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Soul Trick
Trick by Bond Lee - 279.95

A powerful, high-tech piece of magic technology that allows you to instantly know seemingly impossible information. With "Soul" by Bond...

Lucky Ladybug Trick
Lucky Ladybug
Trick by Deuce Gala and Joshua Ray - 19.95

Praise, applause, and plenty of awes — "Lucky Ladybug" isn't merely a trick; it's a transformative tool that elevates your spectator into a...

Halloween Exchange Trick
Halloween Exchange
Trick by Luis Zavaleta and Mago Nox - From $35.00

A new fun effect for your Halloween magic shows that kids and adults alike will enjoy. You show two characters (skeleton and dracula) and allow...

Elegant Close-up Pad Accessory
Elegant Close-up Pad
Accessory by TCC Presents - 79.95

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with "Elegant Close-up Pads" with velvet fabric by TCC. Expertly crafted through a meticulous three-step...

Mortenn Christiansen Masterclass Live lecture
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Mortenn Christiansen Masterclass
Live lecture by Mortenn Christiansen - 75.00

Due to massive popular demand following his appearances at both Magifest and The Session, we’re thrilled to welcome in FISM-winner Mortenn...

Andalusian Challenge Trick
Andalusian Challenge
Trick by Julio Montoro and Elias D'Sastre - 29.95

A new approach to the Chinese Charming Challenge that doesn't need an extra coin. Welcome to "Andalusian Challenge" by Elias D'Sastre and...

Incendio Trick
Trick by TCC Presents - 99.95

Create a burst of fire from a normal-looking Sharpie. Like a real-life Harry Potter, "Incendio" by TCC allows you to create fire with just...

The Vase Trick
The Vase
Trick by Morpheus Inc. - 129.95

Make objects appear, disappear or even transform with this practical switching tool disguised as an innocent pencil holder. Produced to perfection...

Dice Miracle Trick
Dice Miracle
Trick by TCC Presents - 80.00

"Dice Miracle" by TCC is an exquisite wooden ESP dice set crafted from ebony and boxwood inlays. This set is accompanied by three highly...

ZigyZag Trick
Trick by Julio Montoro - 39.95

Torn and Restored meets the Mismade Card and ZigZag plot with this amazing and organic effect from Julio Montoro. Building on the success of the...

Bill In Lemon (Syouma) Trick
Bill In Lemon (Syouma)
Trick by Syouma - 29.95

An improved and easy to do Bill in Lemon from Syouma. A sticker is placed on a borrowed bill and signed. You then fold the bill and hold it as you...

Reel Watch Trick
Reel Watch
Trick by Uday Jadguar - 39.95

An ITR perfectly hidden in a place they'd never expect. "Reel Watch" by Uday Jadugar allows you to easily float and animate objects on the...

Portal Hand Trick
Portal Hand
Trick by Kelvin Chad - 39.95

A fun new version of the classic "Little Hand" effect! Produced and sold with permission of the original creator Bob Farmer, Kelvin Chad's...

Efesto Accessory
Accessory by CREATIVITY LAB - 29.95

Create a burst of fire whenever you want with this essential accessory for professional magicians and lovers of special effects. "Efesto"...

Flashpot Lighter Accessory
Flashpot Lighter
Accessory by CREATIVITY LAB - 24.95

Produce a burst of flames with this discreet flashpot flash device disguised as a lighter. "Flashpot Lighter" is a super quick and...

One More Box Trick
One More Box
Trick by Gustavo Raley and Jorge Luques - 43.00

An fun, intriguing, and unique take on the nest of boxes plot. "One More Box" is an incredible routine from Jorge Luques that is presented...

ShaPet Trick
Trick by Gustavo Raley and Agustin Viglione - 29.95

Shape your imagination with this perfect close-up effect for your family shows. "Shapet" is a fun and unique effect from Gustavo Raley and...

Crash On Trick
Crash On
Trick by Gustavo Raley - 24.95

A colorful and fun new take on a classic close-up magic effect. "Crash On" by Gustavo Raley allows you to push a crayon right through a...

Chaos Cube Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Chaos Cube
Trick by Alfonso Abejuela - 24.95

Instantly solve a cube multiple different ways with this visually-spectacular, mind-blowing routine. In the early 1980s, Daryl introduced the world...

Carson's Drink Trick
Carson's Drink
Trick by Juan Pablo and Juan Pablo Ibañez - 64.95

Make a borrowed glass float in an elegant and magical way. "Carson's Drink" is a wonderfully modern adaptation of the classic Zombie...

Auroshoot Trick
Trick by Evil Bunny - From $10.95

Multiple colors. One single thumb light. "Auroshoot" by Evil Bunny is a multicolor thumb light that allows you to produce six different...

Crazy Sam's Finger Ring Trick
Crazy Sam's Finger Ring
Trick by Hanson Chien and Sam Huang - 34.95

A multi-phase explosion of modern visual ring magic. Sam Huang , creator of the 2022 Trick of the Year "Crazy Sam's Handcuffs", brings you...

Cube 52 Trick
Cube 52
Trick by Craig Petty - 34.95

The most revolutionary development to cube magic since the launch of Cube3. "Cube 52 opens up a whole new world in cube magic. Absolutely...

Jim Krenz’s Ring Off Rope Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Jim Krenz’s Ring Off Rope
Magic download (video) by Jim Krenz - $12.95 $10.36 (SAVE $2.59)

A wildly fooling and entertaining “Ring Off Rope” routine that will leave your audience stunned. Using his own unique technique, “Jim Krenz’s Ring...

Jim Krenz Collection Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Jim Krenz Collection
Magic download (video) by Jim Krenz - 65.00

Four incredible effects from a true legend of close-up magic. Few magicians are as knowledgeable as Jim Krenz, who spent 15 years working at the...

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