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Stone Cold Mental (Volume 2) Book
Stone Cold Mental (Volume 2)
Book by Jeff Stone - 39.95

The long-awaited sequel to Jeff Stone's Stone Cold Mental has arrived. Join Jeff for part two of his journey to help you make your mentalism less...

Eyrie Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Fraser Parker and Mark Lemon - 25.00

An eerily accurate demonstration of remote viewing that will blow away every audience. "Eyrie" by Mark Lemon is an effect that has been...

Sequence Trick
Trick by The 1914 and Rich Relish - 24.95

A masterful three-phase mentalism routine that fits in your wallet. Teaming up with The 1914, Rich Relish introduces the perfect opener for...

The Mendez Principle Book or download
The Mendez Principle
Book or download by Fraser Parker - Book $44.95 or download for $34.95

Now available in an eBook format! The Mendez Principle unlocks the vault of a forgotten mentalism principle that truly embraces the idea of getting...

Crystal Billet Box Trick
Crystal Billet Box
Trick by David Regal - From $159.95

Switch. Predict. Force. Appear. Vanish. "Crystal Billet Box" by David Regal is the ultimate utility for any serious performer....

The Peek Wallet (Jaks Style) Trick
The Peek Wallet (Jaks Style)
Trick by Secret Tannery - 78.00

A treasured peek gets a modern upgrade that allows you always perform in style anywhere you go. Crafted by mentalism wallet masters Secret Tannery...

Hi-Jak Wallet Trick
Hi-Jak Wallet
Trick by Secret Tannery - 89.95

One of the most popular peek wallets ever made gets an upgrade for the modern performer! The "Jaks Peek Wallet" has been a favorite among...

Connexion Trick
Trick by DooSung Hwang, Ardubi and Starheart Presents - 124.95

A powerful routine filled with a ton of surprise and fun for every audience. At first glance, this looks like just an ordinary lamp. Yet,...

PITATA Palm Peeker Accessory
PITATA Palm Peeker
Accessory by PITATA - 99.95

A devious, concealed peek device that capitalizes on modern technology to offer limitless mentalism potential. The compact "PITATA Palm...

PITATA Watch Trick
Trick by PITATA - 499.95

A breakthrough creation in the world of mentalism watches. Electronic watch prediction effects are quite popular. Various companies have released...

PITATA Hotel Prediction Trick
PITATA Hotel Prediction
Trick by PITATA - 249.95

An all-time classic mentalism effect is now more impossible and incredible than ever before. A freely-named number matches the number inscribed on a...

Impossible Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic and Hank Wu - From $14.95

New jumbo version for larger audiences now available! Since the first prototype was released in 2018, "Impossible" has fooled countless...

Trifecta Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by The 1914 and Simon Lipkin - 29.95

A trilogy of powerful, practical mentalism for close-up and parlor performances that you can download and start learning today! "Simon is one...

Shelby Wallet Trick
Shelby Wallet
Trick by Gaz Lawrence - 49.95

A principle so clever it will leave you just as spellbound as your audience. Just watch the trailer and see for yourself how incredibly quick,...

M-Prediction  Trick
Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic - 44.95

An impossibly clean prediction effect from Mickael Chatelain. From an all-white card case, you remove six cards face down. One of them is placed...

Mindfolded Trick
Trick by Julian Pronk - 180.00

"Mindfolded" is a brand new idea for mentalism and magic from Julien Pronk. In short, it is a gimmicked blindfold that has built-in...

Act Two Book
Act Two
Book by Barrie Richardson - 70.00

Barrie Richardson's Theater of the Mind was one of the most widely read mentalism books of the 1990's. Act Two is the follow up to that book and...

Curtain Call Book
Curtain Call
Book by Barrie Richardson - 70.00

Ask working performers, who has created the most practical and impressive mentalism in recent times and one of the first names you will hear is...

MVP Trick
Trick by Crazy Jokers - 65.00

"Gonzalo has modernized and streamlined a much loved classic. Following in the path of Max Maven and adding his own touches to revive this often...

MVP Lite Trick
MVP Lite
Trick by Crazy Jokers - 39.95

"Gonzalo has modernized and streamlined a much loved classic. Following in the path of Max Maven and adding his own touches to revive this often...

Godfather Book Test Book
Godfather Book Test
Book by Josh Zandman - 99.95

Our Secret Operations Manager, Matt Szat swears by these Zandman books, now it's your turn to make someone an offer they can't refuse. This is not...

WOW Pass Case Trick
WOW Pass Case
Trick by Katsuya Masuda, Ltd. ATTO Co. and Tejinaya - 79.95

The beloved "WOW" gimmick by Katsuya Masuda now offers a fresh new approach for close up magic and mentalism performers. With the...

The End Book Test Book
The End Book Test
Book by Angelo Carbone - 99.95

Experience a mind-reading revolution with "The End Book Test" by Angelo Carbone. "Angelo has produced a piece of mind magic that...

Chronoforce Pro  App
Chronoforce Pro
App by Samy Ali - 39.95

Force any number using your phone's stopwatch with "Chronoforce Pro". This amazing magic app from Samy Ali allows you to perform miracles...

Hexology Trick
Trick by Steve Haresign and MindFX - 34.95

Is music powerful enough to control the actions of your participant? Find out with "Hexology" by Steve Haresign. "Hexology" is...

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