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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

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Jumbo Safety Pin Through Balloon Trick
Jumbo Safety Pin Through Balloon
Trick by Sorcier Magic - $29.95

A jumbo safety pin that can be used to replace the needle in the iconic needle through balloon effect. After inflating a transparent balloon, you...

The Baby Book Trick
The Baby Book
Trick by John Morton - $82.50

"The Baby Book" fooled Penn & Teller and now it's available to you. "Every Magician, amateur or professional could get this book...

The Twins Trick
The Twins
Trick by John Morton - $13.50

A total sellout at Blackpool, here is your new favorite simple "Which Hand" routine that can be performed everywhere. No electronics. No...

Big Blind Trick
Big Blind
Trick by John Morton - $20.00

"Big Bilnd" is a A fun, poker-themed color matching mentalism routine. Your volunteer mixes up five face-down cards while your back is...

Non Plus Ultra: Hofzinser's Salon Magic  Book
Non Plus Ultra: Hofzinser's Salon Magic
Book by Magic Christian and Conjuring Arts Research Center - $299.95

The highly-anticipated final installments in Magic Christian's magnum opus for one of the greatest magicians in history Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser....

Pro-Phesy Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - $82.00 $74.99 (SAVE $7.01)

Make amazing predictions and end clean with "Pro-Phesy" from Smagic Productions. "Pro-Phesy" is a great mentalism tool that...

LUX  Trick
Trick by Lloyd Barnes - $75.00

The ultimate EDC weapon. A brilliantly dynamic James Bond-level utility. “LUX” by Lloyd Barnes has arrived and you’ll never leave home without it...

Pi Revelations (Pocket Size) Book
Pi Revelations (Pocket Size)
Book by World Magic Shop - $47.00

This is the eagerly awaited Pi Revelations - Pocket Sized. This is the A6 version of David Penn's best selling product Pi Revelations. The perfect...

Jon Armstrong Close-Up Magic Download Bundle Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Jon Armstrong Close-Up Magic Download Bundle
Magic download (video) by Jon Armstrong - $44.85 $24.95 (SAVE $19.90)

Three practical and commercial routines from one the most popular performers at the Magic Castle and on Disney Cruise Lines. We get it, most of you...

Elite Edition - Master Theorem Book of Puzzles Puzzle
Elite Edition - Master Theorem Book of Puzzles
Puzzle by M - $29.99

The diabolically difficult second release from the the mysterious puzzle-maker “M” has finally arrived. The Master Theorem: Elite is not for the...

Master Theorem Book of Puzzles Puzzle
Master Theorem Book of Puzzles
Puzzle by M - $29.99

After a nearly decade-long sabbatical, membership to The Master Theorem is open once again. Founded in 2011, The Master Theorem is a secret society...

Safecracker Puzzle
Puzzle by - $29.95

65,000 options. 1 correct choice. Can you crack the code? “Safecracker 50” is a delightful unique number puzzle in which you need to rotate the...

Seventh Heaven (2nd Edition Hardcover) Book
Seventh Heaven (2nd Edition Hardcover)
Book by Lewis Jones - $55.00

"Do not buy these books. They give away too many secrets." Penn and Teller An updated and edited compilation of seven of Lewis Jones'...

Elastic Bill Trick
Elastic Bill
Trick by Sultan Orazaly - $35.00

Melt and stretch a dollar bill with "Elastic Bill", an amazing piece of visual magic madness. This is a super unique and strong illusion...

Cyclops Trick
Trick by Eric Stevens - $38.99

A classic idea receives a 21st century makeover for the modern magician and mentalist. Any book. Any page. Any line. This special...

Cannibal King Trick
Cannibal King
Trick by Alan Rorrison - $40.00

A powerful and memorable new take on "The Cannibal Cards" by Roy Walton. "The Cannibal Cards" is one of the most famous plots in...

Vanishing Card Trick
Vanishing Card
Trick by Nicholas Lawrence - $39.95

Gimmick master Nicholas Lawrence has done it again. You can now own the Blackpool Magic Convention sensation, “Vanishing Card” which is the...

Focus Challenge Puzzle
Focus Challenge
Puzzle by Bright Beam Goods - $30.00

Kick your focus into hyperdrive with these delightfully fun and engaging mindful play games. When our brains get overworked or tired, our ability to...

Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost Volume 1 Book
Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost Volume 1
Book by Nick Trost - $55.00

Nick Trost is well known for his simple, easy-to-do card magic. He uses subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand to produce...

The Medusa Project Trick
The Medusa Project
Trick by Perseus Arkomanis - $120.00

Like Medusa, you can turn items to stone. This miracle effect from Perseus Arkomanis is 10 years in the making and he is thrilled to finally share it...

Seeing Thread Book
Seeing Thread
Book by Bran Crow - $15.00

As palm readings and tarot readings increase in popularity in modern pop culture, Bran Crow introduces an exciting new reading system using a spool...

Boarding Pass Trick
Boarding Pass
Trick by Mariano Goni Fernandez - $45.00

A true worker app for both mentalists and magicians that gives news meaning to QR code predictions. "Mariano Goni's 'Boarding Pass' departs...

QR Prediction Trick
QR Prediction
Trick by Richard Laffite Entertainment Group - $53.99

A fun and surprising prediction that offers the perfect blend of technology and magic. "QR Prediction" is an innovative effect brought to...

The Tick Trick
The Tick
Trick by Alberto Munoz - $39.95

A clever mentalism tool designed for amazingly fair predictions. You ask your audience to make a list of 7 or 8 things such as celebrities, songs,...

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