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Multi Effect Net Trick
Multi Effect Net
Trick by Daniel Diaz - 79.95

Magically make objects appear within a butterfly net鈥攁 refreshing new take on some of your favorite classics of magic. You can make objects like...

Nothing Gen 3 Smoke Device Trick
Nothing Gen 3 Smoke Device
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - 199.98

The world's smallest smoke device just got even better. After more than 2 years of dedicated work, the "Nothing 2.0" has received a major...

Wand Spins Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Wand Spins
Magic download (video) by Ian Kendall - 14.95

To become a true master of your craft, you must have an eagerness to understand every detail of even the most basic ideas. Few embrace this concept...

Twinkle Trick
Trick by Amor Magic - 35.00

Control light and shadow with an amazing reveal using the flashlight of a phone. "Twinkle" allows you to use your own cell phone or borrow...

Endless Trick
Trick by Inaki Zabaletta - 40.00

A wildly unique and excitingly visual card magic opener AND closer packed into one amazing effect. Want to make a splash? Command attention before...

Jeff McBride Manipulation Coins Trick
Jeff McBride Manipulation Coins
Trick by Jeff McBride - 39.95

The perfect size manipulation coins. Legendary magician Jeff McBride shares the perfect manipulations coins for stand-up or stage manipulation magic...

Shade Trick
Trick by JEKI YOO - 79.95

A super cool and visual magic trick from Jeki Yoo! "This makes perfect sense and makes my brain melt at the same time! I love this!"...

Bending Glass Trick
Bending Glass
Trick by Sorcier Magic - 59.95

A solid glass bends slowly in front of your eyes. With "Bending Glass", a solid glass goblet is handed to the spectator. The magician then...

Thin Air (Ignacio L贸pez) Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Thin Air (Ignacio L贸pez)
Trick by Ignacio L贸pez - 24.95

After completely selling out at Magifest and Blackpool, 鈥淭hin Air鈥 from Ignacio Lopez is finally available worldwide. 鈥淭hin Air鈥 is one of the most...

Pro Light 3.0 Accessory
Pro Light 3.0
Accessory by Marc Antoine - From $60.00

The brightest and most vibrant fingertip light ever made. "Pro Light 3.0" is a high-tech upgrade on the producing light at your fingertips...

Arrival Trick
Trick by David Regal - 45.00

David Regal鈥檚 closing act to his Magic Castle close-up act is finally available to you. 鈥淎rrival鈥 is one of the most elegant card to impossible...

Orbit Trick
Trick by Golbal Magic - 39.95

"A game changer in levitation gimmicks." Paul Romhany Easily float phones, credit cards, glasses, dishes or other similar objects between...

Quantum Deck Trick
Quantum Deck
Trick by Craig Petty - 39.95

One of magic鈥檚 biggest mysteries has been solved鈥 鈥淔ooled the s out of me and I loved it鈥 Brent Braun 鈥淨uantum Deck鈥 from Craig Petty might just...

Thoughts on Performing Stand Up Comedy Magic Book
Thoughts on Performing Stand Up Comedy Magic
Book by Nathan Kranzo - 35.00

From the hilarious and creative mind of Nathan Kranzo comes the professional advice needed to truly be funny while performing magic. "An...

Rosen Roy Martini Glass Trick
Rosen Roy Martini Glass
Trick by Rosen Roy - 235.00

The Rosen Roy Martini Glass brings a brand-new name to cocktail craftsmanship with an added touch of magic. Designed by master glass magician Rosen...

Deck Stab 3.0 Trick
Deck Stab 3.0
Trick by Adrian Vega - 35.00

New ideas and handlings make this classic effect better than ever. You can now perform it anywhere, anytime. The "Deck Stab" is a classic...

Jim Steinmeyer Masterclass Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Jim Steinmeyer Masterclass
Magic download (video) by Jim Steinmeyer - 75.00

Uncover a process that will last you a lifetime. The "Jim Steinmeyer Masterclass" is a look forward at creating and refining your own magic...

Pizza Magic Trick
Pizza Magic
Trick by Gustavo Raley - 45.00

Gustavo Raley brings you a new hilarious magic effect for your shows. Pizza Magic is visual, practical and magical. A great entertaining effect for...

The Lazy Magician Trick
The Lazy Magician
Trick by Scott Alexander - 199.95

This is Scott Alexander's new take on Dante's classic Lazy Magician plot, but updated and modernized with a certain new appeal. The piece opens with...

Cell Escape: The Real Secret Book
Cell Escape: The Real Secret
Book by and David De-Val - 39.95

40 years of escapology research has been packed into this fascinating book from master escape artist David De-Val. This limited edition release...

Haunted Twin Die Box Trick
Haunted Twin Die Box
Trick by Zanadu - 250.00

Zanadu-Petrie Lewis presents another top-quality effect expertly crafted in limited quantities. The Spook- Show Haunted House Die Box. The classic...

Appearing Candle Holder Trick
Appearing Candle Holder
Trick by Men Zi magic - 19.95

If you use appearing candle, it will be your best helper. It's easy to use. It just takes three seconds to install when you use it, and one second to...

Safe Prediction Trick
Safe Prediction
Trick by Hugo Valenzuela and Magical Universe - 49.95

An amazingly unique and fun lock prediction with a kicker ending that will leave them speechless. The magician shows a safe that cannot be opened. ...

Comedy Water Can Trick
Comedy Water Can
Trick by Daniel Diaz - 45.00

A visual gag filled with multiple funny moments for any family magic show or children's magic show. Hand the "Comedy Water Can" to your...

Appearance Bag Trick
Appearance Bag
Trick by Tejinaya - 30.00

It's a magic trick that suddenly appears in an empty bag. The surface is mesh and the inside can be seen through. Things suddenly appear here, so...

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