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Essential Sol Stone Book
Essential Sol Stone
Book by Sol Stone - $35.00

The best effects from legendary underground magician Sol Stone have finally been compiled into one single book. Learn from a master of his craft that...

Spring Moist Magic download (video)
Spring Moist
Magic download (video) by TCC Presents and Ian Wong - $19.99 $18.95 (SAVE $1.04)

Elevate a simple magic principle into a powerhouse utility that allows you to easily perform card magic miracles. This amazing magic download is...

Ink Permeation Magic download (video)
Ink Permeation
Magic download (video) by Dingding - $12.00

Solid through solid in a way that looks like it's straight out of Harry Potter. When Harry Potter heads off to Hogwarts, he must pass through a...

Frame Change Magic download (video)
Frame Change
Magic download (video) by Alex Soza - $11.75 $10.99 (SAVE $0.76)

A clever tool for creating a variety of visual miracles. Color changes, vanishes, even full transformations (like transforming a playing card into a...

Pandora's Box Puzzle Puzzle
Pandora's Box Puzzle
Puzzle by - $15.00 $10.95 (SAVE $4.05)

How do you open a box that can’t be opened? At first glance, “Pandora’s Box Puzzle” is seemingly sealed forever. You don’t see any moving pieces....

Arrival Trick
Trick by David Regal - $45.00

David Regal’s closing act to his Magic Castle close-up act is finally available to you. “Arrival” is one of the most elegant card to impossible...

Papa Rabbit Hits the Big Time Trick
Papa Rabbit Hits the Big Time
Trick by Daryl - $19.95

A bonafide audience pleaser is available again. This delightfully unique and wildy entertaining close-up magic trick amuses adults as much (if not...

Voidbox Puzzle
Puzzle by - $210.00

This mysterious box worthy of only those willing to accept its daunting challenge is finally available again! This breathtaking puzzle box is truly...

Orbit Trick
Trick by Golbal Magic - $39.95

"A game changer in levitation gimmicks." Paul Romhany Easily float phones, credit cards, glasses, dishes or other similar objects between...

Lynx Wallet 2.0 Trick
Lynx Wallet 2.0
Trick by Gee Magic and Gonçalo Gil - $99.95

After the huge success of the "Lynx Wallet', Gee Magic is proud to finally bring you the "Lynx Wallet 2.0". Based on the effect...

Pilot Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Jiho - $14.95

An instant visual change of five decks of cards! "Pilot" by Jiho teaches you how to make a simple gimmick that enables you to easily do...

The Tale of the Tempest  Playing Cards Deck of cards
The Tale of the Tempest Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Lotrek and The Gentleman Wake - From $19.99

A captivating tale unwinds in these gorgeous, classically-inspired playing cards designed for card enthusiasts, magicians and poker players alike....

Limited Edition Memento Mori Holographic Playing Cards Deck of cards
Limited Edition Memento Mori Holographic Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $39.95

The world’s most popular playing cards receive a revolutionary upgrade. Chris Ramsay is one of the biggest YouTubers and Magicians in the world....

Silver Surfer Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Silver Surfer
Magic download (video) by Wolfgang Moser - $19.99

After 15 years of performances, Wolfgang Moser finally shares the work on one of his most cherished creations. Wolfgang Moser is a consummate...

Coins Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Robby Constantine - $10.00

A spectator's signed coin penetrates the cellophane of your playing card box. No magnets or black art required. This is very visual coin magic that...

The Motus Puzzle
The Motus
Puzzle by CMY Cubes - $45.00 $39.99 (SAVE $5.01)

Illuminate your mind and steal the show. Brought to you by the creators of the world famous “CMY Cube”, “The Motus” is an eye-popping handheld...

Dirty Dog Tavern Puzzle Puzzle
Dirty Dog Tavern Puzzle
Puzzle by Tucker-Jones Tavern Puzzle Collection - $26.99

The puzzle that made a US President admit defeat... Beginner's beware, this is not a puzzle for the faint of heart. Our Tavern Puzzles have been...

Arempi The Book Book
Arempi The Book
Book by Baltazar Fuentes - $155.00

Forget everything you've ever known about misdirection... While sleight of hand depends on good technique—Baltazar Fuentes believes that every...

Shrapnel Trick
Trick by Kim Andersen - $34.95

A time-tested classic reimagined to serve as the perfect everyday carry for the modern performer. Inspired the iconic “Linking Pins” (which was...

Presto Printo Trick
Presto Printo
Trick by Daryl - $29.95

Wildly visual. Impossibly magical. Daryl’s “Presto Printo” is finally available again for a new generation of magicians to enjoy. “Presto Printo” is...

ReWrapped Trick
Trick by Chris Turchi and Brandon David - $24.95

One of the most organic visual effects ever made has been upgraded for the modern performer. While there have been countless gum magic tricks...

The Original CMY Cube Puzzle
The Original CMY Cube
Puzzle by CMY Cubes - $29.95

Fuel your curiosity, expand your imagination and embrace your sense of wonder with “The Original CMY Cube”. “The Original Cube” is the color cube...

The Consultant's Daydream Magic download (video)
The Consultant's Daydream
Magic download (video) by Ananth Viswanathan - $15.00

Three pieces of string instantly and visibly come together to form a single piece that can be immediately handed out. "The Consultant's...

The Ultimate Linking Bands Magic download (video)
The Ultimate Linking Bands
Magic download (video) by Mystic Slybaba - $10.00

A revolutionary new approach to the linking bands that ends with an impossible object you can hand out. "The Ultimate Linking Bands" by...

Gaff Lighter Project Trick
Gaff Lighter Project
Trick by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Creations - $29.95

More than 10 commercial routines that can be done with one of the most common and organic items in the world—a Bic lighter. "The Gaff Lighter...

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