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The Great Gatsby Book Test (New Version) Trick
The Great Gatsby Book Test (New Version)
Trick by Josh Zandman - 99.95

Josh Zandman's "Great Gatsby Book Test" gets a major upgrade. The Zandman Book Tests are some of the most popular in the world. They are...

Ring to Shoelace Trick
Ring to Shoelace
Trick by Adrián Carratalá - 225.00

From fooling Penn and Teller directly into your working set. This stunning effect had us feeling like kids again and we’re so thrilled to bring it to...

Masterclass Party 2023 - Free Download Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Masterclass Party 2023 - Free Download
Magic download (video) by David Williamson, David Regal and John Guastaferro - Free

To celebrate three years of Masterclass, we're giving away this free download which features a couple of our favorite moments. Available for 24 hours...

The Paper Cut Trick
The Paper Cut
Trick by TCC Presents and Elvis Zheng - 19.95

A visual and self-contained upgrade on a beloved classic of mentalism. Magicians and mentalists are always in search of incredible experiences...

Coffee Break Trick
Coffee Break
Trick by Gentlemen's Magic and Urbain - 95.00

Their signed bill appears inside a sealed coffee capsule. “Coffee Break” is an incredible and organic approach to the Chop Cup that you’ll want to...

The Power of Your Mind Trick
The Power of Your Mind
Trick by Nathanael Elsey - 24.95

Harness the power of telepathy with this innocent pocket-sized book. Your helper opens the book to any page (no forces) and finds rows containing a...

 I'mPossible Deck Magic download (video)
I'mPossible Deck
Magic download (video) by Mirrah Miraculous - 12.95

An entire system filled with incredible possibilities built right into a deck of cards. "I'Mpossible Deck" is a special system for playing...

SiriX Pro Trick
SiriX Pro
Trick by Hanson Chien - 79.95

Make a cell phone instantly vanish in thin air with one of magic’s hottest effects—now available at Vanishing Inc. Building on the “SiriX” idea...

The Yin Yang Poker Chips Trick
The Yin Yang Poker Chips
Trick by David Forrest and Full 52 - 24.95

"The Yin Yang Poker Chips" by Full 52 have been specially manufactured to breathe new life into copper/silver routines. Give your old...

Rubber Band Holder Accessory
Rubber Band Holder
Accessory by Hanson Chien - 19.95

Finally some love for rubber band magic. While playing cards have their case and coins have their purses, there's never really been a ton of great...

Kaiju Coins Trick
Kaiju Coins
Trick by RFA Productions - 199.95

Stop using boring coins in your coin magic. Upgrade to "Kaiju Coins"! Most normal currency starts to blend together after a while. The...

Feel Flux Puzzle
Feel Flux
Puzzle by Feel Flux - 109.95

Discover what magic feels like. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to defy gravity? With “Feel Flux”, you can achieve an unbelievable...

Gear Egg Puzzle
Gear Egg
Puzzle by - 24.95

The super popular “Morphegg” gets a mechanical makeover. Just like its predecessor, the “Gear Egg Puzzle” offers an exciting new approach to...

CardLaunch Accessory
Accessory by Artem Shchukin - 75.00

A revolutionary gimmick from Artem Shchukin’s FISM Award-winning act and the performance that earned him 4 yeses on America's Got Talent. Combining...

N11 Trick
Trick by N2G and Ken Tsoi - 69.95

N2G continues there exploration of using the characteristics of Chinese coins to complete a series of magical effects with "N11" by Ken...

Hoodoo: The Return Trick
Hoodoo: The Return
Trick by Saturn Magic and Mark iNFiNiTi - 69.96

The world's most sinister effect is back and more twisted than ever. In a bid to communicate with the dead, you take out your Haunted Voodoo Doll...

Rainbow Hole Trick
Rainbow Hole
Trick by Tango Magic - 64.95

A fast, fooling and colorful coin magic effect from Tango Magic. "Wow! This looks like a camera trick but in real life! Top Notch quality...

Envelope Opener Trick
Envelope Opener
Trick by Blake Vogt - 299.95

Blake Vogt presents your new favorite opener for any occasion. This road-tested effect packs a ton of comedy into a short span and ends with a...

Topping the Deck: The Perfect Move Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Topping the Deck: The Perfect Move
Book by Jamy Ian Swiss - 24.95

A comprehensive exploration of one of the most important and valuable moves in card magic unlike anything the magic community has ever seen. In...

Abstract Wall Clock Puzzle
Abstract Wall Clock
Puzzle by Areaware - 85.00

A unique 3D visualization of the passing of time. The “Abstract Wall Clock” is a delightful and quirky creation from Brooklyn-based designer Pat Kim...

Stone Cold Mental (Volume 2) Book
Stone Cold Mental (Volume 2)
Book by Jeff Stone - 39.95

The long-awaited sequel to Jeff Stone's Stone Cold Mental has arrived. Join Jeff for part two of his journey to help you make your mentalism less...

Ritual Trick
Trick by Dan Harlan - 29.95

Amazing magic you can wear! "Ritual" by Dan Harlan is an incredible piece of close up magic that you can perform anywhere you go because...

Letters From Juan - Vol. 4 Book
Letters From Juan - Vol. 4
Book by Juan Tamariz - 24.95

A beloved limited release collection of books from Juan Tamariz continues with a new selection of incredible material. Join The Maestro as he...

Scratch Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and Kaan Akdogan - 29.95

A wildly visual and exciting piece of super easy to do magic. "Scratch" by Kaan Akdogan and Mark Mason is one of the most unique effects...

Royal-T Trick
Trick by Gordon Bean - 19.95

A brain-busting Three Card Monte routine that is done face up. They won’t have any explanation for the sheer impossibility that happens right in...

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