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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

Scroll down to see all of our favorite new magic tricks, or view a complete list of our newest magic tricks, magic books and, of course, magic downloads. Nearly every item has a video demo and, if you have any questions, we're always here to help!

Extreme Flash Trick
Extreme Flash
Trick by Alan Wong - $45.00

The "Extreme Flash Thumb Tip" by Alan Wong allows you to produce a super-bright burst of light at the push of a button. Produce a brilliant...

Anti-Gravity Invisible Deck Trick
Anti-Gravity Invisible Deck
Trick by Alan Wong - $9.95

A curiously magical, gravity-defying display. "Anti-Gravity Invisible Deck Display" by Alan Wong is illogically logical and looks like a...

Unheard Vernon Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Unheard Vernon
Magic download (video) by Dai Vernon - $19.95

Never-before-released Dai Vernon material is now available exclusively at Vanishing Inc. The legacy of “Unheard Vernon” starts in early 2022 when...

Craig Petty Masterclass Live lecture
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Craig Petty Masterclass
Live lecture by Craig Petty - $75.00

Craig Petty is an award-winning performer and creator that has created some of the bestselling magic tricks of the last two decades. He is best known...

Transform8 Trick
Trick by John Morton - $59.95

A silk-to-8-ball effect that offers an exciting new take on the classic silk-to-egg. John Morton's "Transform8" is a super entertaining...

Coin Artist Trick
Coin Artist
Trick by Mark Traversoni, Saturn Magic and Mark iNFiNiTi - $29.95

A stunningly unique reveal brought to you by Mark Traversoni and Mark iNFiNiTi. "Coin Artist" is an epic range of quarters that have been...

The Faro Shuffle Project Magic download (video)
The Faro Shuffle Project
Magic download (video) by Patrick Redford - $29.95

"The Faro Shuffle Project" by Patrick Redford offers expert instruction on The Faro Shuffle, including multiple powerful card magic...

Order Out of Chaos Magic download (video)
Order Out of Chaos
Magic download (video) by Patrick Redford - $14.95

"Order Out of Chaos" by Patrick Redford is a chaotic-looking tabled Triumph ending with a killer ending where a mixed deck of cards...

Las Vegas Gambling Guide Trick
Las Vegas Gambling Guide
Trick by Matthew Pomeroy - $120.00

15 effects packed into two beautiful, specially-made books that can fit in your pocket. The "Las Vegas Gambling Guide" books look like...

Flash Coin Trick
Flash Coin
Trick by Daniel Diaz - $24.95

The perfect pocket-sized tool for making multiple coins appear. Unlock the power to perform a Miser's Dream, or similar effect, with a coffee or...

LIMBO Puzzle
Puzzle by Fearless Toys - $110.00 $99.95 (SAVE $10.05)

Give yourself a break from reality with “LIMBO”, the magical top that spins for hours. The one-of-a-kind “LIMBO Top” from Fearless Toys is pure...

My Name Is Trick
My Name Is
Trick by Julio Montoro - $29.95

A fun and visual signature transposition. The perfect way to break the ice for your close up magic or street magic set. "My Name Is" by...

Cylinder and Coins Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Cylinder and Coins
Trick by Joshua Jay - $175.00

Joshua Jay has rebuilt one of the greatest close up magic tricks of the last century from the ground up to be more organic and entertaining than...

Flosso Trick
Trick by Magic Smith and Chuck Crespo - $29.95

Two floss picks impossibly link together before magically melting apart again. This natural and organic miracle ends completely clean. Chuck...

Wordless Cords Trick
Wordless Cords
Trick by Alan Wong - $29.95

The story of our eternity is told using five different colored cords and a small bag. As each cord is shown, and its color explained, a knot is...

Dirty Drop Cloth (magnetic, bloody version) Trick
Dirty Drop Cloth (magnetic, bloody version)
Trick by David Alan - $39.95

Effect: A crisp, clean towel that has been casually used throughout your performance suddenly becomes covered with handprints at your command. David...

Bad Bikes Trick
Bad Bikes
Trick by Kaymar Magic Company UK and Michael Breggar - $24.95

A fun and commercial routine with a stunning ending by Michael Breggar (the creative mind behind the bestselling magic trick "Art...

Phonetastic Book
Book by Joe Hernandez - $34.95

More than 50 magic tricks that can be performed over the phone. Phonetastic by Joe Hernandez is a collection of fifty-two magic tricks you can...

P&L Enchanted Tea Pot Trick
P&L Enchanted Tea Pot
Trick by Zanadu - $79.95

A premium set of props for performing the classic "Enchanted Teapot" effect in which four different colors of liquid are poured from a...

Lost Souls Book
Lost Souls
Book by Fraser Parker - $75.00

Lost Souls will be Fraser Parker's last physical book release for quite some time. In this mentalism book, Fraser takes a look back through his...

Amazing Shrinking Deck Trick
Amazing Shrinking Deck
Trick by John Kennedy Magic - $39.95

A classic effect is available again. The "Amazing Shrinking Deck" by John Kennedy is a visual and fun magic trick with playing cards that...

Ultramodern: the Definitive Collection (Vol 1) Book
Ultramodern: the Definitive Collection (Vol 1)
Book by - $49.95

36 powerful effects from some of magic's most innovative creators. This limited edition release features amazing and practical magic from some of...

Mentalism Presentations Book
Mentalism Presentations
Book by Luca Volpe and Aazan Makhdoomi - $59.95

An insightful exploration of one of the most overlooked components of mentalism. Mentalism Presentations was written to help mentalists create...

Refill Pack for Sealed by TCC Refill
Refill Pack for Sealed by TCC
Refill by TCC Presents - $11.95

Refill pack for "Sealed" by TCC. Comes with: 10 canisters 10 gimmicks 5 tea leaves stickers 5 candy stickers Refills only. No...

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