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Trick by Jimmy Strange - $35.00

Looks like telekinesis! RUNIC is a modern-day twist on the haunted key routine. A fully working Sharpie can be placed on a card box, on a table, in a spectator's hand or even isolated under a glass bowl. Then, on your command, the Sharpie will flip over. Easy to perform No switching Sharpie can be...

Practic Coin Trick
Practic Coin
Trick by Daniel Diaz - $30.00

Here's a new gimmick for The Miser's Dream. This product allows the magician to show empty hands and the empty bucket in any time. Additionally, the magician can make the coin appear without having to put the hand into the bucket. This gimmick is very easy to use and is very precise.

Kingdom Coins Trick
Kingdom Coins
Trick by Jeff Copeland - $99.00

As seen in Reialme, the Kingdom Coin is a fictitious piece of "money art" featuring real history from Occitania, a near mythic land of knights and castles located in the present day South of France. These coins were designed specifically for sleight of hand magic with the best features that coin...

Trick by Alan Alfredo Marchese - $49.95

We present a great idea that after a long time finally comes to light. The original idea and the basis of this effect are from Dr. Elliot, which thanks to the genial mind of Alan Alfredo Marchese is improved and taken to a totally higher level. Imagine that the spectator merely names any card from...

Move Zero (4 Volume Set) DVD
Move Zero (4 Volume Set)
DVD by John Bannon - $59.99

Bigblindmedia presents John Bannon's Move Zero 4 Volume Boxset (BBM185) HUGE FOUR DISC BOXSET CONTAINING ALL OF JOHN BANNON'S ACCLAIMED SERIES ON SELF WORKING MAGIC! RRP $59.99 (offering a huge 50% saving!) "A master course in method and self-working magic!" - Jeff Stone, MagicReviewed "This is...

The Watch Trick
The Watch
Trick by Joao Miranda - $450.00

You give your spectator a watch to hold. They name a time; hour and minute. You ask them to look at the watch. It matches their time exactly. João Miranda has created what magicians and mentalists have spent years yearning for. A reliable, fast watch prediction effect that uses no apps, ...

Trick by Aprendemagia and Zyro - $19.95

FLOAT CARD is a system that allows you to magically levitate a card in front of your spectators' eyes. This system allows the spectator to select a card, and that very selected card begins to levitate in the air. NOTE: For the card to be chosen, it is important that the magician has a very simple...

Trick by Rodrigo Romano - $40.00

Mysteries presents CYCLIC RING by Rodrigo Romano! "CYCLIC RING is a groundbreaking effect that will make possible what - until now - was impossible." From the creator of Vertigo and Osmosis comes CYCLIC RING, the most astonishing effect to be done with a ring. A borrowed ring travels inside a...

10 Year Anniversary Download Bundle Magic download (video)
10 Year Anniversary Download Bundle
Magic download (video) by Vanishing Inc. - Free

To celebrate our tenth birthday, we have picked out ten downloads, each one special for a different reason, for you to enjoy. $50 of amazing magic for free! This is our gift to you. A small thank you for being a part of our journey over the last ten years. We've had the time of our lives and we...

Crafted With Carey Magic download (ebook)
Crafted With Carey
Magic download (ebook) by John Carey - $25.00

Running to almost 200 pages and with photo illustrations, this book is a treasure trove of to-the-point card effects, plus a little coin magic included for good measure. There are premium effects chosen from John's DVDs and earlier booklets, as well as new material and effects from some of John's...

At The Table - May 2019 Live lecture
At The Table - May 2019
Live lecture by Chris Rawlins and Fernando Figueras - $9.95

First up this month is an underground mentalist you won't want to miss, Fernando Figueras. He's spent 20 years in magic surrounded by the Spanish masters, who helped him translate the Spanish School of Magic concepts into the field of mentalism. Fernando Figueras is the creator, organizer and main...

The Vault - Phosphorus Magic download (video)
The Vault - Phosphorus
Magic download (video) by Víctor Sanz Ruiz - $10.00

Find the spectator's match without looking -- in only one second! Victor Sanz shares his brilliant new interactive close-up miracle. A spectator picks a matchstick out of many and signs their name on it. They then put the signed match back in the box with the others and shake them all up. The...

Project Polaroid Trick
Project Polaroid
Trick by Skymember - $39.95

For centuries, camera technology undergoes back-to-back dramatic transformations, all to fulfill one human obsession: to immortalize their best moments. That brings us to printed photos. Though substantial, they are a relic of the past. Once taken, nothing inside is changeable, or photoshopped. But...

