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We stock only the magic products that we know you'll love and use in your repertoire. These fantastic new releases are Vanishing Inc. Magic approved!

The Award Winning of John Cornelius Book
The Award Winning of John Cornelius
Book by John Cornelius - $45.00

The Award-Winning Magic of John Cornelius. There is no hyperbole in the title of this book, as much of the magic contained here gained its John not only accolades from his peers, but one him one of magic's highest honors-a world prize at F.I.S.M.-as well as being the only American to win the World...

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Oscar Munoz Live DVD
Oscar Munoz Live
DVD by Oscar Munoz - $50.00

Oscar Munoz gives you everything you need to entertain an audience! On this two DVD set, watch as Oscar performs his workers in his 50 minute show. The billiard balls, the rings, his 2 rope routine and more, plus a revealing conversation with Kozmo about developing comedy in magic....

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The Hole Trick
The Hole
Trick by Peter Eggink - $34.99

At any time with your normal deck (or business cards) you punch a hole right through the signed selection so the spectator can keep their "lucky card" on their key ring...but the hole was punched on the "wrong" end of the card...slowly and visually the hole animates all by itself across the card...

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Stars Of Magic - Volume 9 DVD
Stars Of Magic - Volume 9
DVD by David Roth - $19.95

David Roth is one of the most knowledgeable coin magicians in the world. Here is your chance to learn from the master with these incredible "Live Lecture" titles:   DAVID ROTH LIVE IN LONDON (VOL 14) Super Clean Coins Across One Coin Sequence The Erasure...

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Art of Magic DVD
Art of Magic
DVD by Wayne Houchin - $35.00

Wayne Houchin's Art of Magic is a groundbreaking instructional DVD on classic and contemporary magic tricks. This 120 minute - performance and instructional DVD features a unique look at the current state of magic. Including interviews with David Regal, Aaron Fisher, Dan and Dave Buck and (of...

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Conscious Magic Episode 4  with Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard DVD (pre-order)
Conscious Magic Episode 4 with Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard
DVD (pre-order) by Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink - $35.00

Mentalists rejoice! Conscious Magic is back for a fourth episode of incredible mentalism to be used in real-world situations. Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard bring you the real work on these methods, tipping not only their work, but also letting you in on the creative work and performance insights so...

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Split Cards 15 ct. Trick
Split Cards 15 ct.
Trick by PCTC Production - $9.95

Need your own split cards but don't know how to make them? Or have you tried, but the cards keep ripping? Now you can get your own SPLIT CARDS without the fuss! Jordan Victoria spares you the mess by providing you with your own split cards so you can make your gaffs and gimmicks. He even provides...

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Unshuffled Kicker Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Unshuffled Kicker
Trick by Paul Gertner - $35.00

More than thirty years ago Paul Gertner developed "Unshuffled," one of the most memorable and influential routines EVER devised with a pack of cards. Thirty years later (and fresh off of fooling Penn & Teller), Paul is releasing the ultimate and FAR SUPERIOR version, which we call "Unshuffled...

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The Vault - PLACEBO Magic download (video)
The Vault - PLACEBO
Magic download (video) by Mark Calabrese - $9.00

Few card tricks are this easy yet this deceptive. Welcome to PLACEBO! Borrow a shuffled deck and have the spectator name aloud ANY card. Give them the deck and have them take the cards behind their back, turn over one card, and then cut the cards before handing them back to you. You spread the deck...

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DRIFT 2.0 Trick
Trick by Mystique Factory - $39.95

Take control of time itself with the new and improved DRIFT 2.0! If you had the power to affect time, it would look like DRIFT 2.0. Thanks to an improved gimmick that will last you a lifetime, objects still fall, but so slooowly it's just unreal. Borrow objects or use your own, you...

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ABC Trick
Trick by Wayne Dobson - $99.95

Know your ABC's and it will take you far. The same goes for Wayne Dobson's new effect, ABC: American Coin British Coin Chinese Coin These three coins will let you perform amazing magic that you can carry with you anywhere. Even better, the effects are easy, nearly self-working, and all occur is...

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The Chip Trick
The Chip
Trick by Wayne Dobson - $59.99

Wayne Dobson turns ACAAN on its head with his new effect, The Chip! A spectator chooses a number between 1 and 52. Once done, a special poker chip is turned over, and the spectator sees a card imprinted on it. When they count down to that number in a deck, the cards match! And all this using a...

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Vermillion DVD
DVD by Think Nguyen - $30.00

First came his DVD Parallels. Now Think is back with a brand-new DVD, Vermillion! You'll be treated to 15 routines straight from Think's working repertoire, including sleights, workers, and everything you need to start amazing your audiences with fresh magic. Come see why top names have taken...

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Imagination Box Trick
Imagination Box
Trick by Olivier Magic Prod - $29.95

If you want a truly visual way to make objects appear and disappear, then the Imagination Box is what you've been waiting for! Make objects disappear, transform objects, restore a torn card, or turn a drawing into a real object!Thanks to the included erasable sticker, uses are limited only by your...

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Al Koran The Unique Years Book
Al Koran The Unique Years
Book by Martin Breese - $47.00

Al Koran was best known for his mentalism, but he did so much more. In this book you will discover that as you peruse all of Al Koran's magazine articles from the Magic Wand, the Gen, the Wizard and Pentagram as well as nearly every commercial effect Al released via the Unique Magic Studio in...

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DVD by ARCANA Publishing - $34.95

Everyone has a Svengali deck in the back of a drawer, but when was the last time you actually used yours? Now is the time to dust off that deck and realize its full potential! Mr. Pearl brings you over 10 incredible routines on his DVD, SVENGALI. Learn how this classic deck can stun an...

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RD Regular Cube Accessory
RD Regular Cube
Accessory by Henry Harrius - $10.00

The RD Regular Cube is the first cube to be designed especially for magicians. Every single detail has been carefully considered to make this the best, and least expensive choice for all cube magic! Designed by Henry Harrius, it is tailor made to be customized by you for your needs...

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The Dance Book
The Dance
Book by Brad Henderson - $60.00

“One of the most important books on Cold Reading ever written!!!” George Daily, magic historian The only other book on the subject that I ever recommend.” Ian Rowland The Dance is the most advanced work on the subject of Cold Reading to date. Where many of the manuals in the past have told you...

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The Vault - Retention Magic download (video)
The Vault - Retention
Magic download (video) by David Roth - $5.00

The Retention Vanish - so simple and elegant, yet so fooling every time...if done correctly! Borrow a coin and make it vanish from the palm of your hand, again and again. Now David Roth, the master himself, is here to teach this venerable and exquisite sleight. Learn how to perform something you'll...

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The Vault - Psyche Magic download (video)
The Vault - Psyche
Magic download (video) by Andrew Gerard Henderson - $14.99

Create an impossible object in the spectator's own hand with Psyche! You borrow a coin and help the spectator bend it in their own hand! Then you have them sign it and visually bend it even more! The dirty little secret? No bending apparatus are used! It's powerful psychology at work....

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