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The Lucky Envelopes Trick
The Lucky Envelopes
Trick by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Wong Alan - $39.00

Your new favorite opener for your stage and parlor magic or mentalism show. "The Lucky Envelopes" by Luca Volpe, with support from Paul...

Theater of the Mind Book
Theater of the Mind
Book by Barrie Richardson - $42.00

There's one book, one name, one mind that has been continually recommended and referenced as the book that every performer should own. It's been...

P&L Spirit Trumpet Trick
P&L Spirit Trumpet
Trick by Zanadu - $89.95

A three-piece "Spirit Trumpet" by P&L. Collapsible aluminum trumpet used in spirit seances to aid in the projection of voices from...

Mental Monster Trick
Mental Monster
Trick by Luis Alberto Zavaleta Lores - $55.00

From the Mind of Luis Zavaleta and Michelle Ayllon comes this children's magic routine for your Halloween Shows. Effect: This trick is about a little...

Shoe Business 3.0 Trick
Shoe Business 3.0
Trick by Alexander Illusions LLC - $295.00

Scott and Puck's original “Show Business” routines were powerhouses, no doubt. Used by professionals all over the world. With this 3.0 version,...

Ribbon Prediction Trick
Ribbon Prediction
Trick by CLIMAX - $139.95

This effect is based on an effect from Pavel, but with RIBBON PREDICTION, you never ask for the color. The effect : A spectator is brought onstage...

Hindu Thread Trick
Hindu Thread
Trick by Scott Alexander and Alexander Illusions LLC - $199.00

This version of the Hindu Thread is the perfect setup for stage performances and parlor shows. The handling is SUPER CLEAN. You never feel like...

Fruit Bowl Trick
Fruit Bowl
Trick by Scott Alexander and Alexander Illusions LLC - $199.00

Production of oranges in a bowl... or any other fruit, or objects. This is Scott's reimagining of the old-school load bag concept that we overlook in...

Dirty Drop Cloth (magnetic, muddy version) Trick
Dirty Drop Cloth (magnetic, muddy version)
Trick by - $39.95

Effect: A crisp, clean towel that has been casually used throughout your performance suddenly becomes covered with handprints at your command. David...

Six Impossible Things Deluxe Set (Show, Explanations and Box Set) Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Six Impossible Things Deluxe Set (Show, Explanations and Box Set)
Trick by Joshua Jay - $125.00

An extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at Joshua Jay’s Six Impossible Things. For the first time ever, you can enjoy the smash-hit show and then get...

Spring Bills Accessory
Spring Bills
Accessory by Alan Wong - $24.95

Instantly produce a bunch of realistic $100 bills from your empty hands. "Spring Bills" by Alan Wong comes with 12 handcrafted spring prop...

Halloween Bandana Trick
Halloween Bandana
Trick by Lee Alex - $55.00

The perfect companion for your Halloween magic shows. A Halloween trick that's sure to be a treat. "Halloween Bandana" by Lee Alex is a...

Pumpkin Bandana Trick
Pumpkin Bandana
Trick by Lee Alex - $59.95

"Pumpkin Bandana" is a must for any stage and parlor magic or children's magic performer during the Halloween magic and fall harvest magic...

BEKOS 3.0 (Best Ever Knots Off Silk) Trick
BEKOS 3.0 (Best Ever Knots Off Silk)
Trick by Jeff McBride - From $55.00

One of Jeff McBride's all-time classic tricks is now available to you. Jeff McBride is one of magic's most iconic performers and creators. He has...

CanPossible Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic and Boo Mizi - $75.00

A classic Think-A-Drink style effect streamlined for the modern close up magic performer. "CanPossible" by Boo Mizi and Himitsu Magic is a...

Wolfgang's Library Prediction Trick
Wolfgang's Library Prediction
Trick by TRICKSUPPLY - $99.95

"Wolfgang's Library Prediction" puts a fun new twist on the "Color Block Escape Trick" to ensure it plays even larger and offers...

Deluxe Spring Flowers Accessory
Deluxe Spring Flowers
Accessory by Alan Wong - $14.95

The perfect fingertip flower production. "Deluxe Spring Flowers" by Alan Wong are a premium magic prop designed with the professional...

The Final Answer Reloaded Trick
The Final Answer Reloaded
Trick by Scott Alexander - $395.00

Widely considered to be the best signed Bill In Lemon ever, this diabolically clever gimmick is finally in production again and better than ever....

Cube Shell Set Trick
Cube Shell Set
Trick by Tejinaya - $55.00

A "cube shell" that can be covered on a Rubik's cube. You can do magic such as aligning cubes instantly. You can watch online instruction...

The Eyes Have It Trick
The Eyes Have It
Trick by Ickle Pickle Products Inc. - $39.95

A handkerchief is shown made of "eyeball" print. Suddenly and eyeball is plucked right from the fabric! Then the corners are drawn up into...

Electronic Voodoo Trick
Electronic Voodoo
Trick by HATIRO NISHIGUCHI - From $185.00

A Voodoo inspired effect with an electronic twist. "Electronic Voodoo" is available in two versions. The "Electronic Voodoo...

Dead Sea Trick
Dead Sea
Trick by Bacon Magic and Longlong - $55.00

Make not just one, but two glasses appear with this incredible addition to any stage magic, parlor magic or even close up magic show. "Dead...

The Pumpkin Patch Trick
The Pumpkin Patch
Trick by Ickle Pickle Products Inc. - $39.95

A pumpkin print hanky is shown both sides, and the corners gathered together. The magician reaches inside and retrieves some pumpkin seeds that have...

Tyvek Himber Bank Envelope Set Trick
Tyvek Himber Bank Envelope Set
Trick by Alan Wong - $75.00

The "Tyvek Himber Bank Envelope Set" by Alan Wong is a worker's dream. It's a strong, durable set that will last you countless...

Backstabber Trick
Trick by Scott Alexander - $250.00

Scott Alexander's failproof version of the classic "Malini Card Stab". All of the hilarious comedy and captivating drama, with none of the...

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