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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

Scroll down to see all of our favorite new magic tricks, or view a complete list of our newest magic tricks, magic books and, of course, magic downloads. Nearly every item has a video demo and, if you have any questions, we're always here to help!

The Vault (Large Professional Edition) Trick
The Vault (Large Professional Edition)
Trick by Chazpro, Santa Magic and The Magic Store - 179.95

Finally available again after nearly 20 years, "The Vault" by Chazpro has been reproduced in limited quantities by The Magic Store and...

Breakaway Wand Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Breakaway Wand
Trick by Vanishing Inc. - 12.95

The "Breakaway Wand" is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of humor to your shows and fill the room with smiles. This classic comedy...

VANISH: A Literary Meditation on Making Things Disappear Book
VANISH: A Literary Meditation on Making Things Disappear
Book by Paavan Buddhdev - 24.95

An captivating journey through the art of one of the most impactful pieces of magic you can perform. Making something disappear is the best magic...

Melero Rings Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Melero Rings
Trick by Ernesto Melero - 45.00

To truly evolve a classic of magic, you must re-write the rules! We are so excited to partner with Ernesto Melero, an underground magic legend from...

That's Fishy Trick
That's Fishy
Trick by Erick Olson - $34.95 $29.75 (SAVE $5.20)

A delightfully fun new FIN-ish for your vanishing bottle routine! You start with a regular performance of the classic vanishing bottle routine. But...

Soulmate Trick
Trick by Sergey Koller and Hide - 199.95

One device, 100s of routines! Sergey Koller's "Soulmate" is a powerful tool for the parlor and stage magician or mentalist. Some of the...

Bangarang Trick
Trick by Nicholas Lawrence - 34.95

Nicholas Lawrence presents a hyper-visual, multi-phase routine bursting with eye-popping vanishes and appearances! "Bangarang" is...

Evoke Trick
Trick by Craig Petty - 39.95

Powerful, easy-to-do effects that leave a deep, emotional impact on your audience and ensure they won’t forget you long after you leave. "If I...

M&B Tube / Get Smarty Trick
M&B Tube / Get Smarty
Trick by Craig Petty and Mark Bennett - 49.95

A ring, coin, or other small object vanishes and appears in a sealed pack of candy. "M&B Tube" and "Get Smarty" by Mark...

King Pocket Trick
King Pocket
Trick by Dingding and Muza Magic - 29.95

A visual, impossible and memorable piece of card magic. You have a card selected and lost in the deck. A card is then brought out of your pocket. It...

ZipString Puzzle
Puzzle by - 29.95

A mesmerizing, gravity-defying toy for all ages. As seen on Shark Tank and by more than 200 million viewers on social media, the original, authentic...

Applause Applause Trick
Applause Applause
Trick by Martin Schwartz - $49.99 $42.50 (SAVE $7.49)

Easily command attention, get laughs and have a ton of fun with "Applause Applause" by Dr. Schwartz. You explain to your audience how...

Puzzle Ring Trick
Puzzle Ring
Trick by Viktor Voitko - From $109.95

Multiple incredible and practical effects you can wear around your finger. "Puzzle Ring" by Viktor Voitko allows you to perform a variety...

The Retreat Gift Pack (Alaska) Book with props
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Retreat Gift Pack (Alaska)
Book with props by David Regal, Jim Steinmeyer and Garrett Thomas - 74.95

Don’t miss your chance to own one of these luxurious, limited edition gift packs from “The Retreat: Alaska.” Previously only available to Retreat...

Carat XMC Metal Card Display Trick
Carat XMC Metal Card Display
Trick by Carat Card Cases - 9.95

The Carat XMC Metal Card Display was designed to display metal cards that are the size of a poker card (6.4cm x 8.8cm or 2.5in x 3.5in) or less and...

Chameleon Crayons Trick
Chameleon Crayons
Trick by Chazpro and Santa Magic - 44.95

"Chameleon Crayons" fun and visual effect that delights all audiences. It's perfect for close up magic and parlor and stage magic (both...

Clearly Out to Lunch Trick
Clearly Out to Lunch
Trick by John Kennedy - 59.95

John Kennedy has created a novel new method for the "Out To Lunch" principle that gives it the ultimate level of deception. With...

Rune Klan Masterclass Live lecture
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Rune Klan Masterclass
Live lecture by Rune Klan - 75.00

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to step directly into the workshop of one of magic’s most creative magicians. When we created our Vanishing Inc....

Tornado (Smoke to Glass) Accessory
Tornado (Smoke to Glass)
Accessory by Peter Eggink - $149.95 $127.50 (SAVE $22.45)

The classic "Smoke to Glass" is now easier and more practical than ever. A glass (which can be borrowed) is placed upside down on a deck...

Nightmare Page Trick
Nightmare Page
Trick by The 1914 and David Alnwick - 39.95

From Edinburgh Fringe to your working set, "Nightmare Page" is a complete routine packed into a single piece of paper. This pocket-sized...

The Challenge Trick
The Challenge
Trick by Mario Lopez - 39.95

Magic so good, it will make you feel like a layperson again! "It is the MOST magical moment I have felt in years.” Chris Ramsay In the world...

Vestige Trick
Trick by Handy Altan, Riski Nanda and Tiju Magic - 54.95

A unique and memorable close up magic effect inspired by Harry Houdini and his lifelong quest to prove (or disprove) the ability of the living to...

PTSD Trick
Trick by Mark Lemon - 44.95

A powerful and direct perfect card prediction. With "PTSD", you'll be off by NONE! An envelope is introduced. Then, without any lengthy,...

Perjury Trick
Trick by Paul Carnazzo - 24.95

A powerful, two phase mentalism routine that fits in your pocket. "Perjury" by Paul Carnazzo comes with a special Perjury Card containing...

PeekSmith 3 Accessory
PeekSmith 3
Accessory by Electricks - 247.00

A state-of-the-art mini peek device designed to work with many of your favorite magic apps and electronic devices. Designed by Electricks,...

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