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The Magical Mentalism Tour Book
The Magical Mentalism Tour
Book by Magicseen Publishing - $29.95

After the incredible success of the Travelling Trickster, Magicseen Publications is THRILLED to present The Magical Mentalism Tour, another...

Rubinstein Coin Magic Book
Rubinstein Coin Magic
Book by Michael Rubinstein - $85.00

"Every 10 years or so in magic, a book comes out that is a game changer. Dr Michael Rubinstein has finally shared his magnum opus, his...

Magicians at War: How Espionage and Deceit Changed History Book
Magicians at War: How Espionage and Deceit Changed History
Book by H. Wayne Capps - $24.95

Does the CIA use magicians in the field? Was Houdini a secret spy? Did a card trick lead to end of World War II? Discover all this and more in...

Machinations Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Machinations
Book by Ben Harris - $40.00

With Machinations, Ben Harris builds upon an unusual and unbelievable puzzle developed by Martin Gardner and Bob Neale known as “The Trapdoor Card”....

Sensi Mental Book
Sensi Mental
Book by Richard Mark - $35.00

Baffle every audience with your super-human abilities! The powerful effects in Sensi Mental from Richard Mark move beyond the simple idea of...

Trifecta Book
Book by Dick Steiner - $39.00

More than 30 years of professional mentalism, magic and marketing is jam-packed into this incredible book. “Trifecta is in a class by itself. This...

Devilish  Impuzzibilities Book
Devilish Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $19.00

BACK IN STOCK! The 6th installment in the incredible Impuzzibilities series from master magic creator Jim Steinmeyer is available again. As with all...

Treacherous Impuzzibilities Book
Treacherous Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $19.00

Self-working magic for virtual shows, performances on TV and radio, and more! Treacherous Impuzzibilities, the 5th release in the incredible series...

Unexpected  Impuzzibilities Book
Unexpected Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $20.00

AVAILABLE AGAIN! Don't miss your chance to grab the 7th, and final, installment in the massively popular "Impuzzibilities" series from...

As We CAAN Book
Book by Himitsu Magic - $39.95

The ULTIMATE ACAAN book! Get ready to learn amazing card tricks like: 2-Deck Transportation ACAANA member of the audience signs a card and states a...

Darwin Ortiz At the Card Table Book
Darwin Ortiz At the Card Table
Book by Darwin Ortiz - $60.00

After being out of print for a long time, At the Card Table from Darwin Ortiz—the innovative mind behind Strong Magic and Designing Miracles—is...

The Darkest Corners Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Darkest Corners
Book by Neil Kelso and Ben Hart - $60.00

A complete sellout at Magifest, The Session and Blackpool, this inaugural release from UK magician and Britain’s Got Talent sensation Ben Hart is...

Impromptu Book
Book by Martin Gardner - $150.00

"There will never be a greater book in magic." -John Fisher Martin Gardner is one of the most respected and creative magical thinkers of...

False Anchors (Book + Gimmick)  Book
False Anchors (Book + Gimmick)
Book by Ryan Schlutz - $75.00

A project years in the making, False Anchors is a LIMITED EDITION release featuring a collection of mind-blowing effects from the amazingly creative...

Manga Book Test Trick
Manga Book Test
Trick by Michael O'Brien - $20.00

Divine any word using these powerful mind reading methods. Michael O’Brien is proud to introduce Manga Book Test, an incredibly fun and powerful...

Peter Turner's
Peter Turner's "New York, New York" Lecture Notes
Book by Peter Turner - $34.95

Following up his successful “The Midas Touch” booklet, Peter Introduces the next release in his mini-series of booklets inspired by the classic...

Parlour Tricks Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Parlour Tricks
Book by Morgan & West - $60.00

“Morgan and West are that rare thing, utterly unique, enormously entertaining and totally fooling. This gorgeous book contains all the secrets of...

Conjuror's Wisdom Book
Conjuror's Wisdom
Book by Jose Hernandez - $19.95

An extremely entertaining, funny and inspirational compilation of more than 3,000 magicial facts, fallacies, wit and confabulations by Joe...

Isabella's Star 3 Book
Isabella's Star 3
Book by Peter Turner - $51.00

The highly-anticipated final release in Peter Turner’s beloved Isabella’s Star series has arrived. With Isabella’s Star 3, Peter Turner blends...

Change Bag Routines Book
Change Bag Routines
Book by Harvey Raft and David Lew - $10.00

Time-tested Change Bag routines straight from the professional repertoire of Harvey Raft and David Lew. The routines in this incredible book cover...

Never Out Action Games Book
Never Out Action Games
Book by John Breeds - $35.00

Simon Says. Musical Chairs. Hide and Seek. What’s the biggest problem with running traditional games at kids parties? One by one, the kids are...

Chronicles Book
Book by Karl Fulves - $75.00

Long out of print, The Chronicles is recognized by many Karl Fulves collectors as his finest work. It was a magazine with contributions from Slydini,...

Dirty Work Book
Dirty Work
Book by Ryan Matney - $35.00

Dirty Work is the lowdown on ten new dirty deeds by Ryan Matney. Some are self-working, some are impromptu, and all are powerful examples of highly...

GEHEIMNISSE (Hardcover) Book and Gimmicks  Book
GEHEIMNISSE (Hardcover) Book and Gimmicks
Book by Andreu - $100.00

Andreu's new mentalism release, GEHEIMNISSE ("Secrets") is finally here! In this beautiful hardcover book of 144 pages, you will find new...

Interpreting Magic Book
Interpreting Magic
Book by David Regal - $75.00

Where do we begin about Interpreting Magic? Theoretically, this book shouldn't be good. David Regal is prolific and just ten years ago he published...

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The Darkest Corners
A complete sellout at Magifest, The Session and Blackpool,...
Parlour Tricks
“Morgan and West are that rare thing, utterly unique, enormously entertaining and...
Singapore's Harapan Ong has caused an online sensation with his technical abilities....
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