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Super Visual Silk To Rose Trick
Super Visual Silk To Rose
Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - 39.95

A red silk instantly transforms into a rose with this beautiful piece of visual magic. "Super Visual Silk To Rose" is the fastest, easiest...

Giant Gold Cane Trick
Giant Gold Cane
Trick by Tora Magic - 39.95

An interesting classic trick you can start your show with. There are many ways to play with it, such as silk to cane; appearing cane in the middle of...

Impossible Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic and Hank Wu - From $14.95

New jumbo version for larger audiences now available! Since the first prototype was released in 2018, "Impossible" has fooled countless...

Jörg Alexander Masterclass Masterclass
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Jörg Alexander Masterclass
Masterclass by Jörg Alexander - 75.00

Hailing from Germany, Jörg Alexander is one of the most talented sleight of hand artists in the world. His unrivaled ability to combine remarkable...

Super Bubble Set Trick
Super Bubble Set
Trick by Daniel Diaz, Mago Flash and Zeonardo Arvelaez - 109.95

Make bubbles magically appear at your fingertips with "Super Bubble Set". This is a great standalone moment, as well as an exciting...

Card-Toon Remastered (Jumbo) Trick
Card-Toon Remastered (Jumbo)
Trick by Dan Harlan - 39.95

One of the best card tricks of all time is now bigger and better than ever! For the first time, you can now own Dan Harlan’s beloved “Card-Toon”...

Act Two Book
Act Two
Book by Barrie Richardson - 70.00

Barrie Richardson's Theater of the Mind was one of the most widely read mentalism books of the 1990's. Act Two is the follow up to that book and...

Theater of the Mind Book
Theater of the Mind
Book by Barrie Richardson - 70.00

There's one book, one name, one mind that has been continually recommended and referenced as the book that every performer should own. It's been...

Curtain Call Book
Curtain Call
Book by Barrie Richardson - 70.00

Ask working performers, who has created the most practical and impressive mentalism in recent times and one of the first names you will hear is...

CubeBuster Trick
Trick by Henry Harrius - 169.95

Henry Harrius’ top-secret tool is now available worldwide! “Henry Harrius is a creative genius and has taken the art of cube magic into the future....

Cardvertisement Trick
Trick by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and Michel Huot - 149.95

Convince your audience that you can truly influence their thoughts. With "Cardvertisement" a free choice matches a prediction that has been...

Refilled by Henry Harrius Trick
Refilled by Henry Harrius
Trick by Henry Harrius - 75.00

Henry Harrius is finally sharing one of his oldest, best kept secrets. “Refilled” is a signature routine in his working commercial set and we’re...

Bubble Wand Trick
Bubble Wand
Trick by Alan Wong - 19.95

The perfect magic accessory for children's magic parties and family shows! "Bubble Wand" by Alan Wong is exactly what it sounds like. It's...

The Jedi Book Test Trick
The Jedi Book Test
Trick by Josh Zandman - 99.95

A Book Test, Pegasus Page, Tossed Out Book routine and multiple bonuses all in one incredible book. The "Jedi Book Test" by Josh Zandman is...

Mind Ball Trick
Mind Ball
Trick by JL Magic - 225.00

A beautiful, easy-to-do professional mentalism routine that allows you to divine the color of a chosen ball or the locations of multiple chosen...

The Long and Short of It Trick
The Long and Short of It
Trick by David Regal - 39.95

Now available in multiple languages! An amazing and entertaining complete performance piece that isn’t your ordinary card trick, coin trick, or...

Galaxy Glass Trick
Galaxy Glass
Trick by Sorcier Magic - 60.00

A stunning liquid color change. "Galaxy Glass" allows you to visually change the color of a liquid inside a clear glass up to four times....

BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box) Trick
BDM Hands Off (The Perfect Safe Box)
Trick by Bazar De Magia - 295.00

A direct, clean and modern approach to the classic "Seven Keys to Baldplate" mentalism plot. Created by Bazar De Magia, "Hands...

The Chinese Flagon Trick
The Chinese Flagon
Trick by Bacon Magic - From $45.00

Make wine appear out of thin air inside an empty jug. Bacon Magic pays tribute to the longstanding connection between Chinese Magic and wine with...

Pi Max Book Test Trick
Pi Max Book Test
Trick by Vincent Hedan - 55.00

An upgraded, improved version of an impossible memory effect. "Pi Max Book Test" is Vincent Hedan's follow-up on the super popular "Pi...

Parlor Collectors 2.0 Trick
Parlor Collectors 2.0
Trick by Jia Tianshi - 39.95

A super clean and direct version of the classic collectors plot suitable for both parlor and close up. "Parlor Collectors 2.0" by JT (Jia...

Morpheus Pad Trick
Morpheus Pad
Trick by Quique Marduk and Willy Peralta - 79.95

An modern upgrade to a beloved mentalism accessory. For years, change pads (aka Add-a-Number pads) have often used a pencil attached to a cord. A...

Echo Deluxe Trick
Echo Deluxe
Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong - 150.00

Wayne Dobson's signature effect is now available to magicians around the world in an incredible new version! "Echo" is a key part of...

Double Devil Accessory
Double Devil
Accessory by Lee Alex - 52.00

A super versatile two-pocket Devil's Hank pocket square. Lee Alex has created some of the most popular Devil's Handkerchiefs on the market today....

Pirate Magic Trick
Pirate Magic
Trick by Daniel Diaz and Mago Flash - 45.00

A fun, exciting comedy magic prop that is perfect for children's magic shows. Daniel Diaz (aka Mago Flash) updates his bestselling "Mummy...

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