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SLiP Trick
Trick by DooHwang - 65.00

Harness the power of psychokinesis anytime you want with this practical and powerful gimmick. Now available in white! "SLiP" is a small...

Go Nuts Trick
Go Nuts
Trick by Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX Ltd - 49.95

An incredible and impossible nest of boxes for close up magic. Instantly load a ring, inside a walnut, inside a Kinder egg, inside an orange, inside...

Gravity Band Magic download (video)
Gravity Band
Magic download (video) by ARNEL L. RENEGADO - 9.95

A hyper-visual, gravity-defying rubber band effect. "Gravity Band" is an amazing close up magic effect that you'll love building and...

Water Spirit Trick
Water Spirit
Trick by TCC Presents and Peng Kai - 19.95

A fresh and novel way to reveal a prediction. "Water Spirit" by Peng Kai and TCC is a clean, direct revelation that looks like real magic....

N9 Trick
Trick by N2G - 59.95

A hyper-visual and practical coin effect. “N9” is an incredible coin magic set brought to you by N2G in collaboration with Vanishing Inc. A Chinese...

Untrammelled Classic Ball and Vase Trick
Untrammelled Classic Ball and Vase
Trick by TCC Presents and Wonder House - 150.00

Untrammelled is a tribute to the timeless Ball & Vase that was fully funded on kickstarter in less than 10 minutes and ended with nearly 1700%...

Forcing Casino Dice Set Trick
Forcing Casino Dice Set
Trick by Alan Wong - 38.95

Force any number between 1 and 6 with this special set featuring 8 professional quality forcing dice and 10 amazing routines to get the most out of...

Psychic Color Control Trick
Psychic Color Control
Trick by Rich Hill's Illusion Shop - 11.95

A matching color prediction that's super easy to do. Rich Hill's "Psychic Color Control" is an updated take on a time-honored...

EDCeipt Trick
Trick by Craig Petty - 24.95

Instantly know what freely chosen item a person is simply thinking of with “EDCeipt”, a powerful and organic EDC stunner from Craig Petty....

Itineris Trick
Trick by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and RADEK HOFFMAN - 99.99

"Itineris" is an elegant and organic mentalism routine from Radek Hoffman where random decisions made by the participant will perfectly...

The Halo Project (Silver Edition) Trick
The Halo Project (Silver Edition)
Trick by Patrick Kun - 49.95

The most stunningly visual and practical linking finger routine is finally back and this time it's available in a gorgeous new silver edition. Pass...

Dice Vision Trick
Dice Vision
Trick by TCC Presents, Conan Liu and Jona Hu - 38.95

A time-tested classic gets a modern overhaul with "Dice Vision" by TCC and Conan Liu. "Color Vision" is one of the most iconic...

4D Ball Box Pro Trick
4D Ball Box Pro
Trick by TCC Presents - 99.95

TCC and Conan Liu present an innovative new take on the classic "4D Ball Trick." "4D Ball Box Pro" is based on a classic effect...

Premise, Power & Participation (Volumes 1 - 4) Magic download (video)
Premise, Power & Participation (Volumes 1 - 4)
Magic download (video) by David Regal - 139.95

This special 4-video set from David Regal features a carefully curated selection of effects designed to help you reach the next level of your magic...

Caffeine Rush Trick
Caffeine Rush
Trick by Peter Eggink and Empty Hand Productions - 34.95

A small object penetrates the lid of a coffee cup they are holding. "Caffeine Rush" is a super organic and amazing piece of close up magic....

UFO Trick
Trick by APPRENTICE - 8.95

UFO is one of the most amazing magic tricks of all time! EFFECT: In this version, You ask an audience member to borrow a coin. The coin can be signed...

Loops Legends Trick
Loops Legends
Trick by Yigal Mesika - 24.95

Yigal Mesika has brought together multiple Loops experts and invisible thread magic masters to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Loops. This...

Advanced Bolt and Nut Trick
Advanced Bolt and Nut
Trick by Uday's Magic World - 29.95

A clever prop that adds new layers to the classic Bolt and Nut close up magic effect.

Wizard of Oz Book Test (Zandman) Trick
Wizard of Oz Book Test (Zandman)
Trick by Josh Zandman - 55.00

Instantly know the word someone is simply thinking of. The "Wizard of Oz Book Test" is a powerful new offering within the super popular...

Mind Game Pro Trick
Mind Game Pro
Trick by Tora Magic - 49.95

Show a pad, consisting of the cover and the image of a human mind. Ask a viewer to write a color, a name, a pin (or other) in the white space...

Happy Birthday Torn and Restored (25-pack) Trick
Happy Birthday Torn and Restored (25-pack)
Trick by Uday's Magic World - From $5.50 - normally $10.95

The perfect birthday magic trick. Multiple languages available! A strip of paper with scattered words is torn into pieces. You then restore it and...

Deluxe Ramsay Set - Replica Walking Liberty Trick
Deluxe Ramsay Set - Replica Walking Liberty
Trick by Tango Magic and Antonio Kamimoto - 195.00

An in-depth study of Ramsay's Cylinder and deluxe professional props from Antonio Kamimoto and Tango Magic. The "Deluxe Ramsay Set - Replica...

Daniel Prado Masterclass Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Daniel Prado Masterclass
Magic download (video) by Daniel Prado - 75.00

More than 5 hours of original tricks and thought-provoking theory that will help you make your magic more personal and unique. Brazilian Magician...

RD360 Trick
Trick by Henry Harrius - 155.00

This just might be the "holy grail" of Cube Magic. The ultimate cube utility or cube-solving prop "RD360" is an unbelievable...

The Lost Treasure Trick
The Lost Treasure
Trick by APPRENTICE - 8.95

A super easy, visual, and amazing magic trick for beginners. You display a coin on a pedestal (use your own coin, any currency). As you do, you tell...

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