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At Vanishing Inc. Magic we love the genre called close-up magic. Think David Blaine, Dynamo, and any magic you've seen up close, right under your nose - magic with cards and coins. But, lots of magic can fall into close up magic: card tricks, coin tricks, even the oldest trick in the world, a cups and balls routine.

There is no question, for us, that a miracle witnessed up close and with interaction is always stronger than some stage illusion seen from a great distance. That's why the focus on our business is close-up magic tricks.

If you're new to magic, our co-founder Joshua Jay literally "wrote the book" on close-up magic for beginners: Magic: The Complete Course.

WOW 3.0 - Business Card Version (Limited Edition) Trick
WOW 3.0 - Business Card Version (Limited Edition)
Trick by Katsuya Masuda and Ltd. ATTO Co. - 39.95

Katsuya Masuda's incredible WOW principle is now possible with business cards! A blank business card is put in the sleeve. Then, with a shake, your...

Instant Paper to Money Trick
Instant Paper to Money
Trick by Crazy Jokers and Miguel Pizarro - 49.95

The cleanest most visual way to transform paper into money! The idea of turning paper into money is one of the most popular magic tricks in the...

OSMOS (Deluxe Edition) Trick
OSMOS (Deluxe Edition)
Trick by ULTRAMantic - 69.95

Transform your Sharpie into a powerful EDC close-up magic weapon! "OSMOS" is your key to a whole new universe of Sharpie magic. From...

The Elephant Trick
The Elephant
Trick by Patrick Redford - 30.00

Make any small object vanish, appear, or transform under seemingly impossible conditions! With "The Elephant", Partick Redford has...

Mesika Ring Flight Trick
Mesika Ring Flight
Trick by Yigal Mesika - 74.95

A practical and organic approach to "Ring Flight" designed for modern performers. Their ring vanishes and then re-appears linked next to...

Inflamed Trick
Trick by Bond Lee - 99.95

Make a burst of fire appear on command with this clever electronic prop from Bond Lee. "Inflamed" by Bond Lee looks like an ordinary...

Key Prediction 2.0 Trick
Key Prediction 2.0
Trick by Kaifu Wong - 249.95

Predict any two-digit number and astonish every audience with the ingenious "Key Prediction 2.0" by Iarvel Magic. You introduce an elegant...

Homebound Trick
Trick by Peter Eggink and Empty Hand Productions - 44.95

An elegant, jaw-dropping and easy-to-do updated version of Peter's Eggink's popular key-to-necklace effect "Exit". "Homebound"...

Flick Jug Trick
Flick Jug
Trick by Yuji Enei, Lumos and Gatty - 124.95

Visual miracles with just a flick! The "Flick Jug" is your new favorite utility device for one-of-a-kind appearances and changes. There...

Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only) Book
Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only)
Book by Scott Alexander and Alexander Illusions LLC - $295.00 $149.95 (SAVE $145.05)

Get the last remaining copies of this incredible book at its lowest price ever! Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom by Scott Alexander was the first book...

Cubeify Trick
Trick by Kev G and Paul Fowler - 34.95

Reveal. Predict. Solve. "Cubeify" is an easy-to-use, unique lettering system that allows you perform one-of-a-kind word revelations with an...

Linking Bands Trick
Linking Bands
Trick by Fernando Moreno - 39.95

The magician shows three rubber bands hanging from the fingertips, stretching them to show that they are regular ones. Then, one by one they get...

Gemini Ring (Brass) Trick
Gemini Ring (Brass)
Trick by Chazpro and Santa Magic - 39.95

Perform your favorite ring off rope effects with this clever variation of the classic Ellis Ring. There are a variety of amazing ways to use...

Declassified Trick
Trick by Christopher Rawlins - 49.95

A powerful, easy-to-do thought experiment that floored some of the biggest minds at Blackpool is now available worldwide. "Stunning...

Tricolour Trick
Trick by The 1914 and Simon Lipkin - 59.95

Professional-grade mentalism without the hefty price tag. "Tricolour" is a special utility system for performing a jaw-dropping array of...

Golden Block Mystery Trick
Golden Block Mystery
Trick by TRICKSUPPLY - 79.95

A smaller, more-compact Die Box crafted to perfection from deep brown wood. "Golden Block Mystery" is your perfect close-up magic...

Twister Flavor 2.0 Trick
Twister Flavor 2.0
Trick by Tumi Magic - 34.95

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Twister Flavor" with the new and improved "Twister Flavor 2.0". "I loved this work; I...

Learn Bar Magic with Bibik Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Learn Bar Magic with Bibik
Magic download (video) by Bibik - 19.95

A rare chance to learn directly from one of the last performers connected to the iconic and influential Chicago Bar Magic scene. Filmed at the famous...

Airport Trick
Trick by Seth Race - 39.95

Mind-blowing magic with one of the most recognizable objects in the world…your earbuds. "Allow me to say it three times… WHAT? WHAT! WHAT!? I...

Key Motion Trick
Key Motion
Trick by Seth Race - 24.95

The iconic Haunted Key gets a 21st century upgrade. "Key Motion" uses a modern key, allowing you to finally add this beloved effect to your...

Knotted Necklace Trick
Knotted Necklace
Trick by JT and Jia Tianshi - 34.95

A novel and amazing "knots off necklace" effect that's easy to do and can even happen in their hands! You make three knots with your...

Artful Deceptions Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Artful Deceptions
Book or download by Allan Zola Kronzek - Book $34.95 or download for $26.21

Finally back in print: a remarkable collection of stunning card magic miracles! "One of the best magic books in many years. Highly...

Crazy Sam's Mind Trick
Crazy Sam's Mind
Trick by Hanson Chien and Sam Huang - 29.95

Now back in stock!!! Control objects with your mind using a revolutionary new device that allows you to effortlessly wield telekinetic powers like a...

Ring to Shoelace Trick
Ring to Shoelace
Trick by Adrián Carratalá - 225.00

From fooling Penn and Teller directly into your working set. This stunning effect had us feeling like kids again and we’re so thrilled to bring it to...

Greek Fire Trick
Greek Fire
Trick by Vernet Magic and Axel Vergnaud - 34.95

Six extremely visual close-up miracles with a mini Bic lighter. "Greek Fire" by Axel Vergnaud is a complete professional set that's perfect...

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Close-Up Magic

Close-up magic is the most popular type of magic in the world. It's easy to see why. You can understand why. Everyone can learn how to do it, you do not need any special space or equipment to do it and you can always have a deck of playing cards in your pocket ready to go at a moments notice.

We've put together some useful articles on close-up magic we think you'll enjoy reading.