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Invisible Triumph Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Invisible Triumph
Trick by Jim Krenz - 29.95

The cleanest, fairest, and most direct Triumph we’ve ever seen. You’ll kick yourself when you learn how diabolical and fooling “Invisible Triumph”...

Prodiction Trick
Trick by TCC Presents - 34.95

A multi-phase prediction routine packed into a compact, fun, and unique prop. The name "Prodiction" combines the words...

Three Body Game Trick
Three Body Game
Trick by TCC Presents, Classicho, Shadow Lin and Jay Wang - 79.95

The classic "4D Ball Trick" is brought into an entirely different dimension. Magicians have been fascinating audiences with the "4D...

Crazy Vowels Trick
Crazy Vowels
Trick by - 69.95

A zany and funny effect that's perfect for any children's magic performer. "Crazy Vowels" by PlayTime Magic offers tons of interaction and...

Return to Ball Trick
Return to Ball
Trick by JL Magic - From $14.95

A smooth and magical manipulation style effect. "Return to Ball" by JL Magic is a mesmerizing effect that's suitable for both close-up and...

Genii Magazine - March 2024 Magazine
Genii Magazine - March 2024
Magazine by Genii Magazine - 6.50

Genii the Conjuror's MagazineVOLUME 87ISSUE 3March 2024 FEATURES: Becoming Pop: The Evolution of Pop Haydn by Dustil Stinett COLUMNS Genii Speaks by...

Transparent Matrix Trick
Transparent Matrix
Trick by TCC Presents and Chen Hui - 34.95

TCC and Chen Hui present a bold and innovative new approach to the coin matrix plot. Offering a multitude of amazing transformations and...

You Are All Terrible Book
You Are All Terrible
Book by Harrison Greenbaum - 54.95

One of the funniest and most insightful magic books you’ll ever read. You Are All Terrible Is your rare chance to step into the brilliant and twisted...

WGM Professional Rope Routines Deluxe Set Trick
WGM Professional Rope Routines Deluxe Set
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies - 19.95

The greatest rope magic routines ever created taught by the the best magicians in the world. Rope magic is one of the most beloved genres of magic...

Master Cups and Balls (Anniversary Editon) Trick
Master Cups and Balls (Anniversary Editon)
Trick by TCC Presents - $149.95 $127.50 (SAVE $22.45)

A limited edition cups and balls set. This exclusive collection will never be made available again. Each one comes with a special product card and...

The Coaster Trick
The Coaster
Trick by TCC Presents and Terry Chou - 34.95

A practical tool for easy coin-through-glass effects. Concealing a coin-through-cup gimmick in a coaster is not a new idea. But, most versions have...

X Light Trick
X Light
Trick by TCC Presents and Kingsley Xu - 180.00

Harness the power of light to perform elegant, graceful magic at its finest. Your audience won't believe their eyes as they watch "X...

Warp Zag Trick
Warp Zag
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 34.95

An innovative new multi-phase Carp Warp style routine from the creative mind of Joel Dickinson. First, the face of a signed card reverse from front...

Jumbo Morgan Dollar Trick
Jumbo Morgan Dollar
Trick by N2G - 34.95

Expertly crafted, premium quality replica "Jumbo Morgan Coin" by N2G. This "Jumbo Morgan Dollar" is the perfect accessory for all...

The Ultimate Guide to Magic Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Ultimate Guide to Magic
Book or download by Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay - Book $34.95 or download for $26.21

The Ultimate Guide to Magic is the new gold standard for beginner magic books. Offering the perfect blend of hard-hitting, easy-to-do magic tricks...

Wonder Tube Trick
Wonder Tube
Trick by TCC Presents - 79.95

A borrowed and signed bill transports inside two locked brass tubes enclosed in a tied velvet bag with this fresh new take on the Bill Tube for...

Classic Mouth Coil - 100ft (10-Pack) Trick
Classic Mouth Coil - 100ft (10-Pack)
Trick by Uday Jadugar and Uday's Magic World - 9.95

An impossibly long colored streamer is pulled from the magician's mouth. This classic magic prop is available in Red or White. 10 mouth coils...

The Covenant Deck Deck of cards
The Covenant Deck
Deck of cards by David Penn and Marc Spelmann - 34.95

A chosen card vanishes from the deck and reappears wherever you’d like thanks to this ingenious and incredibly easy to use gaffed deck. "The...

Z Fold Multi-Wallet Accessory
Z Fold Multi-Wallet
Accessory by Gary James and Pro Show Magic - 49.95

Unlock innovative new possibilities with the next generation of Z-fold magic wallets. The "Z Fold Multi Wallet" by Gary James and Pro Show...

Tourist Trap Trick
Tourist Trap
Trick by Spooky Nyman - 24.95

A stunning prediction that breathes new life into an old principle. Your participant looks at a Tourist Guide/Sightseeing Guide and selects an...

Mental Colour Trick
Mental Colour
Trick by Spooky Nyman - 18.95

A fresh, organic approach to a classic principle. Your participant freely chooses a color from a paint sample card and you read their mind. No hard...

ESP Testing Set PRO Trick
ESP Testing Set PRO
Trick by Spooky Nyman - 24.95

A phenomenal 3-phase mentalism routine that fits in your pocket. Spooky Nyman follows up his bestselling "ESP Testing Set" with a new PRO...

Long and Short (Classicho) Trick
Long and Short (Classicho)
Trick by TCC Presents and Classicho - 79.95

A timeless illusion with a new mechanism from TCC as part of its "Classicho" brand. To resurrect an age-old magic trick for modern...

The Chinese Teapot Trick
The Chinese Teapot
Trick by TCC Presents - $179.95 $153.00 (SAVE $26.95)

A beloved classic combined with fresh, innovative surprises. "The Chinese Teapot" by TCC is an expertly-crafted, elegant prop that allows...

Fortune Calendar Trick
Fortune Calendar
Trick by TCC Presents and Terry Chou - From $59.95

Multiple amazingly unique predictions in one gorgeous, practical tool. "Fortune Calendar" is a one-of-a-kind mentalism prop from Terry...

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