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A Double Tour Book
A Double Tour
Book by Marchand de Trucs and Gabriel Werlen - 29.95

Two devastating pieces of mentalism designed for professional performers. In A Double Tour, Gabriel Werlen finally reveals two of most closely...

Leisure Trick
Trick by Paul Carnazzo - 24.95

Read the minds of up to three different people with "Leisure" by Paul Carnazzo (the creator of "Lexicology)". This is a direct,...

Nostradamus Trick
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 59.95

A pocket-sized prediction system you'll love. "Nostradamus is both clever and practical, and has a delicious premise"David Regal This is...

Discovery by Spooky Nyman Trick
Discovery by Spooky Nyman
Trick by Spooky Nyman - 39.95

Spooky Nyman has done it again. Taken a one in six chance into a veritable miracle. This is an easy-to-do piece of mentalism that you can easily...

Free Masterclass 2023 Holiday Bundle Magic download (video)
Free Masterclass 2023 Holiday Bundle
Magic download (video) by Vanishing Inc. - Free

It’s the season of giving and we’re celebrating with a special “Masterclass Holiday Bundle” you can download for free right now! Learn five of our...

Unlock Book
Book by Mark Elsdon and 3 Monkeys - 149.95

400+ pages of world-class mentalism from Mark Elsdon and some of his most talented mentalist friends. The ultimate book of mentalism has arrived!...

L Bell (Standard Version) Trick
L Bell (Standard Version)
Trick by Bacon Magic and Longlong - 74.95

A gorgeous, elegant, remote-controlled spirit bell. "L Bell" was developed by Magician Long Long and produced by Bacon Magic to offer...

Unseen: The Invisible Man Book Test Trick
Unseen: The Invisible Man Book Test
Trick by Josh Zandman - $99.95 $85.00 (SAVE $14.95)

Josh Zandman once again has revolutionized the world of book tests. Featuring a new method, this hands-free book test allows you to divine a...

Influence Trick
Trick by Alan Wong and Steve Cook - $59.95 $51.00 (SAVE $8.95)

A wildly deceptive and wonderfully unique spin on the Free Will premise. Inspired by the classic Free Will plot, "Influence" by Steve Cook...

 Motivational Cards 2.0 Trick
Motivational Cards 2.0
Trick by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong - 34.95

An engaging and inspiring mentalism routine. Discover the power of adding an emotional hook to your mind-reading routines. The routine starts by...

Movie Quiz Trick
Movie Quiz
Trick by Jamie Williams and MB Magic - $29.95 $25.50 (SAVE $4.45)

A fun, unique, and memorable addition to any repertoire. Take your audience on a cinematic journey they'll never forget. "Movie Quiz" by...

Memoraid Trick
Trick by Christopher Rawlins - 49.95

Showcase superhuman memory skills without any difficult work required. It's almost unfair how easy "Memoraid" is to use. “Memoraid” by...

The Elder Deck:  The Magician's Tool for Rune Reading Deck of cards
The Elder Deck: The Magician's Tool for Rune Reading
Deck of cards by Phill Smith and John Watson - 25.00

Phill Smith has done it again. This is a stunning deck of cards suitable for collectors, magicians, and mystery performers. "The Elder...

DEViOS Trick
Trick by Mark Lemon - $59.95 $51.00 (SAVE $8.95)

A comprehensive and powerful mentalism system that lives on your iPhone. For over two years, Mark Lemon has been diving deep into all the amazing...

Double Color Prediction Trick
Double Color Prediction
Trick by Sorcier Magic - 55.00

Add a little color into your next show... You show a small piece of metal, about the size of a playing card to your spectator. It has three holes...

Mental Telepathy Cards Trick
Mental Telepathy Cards
Trick by Chazpro and Santa Magic - 19.95

A fun and fooling effect that will dazzle every audience, even difficult hecklers. An audience member turns over one card and then conceals all the...

Richard Osterlind's Universal Force Book (UFB) Trick
Richard Osterlind's Universal Force Book (UFB)
Trick by Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti - $99.95 $85.00 (SAVE $14.95)

More than a decade in the making, "Universal Force Book (UFB)" by Richard Osterlind is a fully-customized, one-of-a-kind forcing device...

S'Pendulum Trick
Trick by Steve Marchello - 39.95

A convenient, practical, and powerful tool you can wear! "S'Pendulum" is Steve Marchello's amazing and organic approach to pendulum effects...

Mental Voice Trick
Mental Voice
Trick by BlackBox Magic - 199.95

An affordable, state-of-the-art bone conduction device for modern mentalists and magicians. "Mental Voice" by BlackBox Magic allows you to...

Jumping to Conclusions Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Jumping to Conclusions
Trick by Harapan Ong - 24.95

A super easy-to-do, fooling effect from Harapan Ong with a stunning ending they’ll never see coming. “Jumping to Conclusions” is Harapan’s take on...

RoboTic Trick
Trick by Julio Montoro - 29.95

Mentalism + visual magic + a souvenir + Julio Montoro = "RoboTic". You show your spectator a business card from a toy shop you visited in...

The Traveller Book
The Traveller
Book by reese Goodley - 38.00

Michael Murray is back with an incredible reveal of a thought of country by Reese Goodley. "The thing that impresses me about "The...

13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set Trick
13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set
Trick by Richard Osterlind, Tony Corinda and Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - 99.95

Everything you need to start performing professional quality mentalism in one amazing set. Tony Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism has long been...

Profile Trick
Trick by David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis - 24.95

A hands-off, easy to do stunner from David Jonathan and Nikolas Mavresis. "Profile" is a fun, engaging routine that builds toward a...

Syncro Trick
Trick by Magic Pro Ideas - 39.95

Force, predict or guess any time on a borrowed phone. "Syncro" is a magic stopwatch that you can easily use on your phone or, even better,...

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