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Chop Egg Trick
Chop Egg
Trick by Jeki Yoo - 64.95

Jeki Yoo puts his unique creative spin on the Chop Cup and it is, of course, phenomenal! "Chop Egg" is a result of Jeki's passion for the...

The Floating Cube Trick
The Floating Cube
Trick by Uday Jadugar and Uday's Magic World - 29.95

A cube magically defies all laws of physics without any visible explanation. "The Floating Cube" by Uday Jadugar is a vibrant and fun...

Statue Vanish Trick
Statue Vanish
Trick by Roy Kueppers - 74.95

The most iconic illusion of all time is now available in an amazing close-up version. David Copperfield made history when he vanished the Statue of...

Vanishing Sunglasses Trick
Vanishing Sunglasses
Trick by Wonder Makers - 64.95

A stunningly visual and wildly impossible vanish that happens right in front of them. "Vanishing Sunglasses" packs a real punch with...

Taste It Trick
Taste It
Trick by Andre Previato and Andrew - 39.95

A sensory mental experience designed for everyday performances. You pour some different colored Tic-Tac candies into the hand of your helper and...

Reconstruct Trick or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Reconstruct
Trick or download by William Tyrrell - Download + Gimmick Kit $19.95 or download for $12.95

A hyper-visual torn and restored bill effect. It looks and feels like real magic as four pieces of a bill are touched together and instantly melt...

Magic Mismade Bill (by Diamond Jim Tyler) Trick
Magic Mismade Bill (by Diamond Jim Tyler)
Trick by Diamond Jim Tyler - From $1.95

A bill gets magically turned inside out with this classic prop that is a must-have for all close up magicians. Diamond Jim Tyler has created...

Mini Roulette Trick
Mini Roulette
Trick by TCC Presents and Treey Chou - 99.95

A premium, portable version of one of the most infamous effects in all of magic. The magician introduces a small wooden block with a sharp spike...

Fuse It Trick
Fuse It
Trick by Victor Sanz - 39.95

A pocket miracle with post-it notes. Two signed notes fuse together. You sign a Post-It note and then allow someone to peel it off the pad and...

The Frame Trick
The Frame
Trick by TCC Presents and Terry - 119.95

Extraordinary magic you can wear. You start by borrowing a ring from someone in the audience and comparing it to the vintage pendant around your...

The Mystery Stick Trick
The Mystery Stick
Trick by TCC Presents and Jimmy Fan - 49.95

An incredible new approach to the classic Pom-Pom Stick designed for close up magic performers. This is a one-of-a-kind close up illusion that can be...

Paddle King Trick
Paddle King
Trick by TCC Presents - 49.95

A stunningly fresh approach to the Paddle Move that breathes new life into this classic concept for modern magicians. The "Paddle King" by...

Unseen Force Pro Accessory
Unseen Force Pro
Accessory by TCC Presents and Lin Lei - 99.95

And incredible updated version of the highly-rated, revolutionary "Unseen Force" levitation system. "Unseen Force Pro" by TCC is...

Deep X Trick
Deep X
Trick by Paul Harris, Paul Harris Presents and Knight - 44.95

A thought-of word or name inside your examinable wallet. This is an easy and powerful miracle you'll love performing. Brought to you by Paul Harris...

The Ultimate Puzzle Trick
The Ultimate Puzzle
Trick by TCC Presents - 94.95

A gorgeous, professional quality take on the classic magic puzzle concept. "The Ultimate Puzzle" was designed with pros and collectors in...

The Tunnel Trick
The Tunnel
Trick by TCC Presents, Jimmy Fan and Artisan Coin - 59.95

One of the most stunning and highest-quality Coin Penetration Tubes you'll ever find. The Coin Penetration tube is a classic magic prop beloved by...

Time Cube Trick
Time Cube
Trick by TCC Presents and Treey Chou - 149.95

Magician Terry Chou has long combined the VDR and Hopping Coin effect in his live shows. In this routine, two coins magically return to a coin purse...

The Drawing Test Cards (DTC Cards) Trick
The Drawing Test Cards (DTC Cards)
Trick by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and Paul McCaig - 24.95

A simple, powerful and direct piece of mind-reading that fits in your pocket and plays huge. "The Drawing Test Cards (DTC Cards)" by Alan...

Magic Mind Trick
Magic Mind
Trick by Bacon Magic - 259.95

"Magic Mind 2.0" is a remarkable piece of cutting-edge magic technology. This convenient, compact, and highly practical magical accessory...

BEKOS 4.0 Ghost (Best Ever Knots Off Silk) Trick
BEKOS 4.0 Ghost (Best Ever Knots Off Silk)
Trick by Jeff McBride and Alan Wong - 64.95

B.E.K.O.S.4.0 by Jeff McBride and Alan Wong Additional Routines by Phil Ackerly BEST EVER KNOTS OFF SILK 4.0 THE GHOST - HALLOWEEN EDITION One of...

Inversion Holder Trick
Inversion Holder
Trick by David Penn and TCC Presents - 29.95

A practical and powerful hidden weapon for your Cups and Balls and Chop Cup routines. If you wear fitted suits or clothing, listen up. David Penn's...

Mental Key Prediction Trick
Mental Key Prediction
Trick by Royce Luo and Conan Liu - 59.95

Flawlessly predict a four-digit number inscribed on the back of a wooden keychain. No forcing required. Just pure amazing mentalism. After...

Trick by André Previato Bonafini - 24.95

Imagine being able to turn a bill of money into another and then again into another! It seems impossible but that's exactly what will happen right in...

Extreme Money Trick
Extreme Money
Trick by Kenneth Costa and Andre Previato - 24.95

A multi-phase visual bill transpo done without any suspicious movements or cover. "Extreme Money" by Kenneth Costa and Andre Previato is a...

Soul Trick
Trick by Bond Lee - 279.95

A powerful, high-tech piece of magic technology that allows you to instantly know seemingly impossible information. With "Soul" by Bond...

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