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E-Wallet Trick
Trick by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd - From $0.00

The first-ever modular magic wallet. Every wallet, for every performing occasion, has now been combined into an easy-to-customize tool you can adjust...

The Mendez Principle Book
The Mendez Principle
Book by Fraser Parker - $45.00

The Mendez Principle unlocks the vault of a forgotten mentalism principle that truly embraces the idea of getting into someone's head. By building on...

P.O.V. PAD Trick
Trick by Julio Montoro and Joao Miranda - $49.95

A cleverly-gimmicked peek pad that solves one of the biggest problems plaguing other peek devices. Brought to you by two of the most creative minds...

The Mummy Trick
The Mummy
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies and APPRENTICE - $8.95

Just getting started in magic and want to amaze your friends? "The Mummy" is a delightfully fun and unique close up magic and mentalism...

The Lucky Envelopes Trick
The Lucky Envelopes
Trick by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Wong Alan - $39.00

Your new favorite opener for your stage and parlor magic or mentalism show. "The Lucky Envelopes" by Luca Volpe, with support from Paul...

Theater of the Mind Book
Theater of the Mind
Book by Barrie Richardson - $42.00

There's one book, one name, one mind that has been continually recommended and referenced as the book that every performer should own. It's been...

Prophet's Deck Trick
Prophet's Deck
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and Pen - $99.95

A packs, small plays huge, multi-part prediction system that is super easy to use. Brought to you by MS Magic, "Prophet's Deck" by Pen and...

Kaifu's Chip Trick
Kaifu's Chip
Trick by Black Hat Magic & Magic Action - $35.00

A fun bit of mentalism that fits in your pocket. Six chips with different colored faces are introduced alongside a special question mark chip. The...

P&L Spirit Trumpet Trick
P&L Spirit Trumpet
Trick by Zanadu - $89.95

A three-piece "Spirit Trumpet" by P&L. Collapsible aluminum trumpet used in spirit seances to aid in the projection of voices from...

Alexander: The Crystal Seer Trick
Alexander: The Crystal Seer
Trick by Wayne Dobson and DTrik : The Magic of Wayne Dobson Ltd - $40.00

A deck of cards are introduced to the spectator and a business card of Alexander: The Crystal Seer The performer explains that one of the cards is...

Spirit Pointer Trick
Spirit Pointer
Trick by Mark Strivings - $39.95

"Brilliant! This is excellent!" Jeff McBride Awhile back I found myself in the company of a bunch of wonderfully strange wonder-workers...

Ribbon Prediction Trick
Ribbon Prediction
Trick by CLIMAX - $139.95

This effect is based on an effect from Pavel, but with RIBBON PREDICTION, you never ask for the color. The effect : A spectator is brought onstage...

Word 4 Word Magic download (ebook)
Word 4 Word
Magic download (ebook) by Boyet Vargas and TFCM - $10.00

The mentalist shows some Alphabet flash cards to the Participants. The cards are mixed and distributed. The Participants are asked to form a word...

The Vault - Fringe Mentalism Magic download (video)
The Vault - Fringe Mentalism
Magic download (video) by Ken Dyne and David Alnwick - $19.99

There's a reason you haven't heard of David Alnwick. He's been working. For the last ten years he's been performing sell-out shows at the Edinburgh...

Overdraft Trick
Trick by Paul Fowler - $49.95

They say crime doesn't pay, but whoever said that didn't own Overdraft. Overdraft is a set of precision engineered gimmicks that give you the power...

CanPossible Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic and Boo Mizi - $75.00

A classic Think-A-Drink style effect streamlined for the modern close up magic performer. "CanPossible" by Boo Mizi and Himitsu Magic is a...

Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll Trick
Hoodoo Haunted Voodoo Doll
Trick by Mark Traversoni and Mark iNFiNiTi - $43.00

The classic "Okito Haunted Doll Effect" has been nightmarishly resurrected. It returns with a vengeance thanks to the "Hoodoo Haunted...

Shadow Trick
Trick by Bond Lee and Alex - $29.95

An impossible signed card transposition from the mind of "Alex". "Shadow" starts by placing a blank card inside a windowed...

OTT Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Lewis Le Val - $29.95

A devastating mentalism utility technique from Lewis Le Val that allows you to recreate some of mentalism’s strongest routines with just one single...

Electronic Voodoo Trick
Electronic Voodoo
Trick by HATIRO NISHIGUCHI - From $185.00

A Voodoo inspired effect with an electronic twist. "Electronic Voodoo" is available in two versions. The "Electronic Voodoo...

Non-Sense Trick
Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong - $34.95

A fun ESP-style effect that doesn't feature the same overused standard ESP symbols. "Non-Sense" by Wayne Dobson is a fun close up magic and...

Tyvek Himber Bank Envelope Set Trick
Tyvek Himber Bank Envelope Set
Trick by Alan Wong - $75.00

The "Tyvek Himber Bank Envelope Set" by Alan Wong is a worker's dream. It's a strong, durable set that will last you countless...

Room 66 Trick
Room 66
Trick by Magic Dream, Dylan Sausset, Axel Vergnaud and Yoan Tanuji - $34.95

A devastating peek tool that fits on your key ring. So harmless and universal, nobody will ever suspect a thing. "What a versatile and...

Feel Better Trick
Feel Better
Trick by Chris Philpott - $45.00

A magical act of kindness for a stressed out world. "Beautiful! What a transformation, literally and figuratively!" Banachek "OK,...

Las Vegas Gambling Guide Trick
Las Vegas Gambling Guide
Trick by Matthew Pomeroy - $120.00

15 effects packed into two beautiful, specially-made books that can fit in your pocket. The "Las Vegas Gambling Guide" books look like...

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