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Right Now Book
Right Now
Book by Nefesch - $20.00

RIGHT NOW is the name of my new manuscript, and includes three MENTALISM effects, that you can do any time anywhere to convince people that you CAN REALLY READ THEIR MINDS, this are effects that you can peform anytime someone asks you: "READ MY MIND RIGHT NOW"(which I don't know about you, but to...

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Musical Infuences Book
Musical Infuences
Book by Nefesch - $55.00

This is a book that will teach you SEVERAL MENTALISM EFFECTS, all of them related with MUSIC. FROM THE INTRODUCTION: "Let me tell you a REAL story: I received a call from a producer who asked me to meet him for an interview to discuss the chance of me being the OPENER for a MUSIC concert tour that...

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Illusionary Appearances Book
Illusionary Appearances
Book by Chris Stolz - $65.00

Chris Stolz is known as one of the top up and coming illusion designers in the industry today with incredible creations like his gorgeous looking sawing illusion "4 Way Split" or his incredibly practical levitation for the small stage "Sound Waves".Titanas Magic Productions is please to release...

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European Coin Magic Symposium 2010 Book
European Coin Magic Symposium 2010
Book by Various - $20.00

On November 26 & 27 2010 the first European Coin Magic Symposium brings 16 magicians from all over the world to Milan for 2 days of non-stop coin magic. In these pages, Shigeo Futagawa has compiled 8 masterpiece effects from several of the guests attending the Symposium, himself included:...

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Black Moon Book
Black Moon
Book by Docc Hilford - $45.00

"Yang is the male. It is white and the sun. But Yin is the woman. It is BLACK and the MOON." - Lao Tse 660 B.C. For the mentalist, PREDICTING THE FUTURE is where reputations are made. And BEING CONTEMPORARY is where the higher fees are found. The current craze in the New Age world is the Chinese...

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Methodical Book
Book by Aaron Smith - $17.50

This 31 page booklet contains 5 essays, each including a trick that uses the effects as examples to illustrate the various concepts. One Two Twos Sandwich, Hold the Selection Please - A sandwich effect with a twist, and a beautiful flourish that teaches why a show of skill is not always a hint to...

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CM2 - Cellular Mitosis 2 Book
CM2 - Cellular Mitosis 2
Book by Docc Hilford - $15.00

The Highest Level of Cell Work The final book in a series of thirty is perhaps Docc Hilford's greatest yet. His swansong will leave audiences in awe. A complete routine that stands as a full stage act of can be played casually on the street. It is what Real Time Mentalism is all about. In 2006 Docc...

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Blister Book Book
Blister Book
Book by Jack Tillar - $50.00

Once or twice every century, a new principle is discovered in our mystery field. In 1972, Jack Kent Tillar's Blister Effect was first published in Tarbell Volume 7. Harry Lorayne wrote, "As far as I know, this principle is new to magic." The effect is that a performer mysteriously makes a blister...

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The Rosini Secret Book
The Rosini Secret
Book by Paul Rossini - $11.70

The Ultimate in Close-up Billet ReadingEffectA small piece of paper is torn from a menu. A participant writes a brief question on the blank side of the paper and folds it. The mentalist uses a deck of cards in their box as a little tray to display the folded paper. The folded paper is returned to...

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Hey Mr. DJ Book
Hey Mr. DJ
Book by Docc Hilford - $20.00

Mentalism You Can Dance To! Music is a big part of the entertainment at weddings, bar mitzvahs and graduations. If a mentalist can incorporate the DJ in his program of mind reading, he's a rare commodity and worth more money. Hey Mr DJ is a complete routine that enables the mentalist to know ANY...

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Sextet Book
Book by Jack Kent Tillar - $49.95

This is the complete collection of Jack kent Tillar's telephone, fax, and email routines -- All under one cover: Over tow dozen new long distance performance pieces! Insider professional tips on maximizing impact and entertainment value! Three private routines: E.T. call Home, Coast-to-Coast...

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Ping and Pong Book
Ping and Pong
Book by Wayne Dobson - $20.00

Ping and Pong...Is an extremely entertaining and commercial routine for the 'Chinese Sticks' which has been featured on TV and Theatre many times. If you are looking for a funny, tried and tested 'Stand Up' routine; this is it! Plus bonus routines: White Lies....A winning routine for the 'Mental...

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Miracle Signed Bill In A Borrowed Cigar Book
Miracle Signed Bill In A Borrowed Cigar
Book by Jon Jensen - $10.00

EffectThe performer borrows a bill of any denomination and has it signed. The bill instantly vanishes from your fingertips. A cigar is borrowed and ripped in half. A bill is taken out and unrolled, revealing their signed bill.

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Trilogy Streamline Conversion Book
Trilogy Streamline Conversion
Book by Brian Caswells - $8.75

All the information you need to convert your original Trilogy to the NEW hard-hitting Streamline version.

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Populate Book
Book by Mark Parker - $29.95

Populate - An illusionary appearance of a small crowd.Introduction by Eric Olsen of EDF Magic This is the first in a series of single illusion publications by renowned Illusion designer Mark Parker, author of illusion books 'Vivify' & 4E Illusion Design. Populate is Parkers take on the Guy...

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NLP & Magic, other secrets Book
NLP & Magic, other secrets
Book by Mathieu Bich - $35.00

This book presents the subtle alliance of Neuro-Linguistique Programmingand magic. Here you discover all the techniques of persuasive communication central to a magic effect. How can you bring an intense emotional experience to your spectator?How can you use persuasion with elegance?These and many...

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CD Card College #1 E-Book Book
CD Card College #1 E-Book
Book by Roberto Giobbi - $45.00

This e-book is to my knowledge the first of its kind not just for magic literature but in general. The inclusion of several dozens of video clips extends and completes the description of moves and techniques and allows the student a deeper and quicker learning. Altogether 89 video clips are...

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Banquet Magician's Handbook Book
Banquet Magician's Handbook
Book by David Charvet - $19.95

Banquet or "after dinner" shows offer one of the most lucrative fields to the working magician In every town or city, every day, banquets are held where entertainment is needed In this book, David Charvet and a panel of experts share the real secrets of how to succeed in this market. **You Will...

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Acting for Magicians Book
Acting for Magicians
Book by Richard Tenace - $19.95

EffectOne of the main reasons magicians neglect the "acting" part of magic is because magic is such a demanding discipline to learn. A performing magician wears many hats. The magician has to learn sleights, misdirection and technical prowess of the hands. The magician is the choreographer, writer,...

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The Madras Paper Repeat Climax Book
The Madras Paper Repeat Climax
Book by PK Ilango - $5.00

The Madras Paper Repeat Climax is proof that some effects are more than the sum of their parts. A great combination of Six Card Repeat and Torn and Restored Newspaper, this effect surpasses them both by combining the two. The performer tears and counts pieces of newspaper, but no matter how...

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