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Especially Yours Book
Especially Yours
Book by Stanton Carlisle - $25.00

If you already have a copy of Stanton Carlisle's Especially Yours, then count yourself lucky. If not, get yours now! This one is difficult to locate and deserves to be in any mentalist's library as it contains this well-known mentalist's most well-kept treasures, including: One Out of...

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Indian Cups and Balls Book
Indian Cups and Balls
Book by PK Ilango - $9.95

If you've been looking to do something different with your Cups and Balls routine, consider the Indian Cups and Balls. With exceptional illustrations, this booklet teaches the little details needed to properly learn this deceptive cross between the classic Cups & Balls and the Three Shell...

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Knowing the Ropes Book
Knowing the Ropes
Book by Will Ayling - $20.00

Rope magic can be some of the most amazing and baffling magic for audiences. Not only will this text teach you some of the basics of rope magic and so much more, but you will get routines from masters such as Edward Victor, Shigeo Takagi, and Harry Carnegie! Hurry and purchase yours before...

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The Nikola Card System Book
The Nikola Card System
Book by Louis Nikola - $30.00

The Nikola Card System details an improved card system that allows you to accomplish miracles. This system is more useful and more fooling than simpler stacks such as Si Stebbins or Eight Kings, and makes possible effects like measring cards by weight, spelling to a selected card, and so much...

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Playing Shopping Centers Book
Playing Shopping Centers
Book by Jim Mahoney - $10.00

Playing Shopping Centers by Jim Mahoney (with Introduction by Billy McComb) was written for magicians looking to perform magic in shopping malls, though the tips and advice will apply to other venues as well. It includes everything detail you need, including topics like microphone management,...

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Three Chinese Rings Book
Three Chinese Rings
Book by Lewis Ganson - $10.00

From prolific magic author and teacher extraordinaire Lewis Ganson comes Three Chinese Rings. This text will give you the basics on handling three rings as well routines from Rex Taylor and Aldo Colombini and so much more! Get your copy today! Includes: The Twisting MoveLinking Two...

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Thrilling Magic Book
Thrilling Magic
Book by Leonard H. Miller - $20.00

Buyer beware! These effects are not for the faint of heart, and maybe not for anyone - ever! But if you want some information on spicing up your act, check out Thrilling Magic, which details dangerous stunts such as fire eating, sword swallowing, miracles with spikes and more! Includes: Fire...

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Scripting Magic - Volume 2 Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Scripting Magic - Volume 2
Book by Pete McCabe - $50.00

This is the highly anticipated sequel to the smash success, Scripting Magic. Pete McCabe—with help from 25 of magic’s best—digs deeper into the most powerful tool in magic: the words you say when you perform. This powerful book will show you how to get more out of the tricks you already do, and...

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Scripting Magic Deluxe Set - Volumes 1 and 2 Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Scripting Magic Deluxe Set - Volumes 1 and 2
Book by Pete McCabe - $150.00

Vanishing Inc. have produced a very limited number of deluxe editions of both volumes of Scripting Magic, sold as a set. This handsome, clothbound set is the most attractive deluxe edition Vanishing Inc. Magic has yet produced, and it is a befitting treatment for two essential magic books that...

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Scripting Magic - Volume 1 Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Scripting Magic - Volume 1
Book by Pete McCabe - $50.00

When Scripting Magic was first released in 2007, it was an immediate, surprise sensation. Magicians around the world, hungry for ways to improve their magic, were thrilled to have a volume dedicated to the vital question: what you say when you perform? Written by Pete McCabe and including...

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The Butterfly Treasure Set - Limited Edition Book
The Butterfly Treasure Set - Limited Edition
Book by Ondrej Pšenicka - $99.95

"Those cards are beautiful... a very, very pretty deck."Penn Jillette (As seen on Penn & Teller's Fool Us) Take your magic to a new level with The Butterfly Treasure Set.  Limited to 250 collectible sets, each book is signed and numbered by the creator, Ondrej Psenicka,...

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A New Look at Card Fans Book
A New Look at Card Fans
Book by Lewis Ganson - $5.00

The master instructor, Lewis Ganson, is here to teach you everything you needed or wanted to know about card fans, including cards to use, types of fans, handling fans, and effects with the fans. This manuscript has it all. Get your copy today! Contents include: The Origin...

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Jack's Pack Book
Jack's Pack
Book by Jack Yates - $15.00

If you are looking for sly ways to find a card in a deck using names, numbers, words, and much more, then Jack's Pack is for you! It should get your mind working and your hands experimenting with the deck. Order your copy now!

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Knowing the Rising Card Book
Knowing the Rising Card
Book by Will Ayling - $25.00

Fans of the Rising Card will be glad to see the text, one of the few collections of methods for the Rising Cards. Will Ayling has compiled numerous methods, including those of Thurston and De Kolta, and this text should be of interest to anyone who has performed this venerable effect. ...

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Novel Notions Book
Novel Notions
Book by Ian Adair - $25.00

With over 25 effects for a variety of venues, Novel Notions is full of magic for any performer. Whether you do magic close-up or onstage, for children or adults, with livestock or mentalism, there really is something for everyone! So pick up your copy today and get your mind working in so way...

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Showmanship and Presentation Book
Showmanship and Presentation
Book by Edward Maurice - $10.00

Edward Maurice brings you a showman's tips and tricks for presenting your show. From curtain rise to fall, everything is covered, including openers, audience appeal, costume, make-up and so much more. So if you need a director in your corner, check out Showmanship and Presentation today!...

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Escapes Book
Book by Percy Abbott - $30.00

Percy Abbott brings you a nice compilation of escape routines for the aspiring performer. Not only are the basics covered, but topics such as Sensational Escapes and Escapes on TV are also covered. This volume is hard to find, so purchase yours today! Included are: Chain escapesWrist &...

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The Hofner Quintet Book
The Hofner Quintet
Book by John Hofner - $20.00

This booklet teaches mentalism effects for the stage, and is hard to come by. Effects are explained with the necessary detail and blueprints to pull off these wonders at your next gig. However, limited numbers are available, so orders yours now! Effects include: Hofner's World Golf...

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The Magic Kettle Book
The Magic Kettle
Book by Jeffery Atkins - $25.00

Whether you perform The Magic Kettle or just want to finally know how it's done, The Magic Kettle should be in your library. In this volume, you'll learn the history of this venerable effect as well as multiple ways to produce and set up the Any Drink Called For Effect. Multiple bars, markers,...

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Practical Hypnotism Book
Practical Hypnotism
Book by Ed Wolff - $25.00

Ever wanted to hypnotize someone? We've almost all thought about it at one point or another. Now you can learn how with Practical Hypnotism by Ed Wolff. You'll be taught everything you need to know to succeed, including the quick hypnosis method, hypnotizing groups, instantaneous hypnosis,...

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