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Devilish  Impuzzibilities Book
Devilish Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - 19.00

BACK IN STOCK! The 6th installment in the incredible Impuzzibilities series from master magic creator Jim Steinmeyer is available again. As with all...

Treacherous Impuzzibilities Book
Treacherous Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - 19.00

Self-working magic for virtual shows, performances on TV and radio, and more! Treacherous Impuzzibilities, the 5th release in the incredible series...

Unexpected  Impuzzibilities Book
Unexpected Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - 20.00

AVAILABLE AGAIN! Don't miss your chance to grab the 7th, and final, installment in the massively popular "Impuzzibilities" series from...

Darwin Ortiz At the Card Table Book
Darwin Ortiz At the Card Table
Book by Darwin Ortiz - 60.00

After being out of print for a long time, At the Card Table from Darwin Ortiz—the innovative mind behind Strong Magic and Designing Miracles—is...

The Darkest Corners Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Darkest Corners
Book by Neil Kelso and Ben Hart - 60.00

A complete sellout at Magifest, The Session and Blackpool, this inaugural release from UK magician and Britain’s Got Talent sensation Ben Hart is...

False Anchors (Book + Gimmick)  Book
False Anchors (Book + Gimmick)
Book by Ryan Schlutz - 75.00

A project years in the making, False Anchors is a LIMITED EDITION release featuring a collection of mind-blowing effects from the amazingly creative...

Conjuror's Wisdom Book
Conjuror's Wisdom
Book by Jose Hernandez - 19.95

An extremely entertaining, funny and inspirational compilation of more than 3,000 magicial facts, fallacies, wit and confabulations by Joe...

Change Bag Routines Book
Change Bag Routines
Book by Harvey Raft and David Lew - 10.00

Time-tested Change Bag routines straight from the professional repertoire of Harvey Raft and David Lew. The routines in this incredible book cover...

GEHEIMNISSE (Hardcover) Book and Gimmicks  Book
GEHEIMNISSE (Hardcover) Book and Gimmicks
Book by Andreu - 100.00

Andreu's new mentalism release, GEHEIMNISSE ("Secrets") is finally here! In this beautiful hardcover book of 144 pages, you will find new...

Interpreting Magic Book
Interpreting Magic
Book by David Regal - 75.00

Where do we begin about Interpreting Magic? Theoretically, this book shouldn't be good. David Regal is prolific and just ten years ago he published...

The KNOT Collector Book
The KNOT Collector
Book by Phil WIllmarth - 20.00

A Routine of Flourish and Trick Knots Using A Single Piece of Rope Twenty rope effects using a single piece of rope which include those used in a...

Stanyon's Magic - Deluxe Edition Book
Stanyon's Magic - Deluxe Edition
Book by L&L Publishing - 250.00

Stanyon's Magic was a magazine published by Ellis Stanyon ion the early 1900s. Many consider it to be the finest magic magazine produced in that...

Book by Patrick Redford - 40.00

As a follow up to Patrick G. Redford's best-selling magic book, Applesauce, comes Cardboard. Patrick explores over a dozen effects and techniques...

Tarot Psychometry Book
Tarot Psychometry
Book by Luke Jermay - 55.00

"Jermay's Tarot Psychometry is more than just a really good trick. It's a full routine, that could become a complete act, that could become an...

The Illusioneer Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Illusioneer
Book by Carlos Vaquera - 40.00

The Illusioneer was a critically-acclaimed smash success in its original French language, and we at Vanishing Inc. are proud to be the publishers of...

Second Thoughts Book
Second Thoughts
Book by Ramon Rioboo - 59.95

Ramon Rioboo has a reputation as an innovator of card tricks capable of fooling and entertaining the most knowledgeable audiences, whether magicians...

The Shift - Vol. 2 Book
The Shift - Vol. 2
Book by Benjamin Earl - 50.00

Studio52 has done it again! The Shift #2 is here! This is the second volume in the series and believe it or not, they have stepped up their game-with...

The Complete Walton (Volumes 1 - 3) Book
The Complete Walton (Volumes 1 - 3)
Book by Roy Walton - 75.00 each

The Complete Walton series is finally available again. Every great card magician has read these books. And now, after a long wait, you can finally...

Haiku Book Test 2.0 Book
Haiku Book Test 2.0
Book by Vincent Hedan - 45.00

"Haiku" creates an incredibly fooling and direct mind reading demonstration, as well as a very personal experience for the spectator. This...

MIND WISE: Subtitle is Entertaining & Creative Mentalism Book
MIND WISE: Subtitle is Entertaining & Creative Mentalism
Book by Marc Salem and Richard Mark - 60.00

Mind Wise is creative and entertaining Mind-bending Mentalism from psychic entertainer and award winner, Richard Mark, author of Mind Warp, Mind Work...

SYZYGY 1-6 Hardbound Book
SYZYGY 1-6 Hardbound
Book by Lee Earle - 125.00

There are very few publications that can legitimately claim they have altered the way Mentalism is presented; SYZYGY is one of them. Editor Lee Earle...

Card Magic For The Enthusiast Book
Card Magic For The Enthusiast
Book by Paul Hallas - 25.00

Enthusiastic yet? Welcome back to another compelling compilation of clever card conjuring for the card magic enthusiast. This book is not intended...

Eugene Burger: From Beyond Book
Eugene Burger: From Beyond
Book by Larry Hass - 79.95

In 2017 magic lost one of its brightest lights: Eugene Burger. Astonishingly, a new book has emerged that celebrates Eugene's storied career, and...

Book by John Breeds - 35.00

"Kids' Entertainment in Libraries & Community Halls" In 2008 John Breeds released his first book on entertaining children with magic...

Blomberg Laboratories Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Blomberg Laboratories
Book by Andi Gladwin - From $55.00

Blomberg Laboratories is not as good as I had hoped it would be ... it's even better." Michael Weber Sweden's Tomas Blomberg is a revolutionary...

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