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At Vanishing Inc. Magic., we take great pride in regularly improving our selection to ensure you always have access to all of the latest and greatest magic tricks—from sensational new effects to re-released classics.

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Scam School Academy Book
Scam School Academy
Book by Brian Brushwood - $14.99

Every graduate of Scam School Academy immediately becomes the most interesting person in the room. So, it's time to enroll today and discover how to...

Megabucks Trick
Trick by Magic Apple and Jeff McBride - $35.00

A super visual and fun opener. Jeff McBride's "Megabucks" presented by the Magic Apple allows you to show a bill and nothing else in your...

Sealed Trick
Trick by TCC Presents and Treey Chou - $79.95

One of the finest Object to Impossible Location gimmicks you'll ever find. While so many different versions of this plot have surfaced over the...

Air Box (Playing Card Storage) Accessory
Air Box (Playing Card Storage)
Accessory by TCC Presents - $8.00

"Air Box" by TCC offers all-around protection for your favorite decks of playing cards. This transparent acrylic playing card storage box...

Premium Silk to Egg  Trick
Premium Silk to Egg
Trick by TCC Presents and Cai Xiangyu - $39.95

A premium version of a classic of magic designed for the most serious performers. Classics of magic are classic for a reason. These time-tested...

CandyMorph Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive CandyMorph
Trick by Rian Lehman - $25.00

This is our new favorite opener and we’re sure it will be yours too. Instantly establish credibility and win over audiences before you even start...

Genii Magazine - July 2022 Magazine
Genii Magazine - July 2022
Magazine by Genii Magazine - $6.25

Genii Magazine (July 2022) Volume 85 Issue 7 July 2022 FEATURES: Tenyo Magic Fan Meeting in Yokohama by Yuki Kadoya MAGIC Live! 2022 by Dustin...

Ring Hole Trick
Ring Hole
Trick by Peter Eggink, Alex Latorre and Empty Hand Productions - $50.00

A modern take on the classic "Ring Flight" designed for close up magic and street magic performances. With "Ring Hole" by Peter...

Stretch Change Magic download (video)
Stretch Change
Magic download (video) by Dingding - $12.00

Impossibly stretch a red playing card into a bizarre reality before snapping it back and visually transforming it into a blue card. "Stretch...

No Man's Land Book
No Man's Land
Book by TCC Presents and Kiyoshi Satoh - $59.95

For the first time ever, you'll be treated to a collection of works that were unavailable to magicians outside of Japan for more than 40 years. In...

Cheetah Accessory
Accessory by Vernet Magic - $45.00

Secretly locate and produce any playing card in just one second with the "Cheetah" card index by Vernet Magic. "Cheetah" is a...

Mirror Coin Accessory
Mirror Coin
Accessory by Meir Yedid Magic - $10.00

Very difficult to get for a long time, the "Mirror Coin" is now available again. Certain counterfeiting regulations make it difficult to...

Gnome's Hat Trick
Gnome's Hat
Trick by TCC Presents - $49.95

New life has been breathed into the classic "Leather Cone" routine. TCC and Chilean magician Sebastian have partnered to create...

Indexpress 2.0 DVD & props
Indexpress 2.0
DVD & props by Vernet Magic and Michel - $49.00

The perfect billet index is here. Imagine if you could find any billet, secretly, in one second. With "Indexpress 2.0" by Vernet Magic, you...

Milk in Light Bulb Trick
Milk in Light Bulb
Trick by TCC Presents - $299.00

TCC reimagines one of the most iconic effects of all time from one of the most influential magic acts ever created. This is a modernized handling of...

The MC's Guidebook Book
The MC's Guidebook
Book by Scott Alexander - $99.95

Building on decades of experience, Scott Alexander offers an in-depth look at the tools and tricks of the trade you need to be an effective and...

The Rebel Wallet Elite Accessory
The Rebel Wallet Elite
Accessory by Secret Tannery - $135.65

Building on the success of the massively popular "Rebel Wallet", the "Rebel Wallet Elite" is quite possibly the finest magic...

Clapper Card Trick
Clapper Card
Trick by SONNY BOOM MAGIC LAB - $29.95

One of the most unique card magic visuals you'll ever see. Brought to you by the creator of "Crash Joker 2.0", "Clapper Card" is...

Perfect Airborne Glass (w/ Acrylic Cup) Trick
Perfect Airborne Glass (w/ Acrylic Cup)
Trick by Tejinaya and Syouma - $65.00

The impossible floating cup trick, better known as the "Airborne Glass", is easier than ever to perform. This new "Perfect Airborne...

Blank Coin Accessory
Blank Coin
Accessory by Meir Yedid Magic - $10.00

Almost impossible to find, until now. This "Blank Coin" is one of the best ways to add a unique touch to any of your favorite coin magic...

Appearing Cubes Trick
Appearing Cubes
Trick by Bond Lee and MS Magic - $69.95

A perfect stage magic effect for beginner magicians and professional magicians alike. Use the "Appearing Cubes" to accomplish a variety of...

Double Face Super Triple Coin (Eisenhower Dollar) Trick
Double Face Super Triple Coin (Eisenhower Dollar)
Trick by Johnny Wong - $159.95

This amazing gimmicked coin offers an incredibly array of coin magic potential. The Super Version Double Face Super Triple Coin (Eisenhower Dollar)...

Glitch Card Trick
Glitch Card
Trick by Tumi Magic and Erick White - $39.95

Erick White and Tumi Magic present "Glitch Card", a mesmerizing piece of visual magic for both in-person and social media performances....

QuickMint Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Mackenzie Sol - $10.00

"QuickMint" is a utility gimmick that allows you make gum vanish, appear, change flavors and more. This is extremely visual magic with a...

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