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Creative Weekly - Volume 1 Trick
Creative Weekly - Volume 1
Trick by Julio Montoro - $19.95

Julio Montoro is finally making the material from his super popular monthly subscription available to magicians around the world. In 2020, Julio...

N9 Trick
Trick by N2G - $69.95

A hyper-visual and practical coin effect. “N9” is an incredible coin magic set brought to you by N2G in collaboration with Vanishing Inc. A Chinese...

The Thread of Life Trick
The Thread of Life
Trick by Alan Wong - $65.00

The "Thread of Life" is a complete professional package with full performance rights to use Wayne Dobson's script word for word written...

AcrobaTic Trick
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $29.95

A wildly fun effect that gives a fresh and modern spin on an old idea. "AcrobaTic" by Gustavo Raley is like a new, take on the...

Multiple Monte Trick
Multiple Monte
Trick by Juan Pablo and Juan Pablo Ibañez - From $39.95

A super fun and visual "three card monte" style effect for stage and parlor, as well as close up magic. "Multiple Monte" is a a...

ProCaps Trick
Trick by Lloyd Barnes - $39.95

One of the most iconic magic tricks of all time just got a major 21st century upgrade. Perform miracles with a stack of coins and a bottle cap. The...

Sponge Tennis Balls Trick
Sponge Tennis Balls
Trick by Mr Daba - $49.95

A sponge ball routine that can play for any size audience from close up magic to stage and parlor magic. There is a reason the late, great Eugene...

P.O.V. PAD Trick
Trick by Julio Montoro and Joao Miranda - $49.95

A cleverly-gimmicked peek pad that solves one of the biggest problems plaguing other peek devices. Brought to you by two of the most creative minds...

The Mummy Trick
The Mummy
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies and APPRENTICE - $8.95

Just getting started in magic and want to amaze your friends? "The Mummy" is a delightfully fun and unique close up magic and mentalism...

The Vault Trick
The Vault
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies and APPRENTICE - $9.95

Double your money and amaze your friends with this awesome magic trick for beginners! Offered as part of Murphy's Magic Apprentice line for...

The Ghost Trick
The Ghost
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies and APPRENTICE - $8.95

Make a coin disappear in a ghostly way with this amazing magic trick for beginners from Murphy's Magic as part of their special Apprentice line....

Breaking Point Magic download (video)
Breaking Point
Magic download (video) by Johannes Mengel and The Vault - $14.95

A delightfully freaky bit of close up magic that can be done anywhere and is impossible to ignore. As seen with his bestselling magic download...

Switch Board Trick
Switch Board
Trick by IDEAA Lab - $295.00

An upgraded version of a classic that uses a perfect blend of magic and technology to create a powerful experience. Reinventing a Classic Magicians...

Demon Hand Trick
Demon Hand
Trick by Hanson Chien - $29.95

A creepy, spooky and shocking take on the classic "Little Hand" by Bob Farmer. Ever had someone call you a "demon" or something...

The Time Machine Trick
The Time Machine
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies and APPRENTICE - $8.95

A super fun, classic close up magic trick reimagined for a modern audience. Learn how to read minds easily. Offered as part of the special...

Smoke Pad Accessory
Smoke Pad
Accessory by Bacon Magic - From $299.95

Blending a premium close up pad with a smoke device, this versatile accessory allows you to immediately enhance all of your favorite close up magic...

Kaifu's Chip Trick
Kaifu's Chip
Trick by Zamm Wong - $35.00

A fun bit of mentalism that fits in your pocket. Six chips with different colored faces are introduced alongside a special question mark chip. The...

Paul Harris Presents True Astonishments Box Set Trick
Paul Harris Presents True Astonishments Box Set
Trick by Paul Harris Presents - $200.00

Finally those that missed out on the original release have a chance to enjoy a deep dive into the mind of the incredible Paul Harris. When it was...

Ambitious Lego Trick (pre-order)
Ambitious Lego
Trick (pre-order) by Julio Montoro - $35.00

"Ambitious Lego" is a visual masterpiece from Julio Montoro where a red Lego brick magically jumps up a stack of blue Lego bricks, one at a...

Crazyman's Split Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Crazyman's Split
Magic download (video) by Henry Harrius - $12.00 $6.00 (SAVE $6.00)

“The Crazyman’s Split” has been Henry Harrius’ opener for years. It’s a permanent part of his close-up act and now he’s releasing it for the world to...

The Bite Trick
The Bite
Trick by Manuel Llari Martin and Iván Garcia - $14.95

The spectator chooses a card from a blue back deck and loses it in the center of the deck. Next, the magician, extracts one red backed card from his...

Hindu Thread Trick
Hindu Thread
Trick by Scott Alexander and Alexander Illusions LLC - $199.00

This version of the Hindu Thread is the perfect setup for stage performances and parlor shows. The handling is SUPER CLEAN. You never feel like...

Six Impossible Things Deluxe Set (Show, Explanations and Box Set) Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Six Impossible Things Deluxe Set (Show, Explanations and Box Set)
Trick by Joshua Jay - $125.00

An extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at Joshua Jay’s Six Impossible Things. For the first time ever, you can enjoy the smash-hit show and then get...

Crazy Sam's Handcuffs Trick
Crazy Sam's Handcuffs
Trick by Hanson Chien and Sam Huang - $24.95

Hyper visual madness that ushers in the next evolution of the Crazy Man's Handcuffs. This is a piece of rubber band magic that every close up...

BEKOS 3.0 (Best Ever Knots Off Silk) Trick
BEKOS 3.0 (Best Ever Knots Off Silk)
Trick by Jeff McBride - From $55.00

One of Jeff McBride's all-time classic tricks is now available to you. Jeff McBride is one of magic's most iconic performers and creators. He has...

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