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Tarot Monte Trick
Tarot Monte
Trick by Chris Congreave - 32.95

A fantastic in-the-hands packet trick with customizable final message. Using beautiful aged tarot cards, "Tarot Monte" is a captivating...

Apex Wallet (MK2) Trick
Apex Wallet (MK2)
Trick by Thomas Sealey - 99.95

Welcome to the next generation Apex Wallet... MK2... THE BEST JUST GOT BETTER! The Apex Wallet upon release was a smash hit at Blackpool 2023 and has...

Celebrity Deck (Hall of Fame Edition) Trick
Celebrity Deck (Hall of Fame Edition)
Trick by Saturn Magic and Mark iNFiNiTi - 19.95

This spectacular card magic and mentalism hybrid is the debut release in the "iNFiNiTi Marked Deck Series". "Celebrity Deck" is...

Sleuth Ball Trick
Sleuth Ball
Trick by Iarvel Magic - 179.95

Conquer deception and detect lies with "Sleuth Ball", a captivating, entertaining and unique piece of mentalism for close-up and stage....

Soleil Pro Trick
Soleil Pro
Trick by TCC Presents, Zuming and GBDL - $59.95 $51.00 (SAVE $8.95)

After being unvailable for two years, the incredible "Soleil" effect is back and better than ever. "Soleil" by Zuming took the...

Anything (Bond Lee) Trick
Anything (Bond Lee)
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and Iarvel Magic - 249.95

Harness the power to alter reality with "Anything" by Bond Lee, Alen L., and MS Magic. "Anything" allows you to perform stunning...

Squid Cards Season 2 Trick
Squid Cards Season 2
Trick by Matthew Wright - 20.00

Squid Cards Season 2 is upon us. Following on from the sell out success of season one squid cards is back with a new card design, more routines and...

Prodiction Trick
Trick by TCC Presents - 34.95

A multi-phase prediction routine packed into a compact, fun, and unique prop. The name "Prodiction" combines the words...

ESP Testing Set PRO Trick
ESP Testing Set PRO
Trick by Spooky Nyman - 24.95

A phenomenal 3-phase mentalism routine that fits in your pocket. Spooky Nyman follows up his bestselling "ESP Testing Set" with a new PRO...

Mental Colour Trick
Mental Colour
Trick by Spooky Nyman - 18.95

A fresh, organic approach to a classic principle. Your participant freely chooses a color from a paint sample card and you read their mind. No hard...

The Covenant Deck Deck of cards
The Covenant Deck
Deck of cards by David Penn and Marc Spelmann - 34.95

A chosen card vanishes from the deck and reappears wherever you’d like thanks to this ingenious and incredibly easy to use gaffed deck. "The...

Tourist Trap Trick
Tourist Trap
Trick by Spooky Nyman - 24.95

A stunning prediction that breathes new life into an old principle. Your participant looks at a Tourist Guide/Sightseeing Guide and selects an...

Fortune Calendar Trick
Fortune Calendar
Trick by TCC Presents and Terry Chou - From $59.95

Multiple amazingly unique predictions in one gorgeous, practical tool. "Fortune Calendar" is a one-of-a-kind mentalism prop from Terry...

Sure Lock Trick
Sure Lock
Trick by James Kellogg Jr. - 549.95

10,000 possible outcomes, and you are right every single time! “Sure Lock” is a reputation maker for any professional mentalist or magician. The...

Mind Game Trick
Mind Game
Trick by Uday's Magic World - 11.95

A fun, powerful mentalism routine you can carry in your pocket. Eight cards, each with eight different national flags, are displayed. Your...

Color Prediction Trick
Color Prediction
Trick by Julio Montoro - 39.95

An instant sellout at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2023 is now available worldwide! Originally released at Blackpool as "Hanging...

NYX Project Trick
NYX Project
Trick by Luca Volpe - 44.95

The "NYX Mentalism Deck" by Luca Volpe is the ultimate tool for mentalists and magicians of all skill levels. It's super easy to use and...

Kirin Dice (Flash Dice) Trick
Kirin Dice (Flash Dice)
Trick by TCC Presents - 99.95

TCC presents a simplified and modernized version of the classic "Flash Dice" effect for close-up magic and mentalism performers. Easily...

Mind's Eye Book
Mind's Eye
Book by Joel Dickinson - 29.95

After multiple sold out limited print runs, Mind's Eye by Joel Dickinson is finally available worldwide. Three strong, practical, professional...

Emojisp Trick
Trick by Amor Magic - 24.95

Is there anything you can show without explanation, and the audience can know what it is? Let's start from the symbol again to find the most popular...

Evoke Trick
Trick by Craig Petty - 39.95

Powerful, easy-to-do effects that leave a deep, emotional impact on your audience and ensure they won’t forget you long after you leave. "If I...

Magnetic Billet Knife (Letter Opener Style) Trick
Magnetic Billet Knife (Letter Opener Style)
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies - 29.95

The "Magnetic Billet Knife" by Murphy's Magic is a classic letter-opener style billet knife that allows you to easily and secretly load a...

Prodigy Peek Book
Prodigy Peek
Book by - 34.95

A practical, deceptive, and versatile technique for the modern mentalist. This groundbreaking concept allows you to read minds with ease in both...

Clearly Out to Lunch Trick
Clearly Out to Lunch
Trick by John Kennedy - 59.95

John Kennedy has created a novel new method for the "Out To Lunch" principle that gives it the ultimate level of deception. With...

Nightmare Page Trick
Nightmare Page
Trick by The 1914 and David Alnwick - 39.95

From Edinburgh Fringe to your working set, "Nightmare Page" is a complete routine packed into a single piece of paper. This pocket-sized...

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