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Star Draws Trick
Star Draws
Trick by Matthew Wright and Jamie Williams - 39.95

Simple and powerful magic and mentalism from the creative minds of Matthew Wright and Jamie Williams. Your participant freely selects any crayon...

PITATA VibRing Trick
Trick by PITATA - 99.95

An electronic magic ring with endless telekinesis possibilities from PITATA, the premiere manufacturer of magic technology. The magic nut and bolt...

SLiP Trick
Trick by DooHwang - 65.00

Harness the power of psychokinesis anytime you want with this practical and powerful gimmick. Now available in white! "SLiP" is a small...

Family Values 2.0 Trick
Family Values 2.0
Trick by Mark Elsdon and - 39.95

Two great effects, one unforgettable moment. "Family Values" by Mark Elsdon is back and better than ever. "Family Values 2.0"...

Water Spirit Trick
Water Spirit
Trick by TCC Presents and Peng Kai - 19.95

A fresh and novel way to reveal a prediction. "Water Spirit" by Peng Kai and TCC is a clean, direct revelation that looks like real magic....

Cesaral Mental Frisbee Trick
Cesaral Mental Frisbee
Trick by PITATA - $495.00 $420.75 (SAVE $74.25)

Transform the most uneventful portion of your show into an unforgettable highlight. Using a frisbee has been long one of the most common ways for...

Ian Adair's Mind Blowing Mentalism Book
Ian Adair's Mind Blowing Mentalism
Book by - 39.95

Ian Adair's Mind Blowing Mentalism features 40 mentalism routines and ideas from the brilliant mind of Ian Adair. The effects within this 144 page...

Forcing Casino Dice Set Trick
Forcing Casino Dice Set
Trick by Alan Wong - 38.95

Force any number between 1 and 6 with this special set featuring 8 professional quality forcing dice and 10 amazing routines to get the most out of...

Psychic Color Control Trick
Psychic Color Control
Trick by Rich Hill's Illusion Shop - 11.95

A matching color prediction that's super easy to do. Rich Hill's "Psychic Color Control" is an updated take on a time-honored...

Apex Wallet (MK2) Trick
Apex Wallet (MK2)
Trick by Thomas Sealey - 99.95

Load, switch, peek in style. The "Apex Wallet" by Thomas Sealey does it all. This handmade, minimalist, modern wallet is the everyday carry...

Inside My Mind Book
Inside My Mind
Book by Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti - 49.95

Richard Osterlind offers an invaluable treasure trove of information for any mentalism or mystery performer. Throughout the years, Richard has...

Crib! The Art of Hidden Info Book
Crib! The Art of Hidden Info
Book by Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti - 39.95

Legendary Mentalist Richard Osterlind shares everything you ever needed to know about using cribs in your mentalism or magic act. Cribs are often an...

EDCeipt Trick
Trick by Craig Petty - 24.95

Instantly know what freely chosen item a person is simply thinking of with “EDCeipt”, a powerful and organic EDC stunner from Craig Petty....

Itineris Trick
Trick by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and RADEK HOFFMAN - 99.99

"Itineris" is an elegant and organic mentalism routine from Radek Hoffman where random decisions made by the participant will perfectly...

Dice Vision Trick
Dice Vision
Trick by TCC Presents, Conan Liu and Jona Hu - 38.95

A time-tested classic gets a modern overhaul with "Dice Vision" by TCC and Conan Liu. "Color Vision" is one of the most iconic...

Acidus Envelopus Book
Acidus Envelopus
Book by Richard Osterlind, Jim Sisti and Millard Longman - 49.95

Millard Longman has long been one of the moving forces in modern mentalism! His "Acidus Novus "and "Acidus Globus"are classics....

Beyond Magick Book
Beyond Magick
Book by Jim Sisti - 39.95

Join Richard Osterlind for a captivating journey back to the golden era of mentalism. In the late 80's and early 90's, Richard contributed a number...

Picture Consequences Trick
Picture Consequences
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 39.95

When a game becomes a miracle. "Picture Consequences" is a fun, vibrant and engaging routine for all ages that will leave everyone baffled....

Banksy by Casper Magic download (video)
Banksy by Casper
Magic download (video) by Casper - 19.95

Read their mind or predict a randomly thought-of word in a totally fair way. Or is it? This is "Banksy" by Casper. This clever mentalism...

Power Bank Trick
Power Bank
Trick by Crazy Jokers - 29.95

An organic and modern twist on the classic bank night plot using the one object people potentially care about more than money...their cell phone....

Loops Legends Trick
Loops Legends
Trick by Yigal Mesika - 24.95

Yigal Mesika has brought together multiple Loops experts and invisible thread magic masters to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Loops. This...

4X4 Trick
Trick by Quique Marduk - 59.95

An envelope with a prediction is handed to a spectator to hold until the end of the routine. Four spectators then join the magician or mentalist on...

Super Lemon Trick
Super Lemon
Trick by Henry Harrius and Alex Ng - 65.00

Convince your audience they’ve been collectively hypnotized and make them question everything they know with “Super Lemon”, your new favorite...

North Star Midnight Black Marked Cards (w/ Routines & Numbered Coin) Deck of cards
North Star Midnight Black Marked Cards (w/ Routines & Numbered Coin)
Deck of cards by - 39.95

A timeless deck that's a joy to handle and features devious hidden secrets. The "Midnight Marked Black Edition Playing Cards" are the...

Mind Reading Slate Trick
Mind Reading Slate
Trick by Uday's Magic World - 24.95

Spirit slates are a classic mentalism effect. With "Mind Reading Slate" you show a slate is blank on both sides before placing it back in...

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