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Titanic Tarot Cards: Risen Spirits Deck of cards
Titanic Tarot Cards: Risen Spirits
Deck of cards by Robert Tomlinson - From $44.95

"Titanic Tarot: Risen Spirits" is a fully custom 78-card deck of tarot cards themed after the RMS Titanic. The tarot deck showcases life on...

Atomic Water Vase Accessory
Atomic Water Vase
Accessory by TRICKSUPPLY - $14.95

Defy the laws of gravity and nature with "Atomic Water Vase". The small vase is filled with water, covered with a card and inverted....

TOCAAN Deluxe Edition Trick
TOCAAN Deluxe Edition
Trick by David Jonathan - $39.95

An unbelievably clean ACAAN with a stunning kicker they'll never see coming. "TOCAAN" by David Jonathan is an incredibly practical and...

Slick Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and Alan Rorrison - $44.95

A devious and innovative way to peek anything. "Slick" by Alan Rorrison and Mark Mason is your new favorite everyday carry. Disguised as...

Airy Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Ilya Melyukhin - $17.95

"Airy" is an innovative, hyper-visual transformation and vanish gimmick. Turn a playing card into a bill or billet with a message on it, or...

The Quick and the Dead Book
The Quick and the Dead
Book by Mark Strivings - $125.00

As close to a complete encyclopedia of "living and dead tests" as you'll ever find. The Quick and the Dead by Mark Strivings features...

Eyepopper Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Johannes Mengel - $9.95

A completely impromptu way to produce a coin from your eye. "Eyepopper" by Johannes Mengel is the rare type of close up magic that looks...

Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack) Accessory
Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack)
Accessory by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. and Tony Anverdi - $3.50

Non-gimmicked dice that perfectly match all Tony Anverdi gimmicked dice products (like "Mental Dice"), giving you the option to secretly...

Anverdi's Gambit Accessory
Anverdi's Gambit
Accessory by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. and Tony Anverdi - $59.95

"Anverdi's Gambit" is the perfect add-on for Anverdi's "Mental Dice" Set. This amazing accessory features four stunning chess...

Product Development Masterclass Trick
Product Development Masterclass
Trick by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Creations - $95.00

Adam Wilber presents more than 4.5 hours detailed instruction, exercises and case studies designed specifically to help you develop your own...

ECC Trick
Trick by N2G - $250.00

Pulling money out of thin air has been one of the most beloved and intriguing pieces of magic for centuries. With "ECC" by N2G, a classic...

You're Only Lying to Yourself Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive You're Only Lying to Yourself
Trick by Luke Jermay - $45.00

More than 4-hours of Luke Jermay like you’ve never seen him before. “You’re Only Lying to Yourself” is a jam-packed download and book set that...

Ideal Meal Trick
Ideal Meal
Trick by David Jonathan - $29.95

A delightfully fun, relatable and powerful routine from David Jonathan, one of the creative minds behind the bestselling effect "Snaps"....

3Deck Trick
Trick by Adrian Vega and Crazy Jokers - $34.95

A unique and intriguing gimmick with powerful possibilities. "Everything I have seen Adrian Vega do not only always fools us magicians, but...

Portrait WOW Trick
Portrait WOW
Trick by Katsuya Masuda, Roman Garcia Pastur and Tejinaya - $200.00

The super-popular "WOW" gets a stage-sized upgrade with "Portrait WOW" by Katsuya Masuda and Roman Garcia. "Portrait...

Magicseen Lite - July 2022 Magic download (ebook)
Magicseen Lite - July 2022
Magic download (ebook) by Magicseen Magazine - Free

Magicseen Lite offers you tricks, interviews, and reviews for no charge! This condensed version of the digital edition of Magicseen Magazine is the...

Melty Trick
Trick by Jordan Victoria and PCTC Production - $29.95

A lighter visually penetrates through a signed card. "'Melty' should come with aspirin because your spectators are going to have a headache!...

Maxim App
App by Lloyd Barnes - $24.95

A perfect hands-off reveal for any freely-named card in a deck. The holy grail of magic is easier than ever thanks to “Maxim” by Lloyd Barnes....

Bounce Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Bounce
Magic download (video) by Juan Luis Rubiales - $11.95

This is the type of hyper visual effect that makes you stop in your tracks. The type of magic that you just can’t help but smile when you see....

Choco Choco Trick
Choco Choco
Trick by Tora Magic - $59.95

"Choco Choco" by Tora Magic Company is a delightfully sweet effect in which you make chocolates magically appear and vanish. If you have...

Photo Finish Trick
Photo Finish
Trick by Dan Harlan - $19.95

Your spectator impossibly finds the only pieces in a random stack that come together to create an image they’re merely thinking of. “Photo Finish” by...

Ash Trick
Trick by Bond Lee and MS Magic - $34.95

A scorching revelation that appears in the ashes of a paper as it burns. "Ash" by MS Magic is an exciting way to reveal anything from a...

Tommy Wonder Classic Collection: Flying Birdcage Trick
Tommy Wonder Classic Collection: Flying Birdcage
Trick by Wings Magic - $1250.00

To honor the legacy of Tommy Wonder, one of the most influential magicians to ever live, Wings Magic is re-releasing some of his most legendary...

Our top-selling new release: You're Only Lying to Yourself

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