Windmill Change DVD
Windmill Change
DVD by SansMinds Productionz - $26.00

Windmill Change is from the Korean underground legend, Hyojin Kim. A sleight that allows you to do insanely visual miracles! Turn a blue deck fan into a red fan with a snap of your fingers. Instantly print colors on a fan of a blank deck. Elegantly do a visually astonishing Triumph - while in a...

SansMinds Worker's Collection: Coin Pouch Accessory
SansMinds Worker's Collection: Coin Pouch
Accessory by SansMinds Productionz - From $18.00

Many coin performers carry a pouch to hold their everyday working coins. Here at the SansMinds Creative Lab, we bring you the perfect way to carry up to 4 half dollar sized coins, with also a devious function hiding right in the open. Not only does it protect your everyday gems, but it's cleverly...

Debajo Trick
Trick by Juan Luis Rubiales - $20.00

Meet your new favorite card routine, “Debajo” “Debajo” is Spanish for “under”. In this amazing trick, 4 objects end up underneath four named cards. Vernon often said that a good trick could be easily described. Let’s see… You make 4 straightforward bets. You remove and table 4 cards. And you ask...

Stick To It DVD & props (pre-order)
Stick To It
DVD & props (pre-order) by Shahrul Nizar - $29.95

“One of the most crucial ways to make card magic strong, is to ensure your spectator understands their chosen card is 100% unique. More often than not, when magicians ask a spectator to sign a card, they worry about ruining your deck, so you won't be able to play card games with it anymore....

Titan Trick
Trick by Nicholas Lawrence - $20.00

From the mind of Nicholas Lawrence comes an ingenious and innovative utility device: TITAN. TITAN is a truly revolutionary contribution to the world of instant, visual "flap" style gimmicks, but it is nothing like what you have seen before! This gimmick changes the game. Most importantly, it is...

Minami So Machange Magic download (video)
Minami So Machange
Magic download (video) by Yuji Enei - $8.00

A rapid-fire color changing routine! Learn how to perform this wonderful color changing routine. Change the cards, the card box and more! One immediately after the other - bam, bam, bam! One color change even happens to a card sealed underneath the box's cellophane wrapping! Many different...

Turn by Peter Pellikaan Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Turn by Peter Pellikaan
Trick by Peter Pellikaan - $20.00

TURN is just one of those tricks you have to see. So, stop what you're doing and watch the quick trailer--it's less than a minute long. In short, this trick with four cards is an ADVENTURE. Cards change from blue to red to green to multicolored, and the faces change from blank to Queens to Jokers....

Airship Wand Trick
Airship Wand
Trick by Silly Billy Entertainment - $47.00

Bigger is better—especially when you’re doing kid shows. And that’s why Silly Billy’s 6-foot Airship Wand is a great fit for the children’s entertainer. It’s an inflatable wand that packs small, and when you blow it up it’ll be 6 foot tall. Funniest part? When your kid helper tries to wave it in...

DeLand's Mystery and Madness Deck Accessory
DeLand's Mystery and Madness Deck
Accessory by Theodore DeLand - $20.00

Note—these special decks are replacement decks from the DeLand: Mystery and Madness book set—the decks do not come with instructions.This deck was originally supplied as one of the ephemera items to accompany Richard Kaufman's seminal tome: DeLand: Mystery and Madness.This unique deck...

DeLand's Wonder Deck Refill
DeLand's Wonder Deck
Refill by Theodore DeLand - $20.00

Note—these special decks are replacement decks from the DeLand: Mystery and Madness book set—the decks do not come with instructions.The Wonder Deck was the first Edge Marked Deck created and was sold by Theodore DeLand in 1915 that was similar to his Dollar Deck. It allowed the magician to...

DeLand's Automatic Trick Cards Refill
DeLand's Automatic Trick Cards
Refill by Theodore DeLand - $20.00

Note—these special decks are replacement decks from the DeLand: Mystery and Madness book set—the decks do not come with instructions.In print for the first time, DeLand's Automatic Trick Cards are so far ahead of their time that their influence is still felt today. The special markings on the backs...

Coffee Cup Chop Cup Trick
Coffee Cup Chop Cup
Trick by Leo Smetsers - $17.95

Magicians from all over the world fascinate their audiences with routines -- using just a cup and a ball. Chop Cups come in all sorts of sizes and materials, but usually they look like magic props. Now, from the creative mind of one of Holland's most prolific magic artists, Leo Smetsers, comes a...

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