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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

Scroll down to see all of our favorite new magic tricks, or view a complete list of our newest magic tricks, magic books and, of course, magic downloads. Nearly every item has a video demo and, if you have any questions, we're always here to help!

Flick Jug Trick
Flick Jug
Trick by Yuji Enei, Lumos and Gatty - 124.95

Visual miracles with just a flick! The "Flick Jug" is your new favorite utility device for one-of-a-kind appearances and changes. There...

Maija: Propless Name Guess Book
Maija: Propless Name Guess
Book by Fraser Parker - 69.95

Introducing "Maija" the propless name guess by Fraser Parker. "So you've learnt to truly read minds? Awesome!" Cedric...

Leviosa Holder Accessory
Leviosa Holder
Accessory by Joao Miranda, Andrew Hall and Ian Barradell - 39.95

A must-have accessory for anyone that performs "Leviosa". The custom-made "Leviosa Holder" fits neatly in your jacket pocket,...

Cubeify Trick
Trick by Kev G and Paul Fowler - 34.95

Reveal. Predict. Solve. "Cubeify" is an easy-to-use, unique lettering system that allows you perform one-of-a-kind word revelations with an...

The Human Calculator Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Human Calculator
Magic download (video) by Arthur Benjamin - 29.95

Some of the most unique and entertaining skills you’ll ever learn, taught by one of the world’s best practitioners. Combining the words “math” and...

Mind Entanglement  Trick
Mind Entanglement
Trick by Storm Creative Entertainment - From $29.95

A deceptively simple effect that packs a powerful punch. "Mind Entanglement" uses a perfect blend of body language, linguistics, and...

How to Win Book
How to Win
Book by Jon Armstrong - 49.95

The perfect book for anyone looking to transition from close-up to parlor/stage or to become a better overall stand-up magic performer. "This...

Bounce No Bounce Balls (Multiple Colors Available) Trick
Bounce No Bounce Balls (Multiple Colors Available)
Trick by Murphy's Magic Productions - 9.95

Fun lighthearted magic that will have your audience convinced you can control the laws of physics. "Bounce No Bounce" is a classic of...

Kranzilla Unleashed Magic download (ebook)
Kranzilla Unleashed
Magic download (ebook) by Nathan Kranzo - 17.95

A wide range of clever, funny, unique, practical, and commercial effects from Nathan Kranzo. Kranzilla Unleashed is a great ebook filled with a...

Algorithm App
App by Yves Doumergue - 49.95

A multi-phase act in your pocket. Transform a phone into your secret weapon with "Algorithm" by Yves Doumergue. Predict the location and...

Fusion Deck Deck of cards
Fusion Deck
Deck of cards by Patrick Redford - 29.95

Enjoy a fusion of trick deck technology with the most versatile and powerful trick deck ever. "The Fusion Deck" by Patrick Redford draws...

High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition) Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive High Spots (15 Year Anniversary Edition)
Book or download by Caleb Wiles - Book $29.95 or download for $22.46

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Vanishing Inc. with a special hardback anniversary edition of the book that started it all. After being out of...

Chill 2.0 Trick
Chill 2.0
Trick by World Magic Shop and Tom Wright - 39.95

The ultimate haunted deck. Perform the beloved effect while they hold the cards. "I am completely fooled!" Chris Kenner "Quite...

White Wedding Trick
White Wedding
Trick by Chris Congreave - 19.95

A fun, in the hands packet trick that leaves them with an impossible object inside their hands. "White Wedding" by Chris Congreave is an...

Ghost Coin 2.0 Trick
Ghost Coin 2.0
Trick by Andrew - 39.95

This eye-popping effect has been improved with a self-contained locking mechanism that makes the handling very easy! "Andrew has taken this...

Alternate Stones for The Lucky Stone (12-Pack) Refill
Alternate Stones for The Lucky Stone (12-Pack)
Refill by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong - 34.95

These refills stones offer multiple different reveals for "The Lucky Stone" by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong. Comes with 12 different stones in...

Secret Voice Accessory
Secret Voice
Accessory by Bond Lee, MS Magic and ZF Magic - 249.95

A portable sound solution for professional performers. "Secret Voice" by ZF Magic and MS Magic allows you to easily bring your music and...

My Coloring Deck Deck of cards
My Coloring Deck
Deck of cards by Jordan Victoria - 9.95

The coloring book is one of the most used props by parlor magicians. But what about close-up magicians...? Jordan Victoria reimagined this huge...

The Lucky Stone Trick
The Lucky Stone
Trick by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong - 34.95

An elegant and captivating twist on a classic of magic that allows you to immediately capture the attention of your audience and leave them with a...

Enigmatic Enigmas Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Enigmatic Enigmas
Magic download (video) by David Regal - $20.00 $14.95 (SAVE $5.05)

A fantastic collection of original, fooling magic from David Regal. David Regal is one of our favorite creators and the perfect choice to help us...

Declassified Trick
Trick by Christopher Rawlins - 49.95

A powerful, easy-to-do thought experiment that floored some of the biggest minds at Blackpool is now available worldwide. "Stunning...

Stealing Card Clip Trick
Stealing Card Clip
Trick by N2G - 29.95

Pluck a selected card from thin air with "Stealing Card Clip" by N2G. This revolutionary air clip allows you to grab a selected card from...

The Coins Trick
The Coins
Trick by Jia Tianshi - 20.00

The Coins is a novelty packet trick created by JT Magic. It's a 'Coins Across' effect on cards. Four coins assemble one at a time, then they separate...

Toon Balloon Trick
Toon Balloon
Trick by Gustavo Raley - 79.95

Voted one of the top effects at Blackpool. This new and exciting effect from Gustavo Raley unlocks a ton of new possibilities. "One of the 10...

The Nth Degree Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Nth Degree
Book or download by John Guastaferro - Book $60.00 or download for $45.00

After nearly 14 years, one of our most highly-anticipated book sequels of all time has finally arrived! Enjoy 26 new, masterful effects from one of...

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