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Mentalized Book
Book by Dennis Hermanzo - $60.00

If you are a mentalist who loves fancy gimmicks - new groundbreaking principles or sleights - this book is not for you! But, if you want a book for mentalists that is practical and features audience-tested material-this is it! Mentalized features 16 powerful routines all based on...

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The Complete Walton Volume 3 Book
The Complete Walton Volume 3
Book by Lewis Davenport Ltd. - $67.50

"All I know about magic stems from Roy Walton. His effects are ingenious in construction and method. No one can fail to learn from this great magician." Gordon Bruce "The Complete Walton Vol. 3 is a collection of brilliance. I look forward to Volume 4." Peter Duffie "No matter what your skill...

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The Coin Connection Book
The Coin Connection
Book by Eric DeCamps - $12.50 NOW $9.38 (SAVE $3.12)

A thrilling debut to the second volume of the Masters of Magic series. New York's Eric DeCamps releases one of his most prized routines, a beautiful blend of spellbinding and artistic coin handling! The magician (hands obviously empty) introduces a small change purse, and dumps out 3 half...

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Entertainer's Marketing Academy Book
Entertainer's Marketing Academy
Book by Matt Fore - $295.00

Are you looking to enhance your business? Can you use more gigs? Ready to learn how to increase your income performing magic? Then read on, as here's a product geared for you. Matt Fore is a writer for, and The Huffington Post. Most importantly, Matt Fore...

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Magic with a Copper/Silver Coin Book
Magic with a Copper/Silver Coin
Book by Jerry Mentzer - $10.00

If you have ever wanted to learn magic with a copper/silver coin, this is the resource. There is SO much possible with this simple gimmick, and it's all collected here in one easy place to learn form. Magic with a Copper/Silver Coin contains a compilation of tricks with a double-sided coin....

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Less is More Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Less is More
Book by Benjamin Earl - From $50.00

"Benjamin Earl is one of the best cardmen around today. Less is More, is a bona fide winner! It gets my highest recommendation." Steve Forte "Ben has cleared a path for all of us to follow." David Williamson When Benjamin Earl takes a shuffled deck and cuts to the four Aces it feels completely...

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Trevor Lewis Escolc
Trevor Lewis Escolc "That's Close Up"
Book by Phil WIllmarth - $20.00

Trevor Lewis ESOLC "that's CLOSE UP" -- a Great little Book of Amazing Close-up items from Trevor Lewis, edited by Philip Willmarth. You'll be one of the few "in the know," as most performers have been unaware of this book for a long time. Contains Close-up Routines using many types...

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Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam Book
Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam
Book by Curtis Kam - $35.00

A hard-to-find book is available again! This is great news. Curtis Kam burst onto the scene with this fabulous, short but amazing collection. He has magic inside with earrings, cards, and of course the coin magic that has made him famous around the world.  Great close-up magic!...

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The M.C. Bit Book Book
The M.C. Bit Book
Book by Algonquin McDuff - $15.00

Emceeing a show is a daunting task if you've never done it. There are SO many mistakes beginner emcees make. But fear not! There is a book that helps guide you through being a great emcee. Funny, energetic, and fluid. A Guide for the Toastmaster - by Algonquin McDuff Looking for way...

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Magic with Himber Rings Book
Magic with Himber Rings
Book by Jerry Mentzer - $20.00

Himber rings are one of the great inventions of our time. And yet, they are SO mishandled that the linking finger ring routines rarely look as good as they should. This book fixes all that. It's an entire book dedicated to the handling of the himber ring and routines to do with it. Do you own a...

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Routines Matter Book
Routines Matter
Book by T Lewis and P. Willmarth - $40.00

This amazing book presents 40 stand-up and close-up routines as used By Trevor in his adult club and close-up performances. Also includes a section on MC advice and material you can and will use. So much to choose from, as you delve into effects that are not only fun to perform, but have a big...

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The Impostress Princess - EXPANDED Book
The Impostress Princess - EXPANDED
Book by Peter Tappan and Phil WIllmarth - $40.00

This book was quite a hit when it was released. It's a theoretical and practical treatise on the fascinating idea of the Princess Card trick. The concept of this trick is simple: you show a group of cards (or objects) and have someone think of one. You then show the same cards a moment later and...

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Some Assembly Required Trick
Some Assembly Required
Trick by Ryan Plunkett - $24.95

We are excited to present to you the first project by Chicago-based magician, Ryan Plunkett. This book includes 6 highly original routines. These are detailed in 56 pages with 36 custom illustrations. The foreword is written by Singapore's Harapan Ong. Contents Include: ...

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Pickpocket Accessory
Accessory by David Acer - $9.00 NOW $6.75 (SAVE $2.25)

Just when you thought there was nothing new in packet tricks, along comes Pickpocket with a roar! Four blank-faced cards are introduced, each with a picture of a quarter. The spectator is given a 5th card, blank-faced with no quarter. Here comes the magic - one by one, each of the...

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The Pass Book
The Pass
Book by Gary Ouellet - $29.95 NOW $22.46 (SAVE $7.49)

Finally, a practical and discerning handbook for all lovers of card magic wishing to read about, learn and master the pass, the most legendary of card sleights. Gary Ouellet has analyzed the pass in all its forms and brings you the result of years of study: which passes to learn, why some are...

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Watch This! Master Magician Series Volume 5 Book
Watch This! Master Magician Series Volume 5
Book by J.B. Bobo - $25.00

We all know JB Bobo as the author of the greatest coin magic book ever written. But very few realize he also authored this fantastic volume, full of terrific magic.  Now, one of the best books on coin and card magic is available in great, perfect bound! Seven chapters packed full of Bobo's...

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Memorandum Book
Book by Woody Aragon - $59.95

"The best memorized deck ever!" Hector Mancha "Woody Aragón's effects are fun, fantasy-filled, and fooling - that's a perfect combination for magical entertainment." Simon Aronson "The maximum magical impact, the maximum sense of impossibility!" Juan Tamariz "Marvelous compositions that...

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Class Act Book
Class Act
Book by Garry Ouellet - $30.00 NOW $22.50 (SAVE $7.50)

In Italy, the word "magic" is synonymous among the general public with the name Tony Binarelli. Throughout the continent, he is respected among his peers for his creative and entertaining magic. Now, for the first time, English speaking magicians can learn what Europe has known for years: the...

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After The Force Book
After The Force
Book by Ron Frost - $45.00 NOW $33.75 (SAVE $11.25)

Meet Ron Frost. He's the genius behind some of the most popular packet tricks of the 80s and 90s. Recently, however, Ron discovered that there are 46 more cards in the deck, and he hasn't slept a wink since! In this, Ron's first major book, he tips the card magic that has earned him both his...

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The Silver Passage Book
The Silver Passage
Book by Gary Ouellet - $12.00 NOW $9.00 (SAVE $3.00)

A breathtaking coins-through-table effect! Four (and only four) ungimmicked coins pass through a mirror in a beautiful, elegant, and astonishing manner! The final coin penetrates by way of The Hirata Master Move, one of the most shocking coin-through-table concepts ever invented. You take a coin,...

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