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Folding Money Trick
Folding Money
Trick by Joe Porper and TRICKSUPPLY - $295.00

Limited stock of an original Joe Porper classic metal bending routine are available again. The concept of bending metal such as spoons and keys has...

Mysterious Snake Trick
Mysterious Snake
Trick by Daniel Diaz and Mago Flash - $39.95

A fun new twist on a classic of children's magic. "Mysterious Snake" by Daniel Diaz (aka Mago Flash) is a easy to perform new approach to...

The Architect Trick
The Architect
Trick by Matthieu Hamaissi - $39.95

Powerful, pure and visual coin magic without any overcomplicated sleight of hand moves required. Matthieu Hamaissi is an underground coin magic...

Hotel 1950 Trick
Hotel 1950
Trick by Ludovic Mignon and Marchand de Trucs - $49.95

A one-of-a-kind prediction effect with a captivating theme and gorgeous props that thrives in any environment. "Hotel 1950" is a powerful...

Big Bucks (US Dollar) Trick
Big Bucks (US Dollar)
Trick by Meir Yedid Magic and Obie O'Brien - $24.95

A beloved classic modernized for the current generation of magicians. Obie O'Brien was best known as the organizer of "4F: The Original...

The Symbook Book Test Book
The Symbook Book Test
Book by Grupokaps Proucciones S.L. and Pepe Monfort - $74.95

Pepe Monfort's "Symbook Book Test" offers an innovative and powerful method for performing an extraordinary telepathic experience with one...

Premium Egg Bag (Bacon Magic) Trick
Premium Egg Bag (Bacon Magic)
Trick by Bacon Magic - $19.95

A pro "Egg Bag" designed by workers, for workers. This premium "Egg Bag" by Bacon Magic is the perfect magic accessory for any...

Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards Trick
Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards
Trick by Martin Schwartz - $150.00

Dr. Martin Schwartz returns with another masterful mechanical marvel that is quite possibly his best creation yet. "Dr. Schwartz's Alexander...

Multiple Gag Revelation Trick
Multiple Gag Revelation
Trick by Magic & Trick - $94.95

A hilarious way to take boring standard stock lines and turn them into a powerful prediction. "Multiple Gag Revelation" allows you to...

Lucky Star Trick
Lucky Star
Trick by Hanson Chien and Magic Hutong Entertainment Inc. Ltd. - $24.98

A delightful and memorable moment of rubber band magic that happens in their hands. A rubber band transforms into a star. This is a fun bit of close...

Magnet-0 Trick
Trick by Henry Harrius and Armando C. - $99.00

Magnet-0 (pronounced Magnet Zero) is, for us, all about the image. The most brilliant part about this terrific effect is the visual you get to create...

The WMS Gaff Deck Trick
The WMS Gaff Deck
Trick by World Magic Shop - $34.95

Six creators combine forces to share a variety of reputation-making card magic routines packed into one incredible gaff deck. This is the "World...

Cash Flow (Card to Bill) Trick
Cash Flow (Card to Bill)
Trick by Taty Gomez - $39.95

A wildly visual and practical transformation. "Cash Flow" by Taty Gomez allows you to instantly change a playing card into any bill....

Gagnon's Inner Sanctum Book
Gagnon's Inner Sanctum
Book by Tom Gagnon - $68.95

Tom Gagnon, along with some of the greatest magicians of all time, present a stunning 250+ page hardcover book filled with original card magic and...

Bioluminescent Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bioluminescent Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Penguin Magic and Penguin Magic (V) - $10.00

The world is teeming with organisms capable of producing their own light. This phenomenon is known as bioluminescence. The limited release...

Quirky Forces Book
Quirky Forces
Book by Chris Wardle - $50.00

50 different sneaky, ingenious and offbeat forcing methods from award-winning magician Chris Wardle. Quirky Forces is a 200+ page hardcover book...

With-Draw Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Brent Lill - $9.95

Transform a borrowed phone into your own personal ATM with "With-Draw" by Brent Lill. This exciting piece of close-up magic is a fun to...

TCP Change Magic download (video)
TCP Change
Magic download (video) by Juan Luis Rubiales - $11.95

A revolutionary technique with incredible possibilities from Juan Luis Rubiales (the genius mind behind "Bounce"). "TCP Change"...

Genii Magazine - August 2022 Magazine
Genii Magazine - August 2022
Magazine by Genii Magazine - $6.25

Genii the Conjuror's MagazineVOLUME 85ISSUE 8August2022 FEATURES: Ionia: Secrets of the Princess Unlocked by Charles Greene III House of Cards by...

Lorem Ipsum Book
Lorem Ipsum
Book by Nathan Colwell and N. Colwell - $24.95

Lorem Ipsum features 11 previously unpublished items: seven unique playing card moves, two card tricks, a bill routine, and a routine with driver's...

Tyvek Playing Card Envelopes (10-pack | Multiple Colors Available) Accessory
Tyvek Playing Card Envelopes (10-pack | Multiple Colors Available)
Accessory by Alan Wong - $12.95

Durable "Tyvek Card Envelopes". Playing card size. Super durable and offer a variety of uses. Both Tyvek brown envelopes and Tyvek black...

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