspiration If you're searching for brand-new illusion concepts, look no further than Rand Woodbury's Illusionworks series of books. Volume One features fifty-three illusions, including Torturtina, Shadow Dancer, and Body Transformer explained with the aid of understandable...

Illusionary Departures Book
Illusionary Departures
Book by JC Sum - $95.00

"Illusionary Departures 2012" is a treasury of original illusion designs and presentation plots from J C Sum, one of Asia's most successful illusionists & illusion designers. This is the latest edition of the book that was first released in 2004. Over the last 8 years, the book has been...

Illusionism Book
Book by JC Sum - $45.00

From the author of the internationally critically acclaimed Urban Illusions, Illusionary Departures & Equilateral books and the producer of the best-selling Behind the Illusions DVD comes a first-of-its-kind book dedicated to professional illusions and large-scale stage routines for mentalists...

Illusionworks 4 - Insight Book
Illusionworks 4 - Insight
Book by Rand Woodbury - $49.95

Illusionworks 4 - Insight Ingenuity and Innovation This is a NEW book of original illusion concepts from Rand Woodbury. This is the first new book of original illusions from Rand in 19 years. 34 illusions, 145 illustrations, 100 pages (less than $1.50 per new idea) Woodbury says, "I love this book....

In a Class Book
In a Class
Book by Don Alan - $50.00

"With this book, whole new generations of magicians will not only discover who originated so much of what they take for granted, but also will have the opportunity to study some of the most influential and important and wonderful presentations and routines in all of close-up magic." - Eugene Burger...

Inclined Toward Magic: Encounters with Books Book
Inclined Toward Magic: Encounters with Books
Book by David Meyer - $25.00

This collection of essays is devoted to important magic books and magicians of the past - familiar subjects to an author who has spent decades as an editor and publisher in the world of magic. There was, for example, the time he came across stacks of dusty pamphlets written by Harry Houdini...

Invisible Stranger Book
Invisible Stranger
Book by Docc Hilford - $45.00

It hides in Shadows and Impersonates the Innocent Frustrated with complicated billet peeks that are cleverer on the page than in the field? Tired of having to shove unfolded business cards in your wallet just to read them? Hate switching slips because it's so unnatural and you're sure to be caught...

Isabella Star 2 Book
Isabella Star 2
Book by Peter Turner - $65.00

Pete Turner is undoubtedly one of the most highly respected mentalists and his works are always highly sought after amongst his peers. When he speaks, we listen and so fresh from the sell out success of his last DVD "The Devil in Disguise" Magicbox are proud to have partnered up with him once again...

ITR Book Professional Routines Book
ITR Book Professional Routines
Book by Murphy's Manufacturing - $15.00

John Jensen`sITR BookProfessional Routines For The Invisible Thread ReelAn in-depth 43 page booklet, with detailed instructions and illustrations on how to use the Invisible Thread Reel.With 10 effects for you to master, this book is perfect for the beginner to advanced Invisible Thread Reel...

Jim Bergstrom's Hat Trick #22 Book
Jim Bergstrom's Hat Trick #22
Book by Ron Bauer - $10.00

Here's another treat for your audiences! Ron Bauer has just released #22 in his Private Studies series, "Jim Bergstrom's Hat Trick." It's an innovative, colorful comedy version of the Torn Tissue Papers to Hat that's a worthy feature effect for any close-up and stand-up adult audience. (It's not a...

Jog Shuffle Book
Jog Shuffle
Book by Paul Gordon - $10.00

This 15-page booklet gives a full description of the very useful and utilitarian jog shuffle, enhanced by 10 illustrations. Complete with tips, hints and applications. "Why on earth am I writing a book (or, booklet) about a move that any aspiring cardman (cardperson) ought to already know. Well...

Jokelopedia Book
Book by Workman Publishing Co. - $9.95

Announcing the third edition of the mother of all kids' joke books-and that's no joke. Now Jokelopedia is even better, with 300 all-new jokes and 11 new spotlights on the comedians kids love today.Jokelopedia, Third Edition, is an all-encompassing, gut-busting collection of more than 1,700...

Kellar Wonder Book with Pinback Button Book
Kellar Wonder Book with Pinback Button
Book by Kellar - $25.00

Kellar Wonder Book with Pinback Buttonby Phil TempleKellar Wonder Book This 56 page audience booklet is a faithful reproduction of the original 1903 copy in the Byron Walker Collection and presents the reader with optical illusions, drawing mazes, shadow graphs, silhouette portraits, party jokes,...

Kenton Sampler book Kenton Knepper Book
Kenton Sampler book Kenton Knepper
Book by Kenton Knepper - $25.00

In this sampler are pieces from works currently out of print, classics and brand new material are thrown together in a menagerie of relevant magic. Magic, mentalism and "weerd" performance styles are all included. You will learn concepts such as "indirection", "multiple realities", "linguistics",...

Keynote Speaking for Magicians Book
Keynote Speaking for Magicians
Book by Paul Romhany - $39.95

Romhany shares everything in this book including how to get in to the market, how to get booked on cruise ships as a speaker, selling products, how to write speeches, how to make money from this, putting together an entire package, incorporating magic in to your presentations, PLUS it includes...

Book by John Derris - $40.00

You're good at magic. You handle your effects and routines pretty well. Your shows get a good response. There's nothing fundamentally wrong and yet in your heart you know that your magic performance could be better. There's something missing ... the X factor that big name magicians bask in, with...

Knight's Tour Excalibur - The Book Book
Knight's Tour Excalibur - The Book
Book by Devin Knight - $29.00

This is Devin Knight's New & IMPROVED version of the Knight's Tour. This is the Knight's Tour on STEROIDS. It takes this classic of magic and turns it into a real masterpiece of mentalism that has climaxes that pack a wallop! You can do some mind-boggling effects with the Knight's Tour that...

Knuckle Busters - Volume 4 Book
Knuckle Busters - Volume 4
Book by Reed Mc Clintock - $5.00

This manuscript is designed for the working pro and the experienced coin magician. Volume Four of "Knuckle Busters" contain four professional routines specifically for dedicated and skilled magicians who are willing to put in the time and practice it takes to perform first-rate coin magic.The fun...